Best RV Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to travel with recreational vehicles, it is more free and you can enjoy beautiful scenes all around on your way travel. But considering the problem of hot water using on RV, most people may easily get puzzled.

What if I want to use endless hot water on RV? Can I shower on the car? You may ask the questions. Well, the answer is yes, and of course yes with the help of a best RV tankless water heater.

It weights light and can be install anywhere you want on the vehicle, and the most important, you can enjoy flawlessly hot water on it, do not need to worry about running out of hot water when taking a bath any longer.

Here we offer you some top best RV tankless water heater reviews for you to choose:

Best RV Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

1. Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

best electric tankless water heater for rv
best tankless water heater for an rv

This tankless water heater is really a cost effective one, price of which is pretty low. But do not get fooled by its cheap price, the performance of it is excellent. It needs only 2.5 PSI water pressure to start up.

The temperature range of it is 46.4 degrees F to 114.8 degrees F, and flow rate of it is 1.32 gallons per minute. Thus it is not suitable for whole house or large family use, but is perfect for RV or small cabins.

Anti frozen system protects the machine from being frozen in cold areas or weathers, and copper heater is highly heat resistance and corrosion resistance, promising to be long service life.

There are two buttons settings used for controlling temperature, one is for gas while the other for water flow, through adjusting the two buttons, you can get the suitable temperature, but needs some time.

Compact and stylish small shape is also one reason on choosing it as your best RV tankless water heater, you can install it anywhere that is convenience.


  1. Lowest water pressure
  2. Anti frozen protection
  3. Perfect for camping shower
  4. Stainless steel burner
  5. Compact size
  6. Turn it on and off quickly for controlling water flow


Hard to get the exact water temperature you want

2. PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater

rv 500 tankless water heater review
best rv tankless water heater propane

The key feature of this RV tankless water heater is its wide range of applications, not only for RVs, it can also be used for tiny home, trailers, cabins and mobile washing services etc.

It weights light, only 32 pounds, which means it helps save large amount of space. It is said to take up half the space and weights 1/3 as much as a 10 gallon tank. When it is installed on RV, the compact shape enables you to install it anywhere you want.

This unit equips with freeze protection devices, when it senses cold temperature under zero, it allows the burner to fire and electric elements on automatically to protect the system.

It provides 55000 BTU power and uses less propane than other types, thus is highly energy efficient. The automatic gas modulation system is adopted to regulate gas for sufficient water temperature.


  1. Freeze protection equipped
  2. Space saver
  3. Automatic gas modulation system
  4. Energy efficient
  5. Endless hot water supply


Long waiting time for hot water, takes about 1 minute

3. Excel Tankless Gas Water Heater

rv electric tankless water heater reviews
rv tankless hot water heater reviews

Like other types of RV tankless water heaters, this Excel heater is also designed compact, and weights light, you can easily take it anywhere and install in your vehicle.

Once it turns on, it takes only a few seconds for hot water to flow out of the pipe, it is able to provide constantly hot water for you, brings you satisfying enjoyment on taking a bath or washing hands on your way out for travelling.

The required water pressure is low, it starts with only 2 PSI of water pressure, and no pressurizer pump is needed. Besides, the best feature of it is its vent-free appliance, which means you can install it inside your vehicle or home without adding venting facilities.

Two buttons are set on the machine, one is for gas while the other is for water flow, through the adjustment of the two buttons, you can get the exact temperature you want.


  1. Energy efficient
  2. Easy operated
  3. Space much space
  4. Operates at low water pressure
  5. Venting free design


The installation instructions are not so clearly

4. Girard 2GWHAM On-Demand Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater for rv reviews
rv propane tankless water heater reviews

This tankless water heater is able to provide stable water temperature, it has self modulation system, regulates the burner to maintain water temperature in different using conditions automatically.

Like PrecisionTemp, this tankless water heater is also equipped with freeze protection, thus it is capable of using in winter or cold areas. The system protects the machine automatically when it reaches freezing temperature.

For this unit, 42000 BTU power is required for best and ideal performance, it needs no special LP gas lines or special plumbing. It operates at least 3 amps. The quiet brushless motor enables you to enjoy satisfying using experience without any working noisy.

