6 Best 110V Tankless Water Heater Reviews for 2021

The water heater is a must for nearly every family, for a number of reasons from cleanliness to convenience like; washing clothes, dishes, showers and relaxing baths, you will need constant hot water for everyday use. These small heater units however, are some of the best 110v tankless water heaters on the market.  These guy’s are becoming more and more popular for their compact shape sparing more floor space, brilliant performance and less electricity demand to keep your money in your pocket.

Questions answered…

  • What is the best 110v tankless water heater on the market now?
  • How to select the best type for you?

To save you from a nerve-wrecking expedition through many brands and different data sets for comparison, we are here to embark on the journey to pick top 6 best 110v tankless water heaters on the market of 2021. Besides, there are buying guides and other important tips for purchasing for you to explore.

Top 6 Best 110v Tankless Water Heater

Kbxstart 3000w Mini Tankless4.8
Zinnor Electric Hot Water Heater4.8
110v hot water heaterLyty Mini Instant Water Heater4.6
110 volt on demand hot water heaterTinsay 13 Gallon Electric Instant Water Heater4.5
110v water heaterGarlat Boccherini Electric Heater4.3
electric hot water heater 110vPssopp Water Heaters4.3

Best 110 Volt Tankless Water Heater Reviews

1. Overall Best Pick – Kbxstart 3000w Mini Tankless Instant Hot Water System


【3-second instant heating】

Instead of waiting before the sink water gets warm and letting the cold water flow, this point of use heater speeds up the heating time. Wait for around 3 seconds and constant hot water flows out to meet your demand for washing.

【Simple operation】

The LCD display allows you to read the exact water temperature, and free to adjust the temperature through water flow. Installing it under the sink is pretty easy, and no need to go deep into your pocket for hiring experts on installation.

【Safety devices】

Small and cheap as it is, it features many protective devices along with the heater. The anti-leakage protection, anti-splash protection, and anti-dry protection safeguard the units from burning out and prematurely failing.

2. Runner Up – Zinnor Electric Hot Water Heater

best 110v tankless water heater


【Eco-friendly and durable materials】

The metal used my the manufacturer prolongs the service life, while the plastic cover gives it a modern appealing look and keeps the unit protected for lasting. Passing the international standard, it satisfies the difficulties of supplying constant hot water for multiple end points and sinks.

【Energy efficiency】

Direct heating system design saves much water and energy on waiting for the heated water, the high-efficiency feature of it lowers the usage costs. Besides, its temperature is optionally adjustable to any temperature from 131F (55℃) to 167F(75℃), and the power to the heating element self regulates automatically when the set temperature is achieved.

【Free installation】

Its 1500w total power draw fits different water pressure for various regions, no matter for people living on higher floors or ground level. You can install it under the kitchen sink or the  bathroom vanity, for hands washing or even clothes and dish washing.

3. Small Electric Water Heater 110v – Lyty Mini Instant Water Heater

110v hot water heater



【Endless hot water supply】

Unlike the tank water heater, this unit frees you from waiting a for hot water. The moment you turn on the tap, stable hot water flows out in a second or so.  It meets your demands on hands washing or kitchen faucet hot water uses.

【Eco-friendly design】

The electric power source saves up to 55% on water costs and energy costs. No venting tubes or piping and no need to pipe for exhaust fumes. The plug in design allows you to use it anyplace you want residentially by having an outlet.

【Compact shape】

The compact shape fits any corner (area) around the sink, you can install it in the kitchen, bathroom, public and commercial office restrooms for hands, faces, and dish washing.

4. 110 Volt Hot Water Tank – Tinsay 13 Gallon Electric Instant Water Heater

110 volt on demand hot water heater



【Safety protection】

It features 4 safety protections, which includes boil dry protection, over-temperature protection, electric leakage protection, and high hydraulic pressure protection.

【Easy to maintain】

It adopts simple liner cleaning to save much labor and energy in cleaning the heater later on. The ceramic liner is also anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-scale, therefore, prolonging the service life and user experience.

