The 5 Best Electric Tankless Water Heater for Cold Climates Reviews 2020

Do you live somewhere cold in the northern part? If so, you need to get the best electric tankless water heater for cold climates. It is designed to meet the demand of large temperature rise, which, in other words, offer you hot water that never runs out even in the cold regions or in the winter.

Selecting the cold climates to use tankless water heater is nothing like those of summer use, for the cold temperature brings catastrophic harm to the heater if lacking the necessary protective system.

In this post, there are buying guides on offering tips to help choose the best heaters, and the top picks best electric tankless water heater for cold climates that you can never miss.

What Is the Best Electric Tankless Water Heater For Cold Climates?

Top 5 Best Electric Tankless Water Heater for Cold Climates

How to Pick the Best Electric Tankless Water Heater for Cold Climates?

It is never a wise option to choose the heater casually, you do not want your money to take the bust in because of the weak performance heater you get. Therefore, here we offer some vital tips you must bear in mind before picking.

1. Size

In terms of choosing instant heaters, you need to size several factors before buying — temperature rise and flow rate. The flow rate is easy to understand, referring to the amount of water needed. The temperature rise, however, means the difference between the set temperature and that of output groundwater. Normally the more heating devices you run, the larger flow rate and temperature rise you need.

For example, the ideal flow rate for a shower is 3 gallons per minute, for one water sink is 1.5 gallons per minute. Then when you attempt to run one shower and two faucets at the same time, the proper flow rate should be no less than 6 gallons per minute. Similarly, the ideal temperature rise equals the gap between the set temperature and output groundwater. Let’s say the set temperature is 120 degrees F, output groundwater temperature bring 60 degrees F, then the desired temperature should be 60 degrees F.

However, that is the calculation of the heater’s size in warm regions; for cold regions, you will find your water temperature drops 1-2 degrees F, which is a normal phenomenon, and that is what you should take into consideration. Plus, there is the sizing map of America as a reference as follow:

tankless water heater size

2. Usages

Many models and specifications of instant hot water heaters are made to meet various demands, some are suitable for indoor use, some are ideal for outdoor travel use; Some regards it as a useful tool for washing hands and dishes, while some can be supportive enough on providing constant hot water for multiple showers in a large family.

Therefore, only when you figuring out the specific usages can you get the ideal types to meet your needs. If you are using it for shower use, especially for those with 3-4 family, then a large flow type is a must pick. For under sink or water faucet, however, you need only choose a point of use type, small flow rate but capable of providing constant hot water.

3. Installation spots

It is vital to make clear of the installation spots of a heater, figuring out whether it is designed for indoor installation or outdoor installation. The natural gas and propane tankless water heater need venting facilities to emit wasted gas and heat if installing it indoor. And electric models free you from the expense, for there is no extra gas needed to be vented.

That is why most of the electric tankless water heaters for the shower are indoor installation, especially for those using in cold regions. Its compact shape requires a modicum of storage space, thus sparing more wall space for other machines or decorations you want to mount on. More importantly, the indoor temperature is far warmer than outdoor, and its pure environment protects the machine from being corroded by the harsh weather conditions of outdoor.

4. Protection system

Most of the tankless water heaters for cold climates are gas or propane types, why? They have a larger flow rate and is more powerful than the electric types for whole house use, thus has little affection for the water temperature. Besides, the majority of gas instant hot water heaters are applied with protective systems, such as freeze protection and auto-shutoff devices, in the aim of protecting the machine from burning out or being damaged by the severe outdoor environment.

As for electric tankless water heaters, there are also protective systems on the safety issues, choose those with a protective system to prolong the lifespan of your heater.

Best Electric Tankless Water Heater for Cold Climates Reviews

1. Overall Best PickRheem 240V Heating Chamber

large power electric tankless water heater



【Large flow rate】

If you own a large family with three or even four bathrooms, then this machine is the perfect one for you. It supports multiple showers and water sinks use at the same time. Even in the cold winter, stable working performance enables it to provide constant hot water for multiple shower use.

【External temperature display】

The water temperature shows on the display panel, with easy-to-operate buttons on adjusting exact heat based on your needs. Advanced self-modulating technology is applied for adjusting power automatically, thus reducing the standby loss and energy costs.

【Simple installation】

Installing the machine is quite simple and straightforward. The durable copper immersion heating elements, as well as the whole-steel design, allows you to use it for a long time. Unlike natural gas type, it requires less maintenance, thus the using costs are pretty low.

2. Runner UpStiebel Eltron 240V Tankless Electric Water Heater

electric tankless water heater



【Superior performance】

The large flow rate and power support for the whole house use even in the cold climate. The totally silent operation brings back the soothing time in bathing. Plus, the German-design keeps it a leading position in the industry.

【Compact shape】

The compact shape with classic grey color design adds up home decoration while sparing much space for other gear. Install it right inside your home, there is no need for venting facilities. The control panel shows the exact water temperature and adjusting it can be pretty easy and straightforward.

【Advanced technology equipped】

For each unit of the Tempra series, this model is applied with electronic control to save energy and prolong the life span. It heats water only when needed, guaranteeing less standby loss of the heat.

3. Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater for Cold ClimateEcotouch Digital Display Heater

electric tankless water heater



【Safe in use】

Multiple protection guarantees safety in use. To prolong the lifespan of machine, the inner water and electricity lines run separately so that no water runs through the interior steel material. In terms of the qualifications, it approves the ETL and UL, which guarantees its long service life of nearly ten years to come.

【Remote control】

Getting sick of adjusting the temperature by going near the heater every time in use? This machine comes with remote control, when installing under the water sink, you can turn the machine on and off by the controller. The digital panel set on the machine shows the exact water temperature as well as the error codes.

【Cheap price】

Cheap price does not always mean bad products, at least not apply for this unit. It takes only around $100, but the overall performance exceeds the middle-price machine even. The maximum temperature it supports reach 116 degrees F, the no tank design shortens the waiting time for hot water.

4. Best Modern Electric Water HeaterStiebel Eltron 29 Plus Tempra Tankless Water Heater

electric water heater for cold climate



【Sleek design】

The most attractive point of this machine is its sleek design. White appearance suits any home decor and you can always find a place for installing, finally ends the time on shuffling your whole house up and down to accommodate it.

【Heavy-duty material】

The solid copper heating chambers are applied for guaranteeing the quality level as well as the long service life of the machine. German-design brings a totally silent working condition in use. The stable hot water supply shows no affection by cold weather, making it an ideal option for cold climate use.

【Smart technology】

Apart from the self-modulating technology that adjusts water temperature and flow rate based on the demand, there is also preset design. The memory button allows you preset water temperature based on your habits, so as to solve the problem of adjusting the suitable water temperature for a long time in use.

5. Best for Small Apartment EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater for cold climate



【Self-modulating technology】

Equipped with self-modulating technology, this heater is capable of providing stable and constant hot water for you. It auto-adjusts the energy input with the aim of ensuring optimal water heating. The traditional small compact design allows you to put it in any corner around the house.

【Energy efficient】

By turning on the machine only when you use it, this machine saves half of the energy costs per month. Unlike natural gas water heater, there is no need to add venting facilities. Thanks to its brilliant performance, the standby loss is sharply reduced.

【Easy to operate】

The simple one-button design eases the way of adjusting the units, by turning it from left to right, you can adjust the water temperature with 1-degree increment. Different models meet various needs. The small electric tankless water heater suits the small apartment use and supports 1 shower only in a cold climate.

Do Electric Tankless Water Heaters Work in Cold Climates?

For most occasions, you may find that mass of the on-demand water heaters for cold climates is natural gas or propane types, seldom do there are electric types. Well, it does not mean that electric models do not work in cold climates, only the working performance of gas can be more stable than the electric ones.

Why is that happen? Well, the electric boiler is easily affected by the cold climate on water temperature, it drops 1-2 degrees when you use it somewhere cold. Controversially, the power of gas types is stronger than that of electric, which is the main reason why natural gas models keep the stable and balanced water temperature in cold weathers. Plus, the freeze protection and rain cap applied on the gas heater also help a lot in getting it from being frozen down.

In a word, if you have enough budget, then the gas type is the best choice for cold climates. While for the short budget, you can also choose the ideal electric tankless water heaters listed on our reviews based on your own demands.

How Do I Keep My Electric Tankless Water Heater From Freezing?

No matter for a cheap tankless water heater or those with the heavy-duty producing process, the interior materials of instant heaters is made from steel, which is easily corroded by the wet environment, especially in cold regions where there being moist and low in temperature. Under such conditions, keeping the on-demand heaters from freezing is the must-thing-to-do for prolonging the life span of the heater.

The freeze damage to the tankless water heater normally results from the water inside the heater turning into ice, then quickly expanding and doing damaging to the core components. Most of the heaters are equipped with freezing protection devices but there are still things to caution:

  • The freezing protection activates only when you plug the machine in the wall. It won’t work if lacking the power source.
  • The freezing protection only protects the most critical components of the heater, so other actions must be taken to prevent it from freezing.

The followings are the detailed steps that you can follow on protecting your machine:

1. Install your machine in somewhere warm and dry

Unlike natural gas models, the electric tankless water heaters should always be installed indoors. And if you can place them in some places that are dry, warm and free from the prevailing wind, then it is unlikely to freeze even in extremely cold weathers.

2. Drain your heaters

As we have said before, any small water in cold regions or cold climates do mass damage to the heaters, the formed ice can be the last thing that totally brings the heater into the end of its life. Therefore, drain your heaters especially when you attempt to stop using it for quite a long time in cold seasons. Besides, keep the water away from the heaters anytime you use it.

3. Plug it in the wall in use

Keep the power source on if your heaters are equipped with the freeze protection. Only when the power is on can the protection system works. However, there is no need to keep the machine on — just plug in. In case of the power cut frequently, having a battery backup can be a wise decision.

4. A recirculation system helps a lot

The recirculation system allows the heater to be heated continuously, thus the pipes and plumbing lines can always keep warm.

5. Pay great attention to insulating

Again, the freeze protection system protects your core components only, the other parts of the machine that affects the lifespan of the units are still in danger during the cold climates. Remember to insulate your pipes with heated tape or other protective materials.

6. Running a trickle of water does help

The last tip you can take is to keep the machine running a trickle of water, measuring around 0.1 or 0.2 gallons per minute to flow overnight, keeping the warm water running through and thus minimizes the chances of being frozen.