Also, from the shape we can see how small it is, when it is installed on RV, it occupies only small piece of land. Thus it can be a perfect one for RV tankless hot water heater.


  1. Quiet working performance
  2. No special plumbing required
  3. Freeze protection system
  4. Regulate water temperature automatically
  5. Stylish compact shape


You need to buy extra mounting hardware

5. EcoSmart 11 Tankless Water Heater

top rv tankless water heaters
top rv tankless water heater

EcoSmart is one of the top brand of electric tankless water heater, among the products line, EcoSmart 11 is the least powerful and the most compact one, thus it is a perfect choice for RV or small tiny cabins or homes use. You can also use it in travelling because of its light weight.

It is equipped with self modulating technology, which means it only operates when hot water is demanded. With such system, it saves much energy for you each month. But it also has the problem of unstable water temperature, it gets cold and warm from time to time.

It bears the temperature of 67 degrees F and provides up to 2 gallons of hot water per minute. It is said to save about 60% of the electric bill for you.

Automatic resettable thermostat and digital control console enable to help adjust water temperature easily.


  1. High energy efficient
  2. Compact and portable shape
  3. Easy to install
  4. Self modulating system
  5. Automated resettable thermostat
  6. Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


The water temperature is not stable

6. Marey Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater

rv tankless water heater propane
rv tankless water heater

Most of the RV tankless water heaters need electric ignition before operating, however, it is capable of operating without the need of any electricity, thus it saves much money on electricity costs for you.

It handles low-level water pressure well, you can simple operates with only 8 PSI with its low pressure start-up system. And three buttons are set on the machine, one is for gas, one is for water flow, and the other is warm and cold settings, you can adjust temperature with the buttons.

It boasts to be 3.1 gpm capacity and thus can provide endless hot water. The auto-cutoff system is adopted to protect heater in case of overheating or over pressure.

Compact shape of it enables you to take and install it anywhere you want.


  1. Handles low level water pressure well
  2. Auto ignition, no electricity needed
  3. 3.1 gpm flow rate
  4. Low pressure start up
  5. Auto cutoff system


Water temperature is hard to adjust the exact one you want

7. Costway Propane Gas Portable Instant Hot Water Heater

best rv tankless water heater reviews
rv tankless hot water heater

This RV tankless water heater is able to provide constantly hot water for you. It is the most ideal one for fishing, camping, travelling and other outdoor activities. You can enjoy endless hot water for bathing on RV.

It has great safety protection systems, including auto shut off protection and anti dry combustion system. When water temperature exceeds 167 degrees F, it will shut off automatically in case of overheating.

Also there is anti off balance protection system, the water shuts off gas supply automatically when the off balance occurs. The heater is able to deliver an average of 0.8 gallons of water per minute, output power requirement is 18000 BTU per hour.

It weights only 17.5 lbs, and compact shape makes it easy to be installed anywhere on the vehicle, you can even install it under hand sink for hand washing.


  1. Compact and portable shape
  2. Anti dry combustion protection
  3. Anti off balance protection
  4. Instant hot water anytime you want
  5. Instant heat within 10seconds


It tries to pump even when you turn the machine off, not good for pump

8. Eccotemp FVI-12 Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heater

best tankless water heater for an rv
best tankless water heaters for rv

This tankless water heater has relatively large flow rate among RV tankless heater market, reaching 3.6 gallons per minute. Thus it is able to provide constantly hot water for you any time you want. Besides, it can also be used for small or middle sized home use.

It adopts safe electronic ignition system, you can just plug it into standard 120v electrical outlet with UL-listed cord.

The water temperature is easy to set by adjusting water flow and gas, but of course it is quite hard to get the exact temperature you want. The water temperature shows on the screen.

It is also designed compact and light, perfect for saving much space when travel outside or use in a small cabin. The working noise is so low that you can hardly hear it in working process.


  1. Energy efficient
  2. Easy to read digital temperature display
  3. Compact shape design
  4. Safe electronic ignition system
  5. Large flow rate
  6. Endless hot water supply


Difficult to get the exact temperature you want

Features Of RV Tankelsss Water Heater

1. Space saving

Nearly all the RV tankless hot water heaters are designed small and compact, when you install it in RV or small home, it occupies only small piece of land. And some of which can even be installed directly under water sink.