【Easy to adjust temperature】

The LCD display shows the exact water temperature as well as error signs. The water temperature can be adjusted easily through water flow and power. It also features fully automatic control, adding cold water and heating automatically based on your needs.  Very end user installation friendly based on its versatility.

5. 110v Electric Tankless Water Heater for Shower – Garlat Boccherini Electric Heater

110v water heater



【Multiple temperature settings】

It features three temperature settings, from warm, cold and hot. By pressing the button, you can adjust the water temperature easily. By adding more or less water flow, the temperature is adjusted to get the desired temp.


Inexpensive as the unit is, it is pretty advanced and technology equipped. There is an automatic on and off flow sensor on the showerhead, turning on when water is running and stoping immediately when water is off.

【Fully compatible】

This is a fully energy-efficient unit that is ideal for providing constant hot water for you. It works with AC 110v-120v perfectly. The compact shape enables you to bring it along with you for outdoor use if needed.

6. Small 110v Water Heater – Pssopp Water Heaters

electric hot water heater 110v



【Self-modulating technology】

Thanks to its self-modulating technology, this 110v electric instant hot water heater balances the water flow rate automatically. The current water temperature shows on the screen and adjusting it can be pretty easy.

【Energy efficient】

Instead of installing far from the water faucet, this machine also has a compact shape to fit under the sink, avoiding heat loss in the long water pipes. This heater, saves half of the energy costs and usage costs as compared to far away tank water heaters. But do not get fooled by its mini size, you can never run out of hot water with the small heater.

【Easy installation】

There is no venting required with the electric design. The space-saving shape has the ability to hide perfectly under the sink. Takes about 1-hour after unboxing until you are enjoy consistent hot water for washing, bathing, showering, or kitchen use, any place you may use hot water really.

Features of 110v On Demand Water Heater

The normal electric tankless water heater or electric tank water heater at home is 240v.  Then when should I use a 110v water heater? Let’s first make clear the common features of the 110v heater.

The electric tankless water heater with 110v is designed specifically for point of use, or for an under sink use. The compact shape enables you to install it either horizontally or vertically, occupies little space like an efficiency small apartment use as well.

If you intend to get a heater for shower use, the minimum flow rate you need is 2 gallons. For a kitchen faucet or washing machine, a 1.5-gallon heater is what you need. The 110v instant hot water heater, however, offers typically up to 3 gallons of hot water. That is why it serves as an under sink or end use water heater for most all occasions.

Some of the small 110v heaters are the perfect option for outdoor use. When traveling out, you will need a low flow rate one for camping or RV use with 110v, on cleaning your pet or washing hands before cooking meals. Those with shower head eases the way of outdoor hot water use; while occupying little space as well.


If thinking the 110 volts on-demand water heater as a point of use or under sink heater for hands washing only, then you are underrating it potential. Aside from this, there are plenty of usages waiting for you to explore.

1. Point of use

The small compact shape fits in any spot of your house; install it near the sink or kitchen faucet, it supplies constant hot water for that point. The flow rate saves more electricity while still keeping a pleasant user experience.

2. Pets or car cleaning

The lightweight design enables you to carry it along with you on traveling. Hang it near a pole or on a tree, turn on the heater and you can get consistent hot water for a horse or a dog washing. The outdoor car washing is never a trouble thing with it any longer.  You may need a power inverter to use remotely.

3. Hands washing

It takes a rather long time waiting for the hot water when starting a shower which wastes more money on water costs. You see, you are not just running cold nwater, you are running water that was heated and has cooled resting in the pipes. Install the small 110v heater and then hot water flows immediately when turning on the hot water.

4. A supplement to the existing heater

This is probably my most important aspect to adding a point of use heater. Apart from being a small flow rate heater for hands washing or plates washing, the instant point of use heater serves also as a supplement to the existing heater that located far from the sink. Plus, to stop the cold water sandwich, you can also place it in-line with tankless water heaters as a buffer.

By placing a small tankless heater at the shower, you can start the shower and the point of use water heater shuts down when the for away piped hot water starts to arrive.

