Best Portable Tankless Water Heater

Compared with tank water heater, tankless water heater is lighter and smaller in size. However, some of the large flow rate or large powerful tankless models are still unable to be carried anywhere in travelling or camping. In such conditions, you may need a best portable tankless water heater, it weights lights and satisfies your need on using it on your way travelling.

Best Portable Tankless water Heaters Reviews

Facing so many types of portable tankless water heaters, which one should you choose and which fits your needs most? In order to save your time on viewing and learning products performance by yourself, we have made a detailed comparison and chose several best portable tankless water heaters for you as follow:

1. Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

Camplux tankless water heaters have always regarded as the top rated types and are on hot selling in 2019 especially for portable or RV tankless water heaters.

portable propane water heater tankless reviews
best portable tankless water heater

The maximum water temperature it offers is 114.8 degrees F, and highest flow rate is 1.32 gpm. It requires low water pressure for activation, only needs 2.5 PSI and you can start using it. As the flow rate is quite low, it supports one bathroom use only at home, thus is not able to serve as whole house type.

The size of it is really compact, the light weight also makes it a brilliant model for camping or fishing shower. The water temperature is mainly determined and adjusted by two buttons on the unit, one is for water flow control while the other is for gas control. Of course, if you are using it for the first time, it may take some time on adjusting suitable temperature you want.

Anti frozen system is set to prevent the machine in under zero situation automatically especially for outdoor installation. Stainless steel burner helps resist corrosion and prolongs service life.


  1. Low water pressure required
  2. Large temperature range
  3. Compact shape
  4. Heat resistance and corrosion resistance material
  5. Anti frozen protection


Can support one shower only

2. Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64 GPM Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

This model is an improvement of 5L portable tankless water heater, the capacity and flow rate are larger than that. Maximum flow rate reaches as high as 2.64 gpm. It is a perfect one for camping, vacations, mountain cabins use etc.

portable electric tankless water heater
portable gas tankless water heater

Being a propane gas tankless water heater, it still needs to be ignited by electricity, or you can get 2D battery instead. The applicable water pressure in among 2.8 and 110 PSI. Maximum power output is 68000 BTU per hour, which is quite powerful in portable tankless water heater types.

Two modes can be chosen, summer and winter, this helps save more gas and energy in summer. If you want to reduce the waiting time or makes it more powerful, you can connect it with Camplux water pump.

The multiple functional shower head is included and several settings can be adjusted. On smart system, it has dry combustion protection, flame failure device and freeze protection to keep using safety.


  1. Can be also mounted on the indoor wall
  2. 2D battery instead of electricity
  3. Compatible with modified water system
  4. 11.5% energy saver
  5. Space saving


Takes a little time to adjust the exact temperature you want

3. Eccotemp FVI-12 Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heater

portable tankless outdoor gas shower
portable tankless shower

This portable tankless hot water is said to be used for whole house also, for the flow rate is quite large in portable types, reaching 3.6 gallons per minute. But if you have a large family with three or four bathrooms, we strongly suggest whole house tankless water heater to get for satisfying hot water enjoyment.

It needs to be installed indoor, thus venting facilities are needed. 1/2 inch NPT water fittings are used. It uses electronic to ignite and you need to plug it into standard 120v electrical outlet with UL-listed cord.

Error codes and water temperature show on the screen, temperature is mainly set by the adjustment of water flow and gas control. The smart system enables it to heat up only when you need hot water, more energy is saved and much money is also reduced in heating costs and water bills each month.


  1. Efficient power ventilation
  2. Perfect for small home and cabin
  3. Weights light, can be carried anywhere you want
  4. Manual water temperature control
  5. Electronic ignition system
  6. Space saver


Takes some time to get suitable temperature

4. Gasland 1.58 GPM 6L Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

portable tankless water heater and outdoor shower
portable tankless water heater and shower

Flow rate of this portable tankless water heater is 1.58 gallons per minute, and maximum power output is 41000 BTU per hour. Power rate of it is quite low, thus it is not suitable to be used for supporting two or more showers the same time. The required water pressure is quite low, needs only 2.18 PSI to activate.

It is equipped with freeze protection to automatically protect machine from being frozen in under zero situations. And once the heating level overpasses, it will automatically shut off to protect itself.

No electricity is needed for ignition buy only 2D batteries. The water heats up fast and is quite stable on water temperature. Compact shape and small size saves much space for you. Everything you need is included along with the machine, so you do not need to pay extra costs on buying those.


  1. Lower water pressure needed
  2. Flame failure device
  3. Stable water temperature
  4. On and off button settings on the shower head
  5. Easy temperature adjustment


Installation instructions are not so clear

5. Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

This is another best portable tankless water heater we would like to recommend for you, the flow rate of it is 2.6gpm, and temperature range is between 50 and 140 degrees F.

portable tankless water heater reviews
best portable tankless water heater

For outdoor installation, it is equipped with removable raincap, in order to resist complicated weathers outside. As for the protection system, there is also 20 minute safety shutoff setting, when the units runs longer than 20 minutes, it activates and stop working by itself.