2. No waiting time

It heats water in a second, you can use hot water any time you want.

3. Energy efficient

Most of RV tankless water heaters are propane types, it uses 50% less propane than other types of heaters, thus is more energy efficient and saves large sum of money on heating costs each month.

RV Tankless Water Heater vs Tank Water Heater

1. Safety

Safety of both water heaters are quite the same, they are both equipped with protection systems, such as overheating and over pressure devices to cut off the machine automatically. Some are also designed with freeze protection to use in cold weathers or cold regions.

2. Waiting time

Tankless water heater needs no waiting time for heating, you can use it anytime you want and do not need to worry about running out of water, thus not much cold water is wasted.
On the other hand, on using tank water heater, you need to pump out all the cold water in the pipe, which is costly on energy and wastes large amount of water.

3. Appearance

Tankless water heater is designed simple and compact, multiple colors and styles can be chosen, it can even become one of your decorations in your bathroom or kitchen. And compact shape saves much space for you.

Most of the tank water heaters are designed into white or black, pipes and power supply is exposed outside. And the large tank occupies large space. You can only install it on your bathroom wall.

tankless water heater rv reviews
rv electric tankless water heater reviews

The Best RV Tankless Water Heaters

How To Look For Best RV Tankless Water Heater?

Choosing a best RV tankless water heater is able to save much money for you for long term of use, it helps save energy and heating costs to large extent. But there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing:

1. Size

Each of the recreational vehicle is different in size, thus you need to know how large tankless water heater fits your RV mostly. And whether you intend to install it under water sink or on the bathroom wall.

2. Water consumption

Before choosing, you should estimate the amount of water you need on RV, and then select suitable one according to your average amount of water. Besides, flow rate of each tankless water heater also differs a lot, the flow rate refers to the amount of water machine releases each minute.

3. Price

Average RV tankless water heater price is around $500, but there are also cheaper and more expensive ones. Before buying, you need to pick according to your budget. Apart from purchasing price, there are also installation costs and using costs you need to consider.

4. Power source

There are altogether three power source on tankless water heaters, battery powered, propane and electric tankless water heaters for RV use. Compared with electric type, battery powered and propane types are more portable, while electric tankless water heater needs to be connected when using.

5. Smart protection

Most of RV tankless hot water heaters are equipped with smart protection systems, such as overheating devices and freeze protection devices. Those smart functions are able to protect the machine automatically when in dangerous situations and thus prolongs service life of heaters.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance costs are quite expensive, thus choosing a heating machine that needs light maintenance is pretty important and helps save large sum of money for you.

top rv tankless water heater
rv tankless water heater reviews

Types Of RV Tankless Water Heaters

There are two main types of RV tankless water heaters on the market of 2019, one is electric type while the other is propane type. Both of them work perfectly in travelling or outdoor using. Electric tankless water heaters need less installing time and it works pretty quiet in whole using process. While propane tankless water heaters are cheaper in whole using costs.


  1. Turn off the power every time you stop using
  2. Shut off the valve immediately
  3. Do not use chemical to clean your heating machine, or it is easily corroded and service life will be shortened
  4. Always flush and drain under manufacturer’s instruction
  5. Turn the machine on slowly so that the air can pass through pipe
rv tankless water heater propane
rv tankless water heater


1. Can I install it under RV sink?

Yes, you can if it is small enough. When you install it under sink, it needs no wiring or special tools in installation and helps save much space.
Also, the distance between tap and heater is close so less cold water is wasted in using, and the water bills can be saved to large extent.

2. How to install RV tankless water heaters?

Before installing, you should pay attention to the connecting gas, water and electricity lines etc. If you lack of enough knowledge on it, you can just get a professional to help installing for you.

3. How to turn it on?

There are several steps on turning the machine on, you need to check the valve first, open it up and allow the water to flow to primary tank. Then you can connect RV to the water outlet.


Tankless Water Heater Best Type
Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Tankless Water Heater Best selling type
PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater Best point of use type
Excel Tankless Gas Water Heater Best one for outdoor shower

RV tankless water heaters are able to provide constantly hot water for you when you go out for travelling or for camping. Apart from the above recommended tankless water heaters, there are still many types on Amazon that can be chosen, please feel free to check out more information or price details on it.