How to Choose Best 110v Tankless Water Heater?

As a rule of thumb, the most important is the warranty, guaranteeing its long service life and solid working performance. That said, while the tankless water heater makes our life easier and more convenient, their search was extra difficult.

Here are the tips you should know on getting the perfect heaters based on your customized needs.

1. Flow rate

If picking out the primary essential factor in selecting a water heater, it must be the flow rate. To size the desired flow rate, you should determine the maximum devices runs at the same time, adds up the flow rate of each device and that is the final total flow rate you need.

For example, if you intend to get an electric 110v heater to run two faucets at the same time; the single faucet, let’s say, has the maximum flow rate of 1.5 gallons, then you will need a heater with at least 3 gallons to support enough hot water for your needs.

2. Usages

Where do you intend to use the tankless water heater? Whether for an under sink use or whole house use, for indoor use or use it outdoor as a source for car washing? Determine the usages of the heater is the per-step of calculating the exact flow rate and measuring the sizes.

For under sink use, the small shape is what demands. You won’t want a large point of use heater to occupy much floor space. If you attempt to use it outdoor, then portability is the key one should consider before buying.

3. Temperature rise

The temperature rise determines the maximum flow rate one tankless water heater produces, referring to the difference between the set temperature and that of incoming groundwater.

For instance, if you set the unit temperature to 130° F, and the incoming groundwater being 60° F; then the temperature rise should be 70° F.  This can get tricky, because heaters can say 70 degree rise on 1 GPM, but you need 2, then technically you really only have 35 degree rise.

4. Quality

The quality level of an electrical device is what you should always pay great attention to. It determines not only on the service life of a machine but more importantly on the safety in use. Apart from heavy-duty materials, such as stainless steel or metal, some of the highly advanced machines are equipped with protective devices, like auto-shutoff or freeze protection, to protect the unit from burning unintentionally.

If possible look for a unit that has replacement heater elements available when elements might burn out.

Types of 110v Tankless Water Heater

After figuring out the important elements on finding the best tankless water heaters, here we will offer you some types of 110v electric hot water heaters and the brief introductions of their features.

110v Electric Tankless Water Heater for Shower

The electric tankless water heater is the weakest in power compared with natural gas and propane types but is the most portable and lightweight one. As for 110v electric heater, you will find most of which belong to point of use or under sink types, contributing to its small flow rate ability and power.

However, if you intend to get one for a quick shower, then you may get a 110v type. Compact shape with removable handle allows you to hang anywhere possible.

If searching for a tankless water heater for a long-time shower as residential use, those with 240v is the ideal option. The electric water heater is suitable for 1 bathroom use, and gas types with large flow rate for 2-3 bathrooms use. What about commercial use? Well, the one with the commercial standard is a great choice for you.

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Small 110 Volt Water Heater

Everyone living in a small apartment loves the small electric tankless water heater, for it occupies little space when placing in the bathroom or under the water sink.

However, the cons come along while its pros simplify people’s life in using hot water. The 110v instant water heater being small not only on the shape but also on the flow rate. Hands washing, dishes washing, pet cleaning and car cleaning, you can do all the chores with it except taking a bath. What can you expect more with the prices around $100?

110 Volt Inline Water Heater

What is inline water heater? The inline water heater refers to the boiler to quickly heat the liquid flowing through the device. Different from the tankless water heaters, it has no capability to maintain the heat or re-circulate. You may find them being used in the bathtub, showers, steam cleaners and laboratories.

The inline water heater takes some time to heat the water, and you can use it as a supplement on an existing heater when taking a shower. The materials it adopts and corrosion resistance feature are the keys you should consider primarily in selecting.

110v Point of Use Electric Water Heater

Why do you need a point of use tankless water heater?

Well, when washing plates or washing clothes in cold winter, getting close and direct touch with the cold water is torture. If you luckily install a tankless water heater in the bathroom, it still takes a few seconds even minutes to wait for the hot water, resulting in the waste of cold water and accordingly the high costs of electricity bill.