Activation pressure is only 20 PSI, and water pressure range is among 20 and 80 PSI. With its stylish compact design, it is perfect to be used for camping, outdoor showers, animal bathing and travelling etc.

Like the above types, this unit is also ignited by electricity. You need only 2D batteries for power, making it perfectly for outdoor use especially when you find it hard to get an outlet.


  1. Removable weather proof raincap
  2. 20 minutes shutoff system
  3. 45 degree safety protection
  4. Easy to store and carry
  5. Operating range is 20-80 PSI


It is hard to install the bottom fittings

Why Portable Tankless Water Heater?

The most troublesome thing in travelling or camping is lacking of hot water for showering or hand washing. Sometimes you need to walk a long way or get help from native family to take a bath.
By getting a best portable tankless water heater, you are able to enjoy convenient hot water service any time and anywhere you want. It weights light and can be carried easily. You can install it on a RV, in a tent or in the garage.

Even if you are not going for travelling, you can still use it as residential tankless water heater in small or tiny studio. It is able to be installed on the wall of bathroom, kitchen or under water sink.

Types Of Portable Tankless Water Heaters

There are three types of portable tankless water heaters you can get according to the power source. It includes portable propane tankless water heater, portable gas tankless water heater and portable electric tankless water heater.

Propane and natural gas portable tankless water heaters are basically the same in working principle, they need venting facilities to help emit gas to outdoor, and power range as well as flow rate are much higher than electric type. Because of this, they are frequently used as whole house type for large families. For long period of using, they save more money on heating costs each month.

Portable electric tankless water heater is widely used in travelling or on the recreational vehicles, it needs no ventilation and is thus more convenient in installation and using. The upfront cost of which is quite low and is less powerful than gas tankless water heater.

portable tankless water heater review
portable tankless water heater reviews

Features Of Portable Tankless Water Heaters

1. Low price

Compared with whole house tankless water heater, portable type is more cheaper because of its light weight and less powerful performance. Flow rate of it is quite low, and can be a perfect heating machine in travel or outdoor use. But if you own a small tiny home with only one bathroom, and short of budget on getting an expensive one, you can get a portable tankless water heater.

2. Endless hot water

The key feature of all the tankless water heaters is the ability on providing endless hot water, and so does the portable type. No water tank and no cold water stored, it heats water when you need it, even in the wild outside, you can still enjoy flawlessly hot water.

3. Long service life

As no cold water is stored in tank or somewhere in the machine, no corrosion occurs inside the heater, thus the service life of portable tankless water heater is much longer than other types, reaches as long as 20 years for the high quality types. Long life expectancy of it enables to save much money for you.

4. Space saver

If you do not have much space in your home, then getting a portable tankless water heater is one brilliant choice. No matter on the wall of bathroom or kitchen, it occupies only small piece of space.

5. Low using costs

Under estimation, portable tankless water heater is able to save about 20% on heating costs per month. If natural gas or propane type is used, the heating costs will be even lower.

6. Easy installation

For convenient use for outdoor, nearly all the portable tankless water heaters are designed easy to be installed, you can hook it up on the wall somewhere or just put wherever is suitable. But remember to install it under instructions. For residential use, if you do not know any of installation or uncertain of correct way of installation, you should get a professional or a handyman to help you. Only under good installation can the tankless water heater be in the best working performance.

The Best Portable Tankless Water Heaters

Things To Consider On Getting Best Portable Tankless Water Heater

When facing so many types and models of portable tankless hot water heaters on the market, there are some elements you need to consider:

1. Smart devices

The outdoor environment is quite complicated, even if you use it indoor, there are also some potential dangers because of unintentionally wrong operation. Therefore, portable tankless water heater with smart devices will guarantee the safety in using. Most of the smart devices equipped on the machine include overheat protection, auto-cutoff and freeze protection etc.

2. Energy efficiency

A portable tankless hot water heater with high energy efficiency is able to save large sum of money on heating costs and of course the water costs per month. For gas types, normal thermal efficiency is around 85%, some high efficiency models reach as high as 95%.

3. Size

Before buying, you should estimate the amount of water you need and then decides what flow rate and temperature rise fit your needs most. Besides, size of portable tankless water heaters are different, some are large as to be hooked on the wall, while some are small enough to be installed right under water sink. It is determined by the size of your installation spots totally.

4. Backup option

If you intend to buy a portable tankless water heater for outdoor or travel use, you’d better choose one with backup option. Even for gas tankless water heater, electricity is still needed for ignition, the one with backup option can still work when the power runs out.

portable electric tankless water heater
portable tankless water heater shower


Tankless Water Heater Best Type
Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Tankless Water Heater Best selling type
Eccotemp FVI-12 Tankless Water Heater Best one for whole house use
Gasland 1.58 GPM 6L Gas Tankless Water Heater Best propane type

A good portable tankless water heater is capable of solving all the problem on your way to travel in need of hot water. When you are viewing the beautiful scenic all around the world, you do not need to worry about getting nowhere for showering.

If you have intention to get more details on those products, please feel free to check on Amazon.