The point of use heater, as the name suggests, use for one certain point. When installing it near the faucet or under the water sink, getting the hot water can be pretty easy and fast. If the flow rate is large enough, you can also support the heat of two faucets at the same time.

Is 110v Plug in Tankless Water Heater Worth Buying?

110v on demand hot water heater is regarded as a useful unit to provide hot water for water sink or for outdoor pets washing. Small shape as it is, the water it offers is stable and consistent. It takes no needs to maintain regularly, and the installation process is rather simple and easy to operate by oneself, therefore, the whole using costs of 110v water heater are pretty low. Plug it in the wall and turn the unit on, then it is your time to freely use hot water.

Ultimately, though, the usages determine the products. You should always determine where and when you intend to use it, select the one that meets your demands, and that is the most worth buying unit for you.

Can I Get a Good 110v Tankless Water Heater for Shower?

It is very necessary to take time and go over buying guides of the best 110v tankless water heater for shower. There are several models of water heaters in the market. You need to invest in the best tankless water heater which can guarantee you the best performance. Check on the design of the water heater before you can buy it. There are some units that are highly-priced. You may have to take into consideration your budget before you can proceed to buy such a water heater. Here are some of the factors to check out before you can proceed to invest in a water heater:

High Thermal efficiency

A tankless water heater that can achieve a thermal efficiency of more than 98% will be the best to buy. It will help you in conserving energy. Remember it is very necessary to look for ways you can reduce heating costs. Check on the thermal efficiency of the devices available before you can invest in a given tankless water heater. Always ensure you are buying a highly reliable water heater which will conserve energy during its operation.

Easy to maintain

There are some thankless water heaters which are easy to maintain. You need to go for such type of a water heater and it will avoid you cases where you will end up looking for replacements. The parts used in the water heater should be highly durable. There are some brands which are known to be easy to maintain and highly effective. You need to look for such brands and they will serve you for long. Remember you need a water heater which can last long so that you can realize value for money. Take time to research about the water heaters before you can buy a given unit.

Long lasting quality

For any water heater to serve you well. It should have durable parts. There are some units which you can buy and they will come with warranties, you need to check out such water heaters before you can proceed to invest in a given unit. The best water heater to buy should be made out of high quality parts which will assure you the best services. The best tankless water tank to buy should have spare parts readily available.

Fast recovery rate

The recovery time refers to the time it will take for the water heater to heat water in your shower. You do not have a lot of time to wait for the water to get warm. You need to go for a unit which will heat the water as fast as possible so that you can resume your daily activities after you enter the shower. In most cases, you will find the recovery time indicated on the tankless water heaters. You need to check out before buying.

Easy to mount

There are some units which are easy to mount. You need to go for such a unit and it will be easy for you to realize the best results when trying to install the unit. For instance, if you prefer DIY, then an easy to install unit is the best to buy.

Is There 110 Volt Hot Water Heater With 40 Gallon?

No, the 110 volt ranks the least among 120v and 240v for daily home use. When searching for the best 110v tankless water heaters, you will find the majority of which belongs to the point of use type; The maximum flow rate on 110v heaters is no more than 10 gallon, not to say 40 gallons.

The 40 gallons flow rate with high-temperature rise are the perfect specifications for whole house heaters, typically with natural gas or propane power source. If you have an interest in large flow rate heaters, please click the link below for detailed information.

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Bosch Tankless Water Heater with 110v

Bosch is a leading brand on producing a small point of use tank water heaters. The perfect performance of Bosch water heater is not limited by its compact shape. From Bosch 3000T to Es2.5 models, their wonderful performance in offering constant and fast hot water win their prizes of best sellers.

The most recommended Bosch tankless water heater is the 3000T mini-tank water heater. 2.5 gallons of flow rate enables 2 faucets to use at the same time in warm regions. As a supplement of an existing heater, it solves the problem on cold water sandwiches and narrows the heating time to a large extent.

Sleek design with simple operation also allows you to install it right under the water sink, spares more wall space in your bathroom or kitchen near the sink. Check the details of the product if you have the interest in it.

bosch tankless water heater 110v