6 Best Tankless Water Heater Brands Reviews on the Market

Tankless water heaters are the most commonly used machine in our daily life, no matter for taking a bath or doing laundry, hot water is needed. And prices of tankless water heaters are not a small deal, therefore, on buying heaters, you need to get the best one from our best tankless water heater brands reviews.  

6 Best Tankless Water Heater Brands Reviews

In the tankless water heater market, there are many types of brands you can choose, picking a suitable and trustful tankless water heaters brands will reduce many matters for you.

After testing and reading the reviews of customers, we finally picked 6 best tankless water heater brands for you. They are experts in either quality or excellent working performance. You can choose one according to your actual needs.

1. Navien

Navien tankless water heaters are perhaps the most expensive one among tankless water heaters market in 2020. Two series of products are included, they are NPE-A and NPE-S.

NPE-A refers to NPE-Advanced series, many high advanced technologies are included in tankless water heaters, such as ComfortFlow technology, HotButton design as well as NaviLink add-on, but the most worth mentioning feature of it is built in re-circulation pump and buffer tank.

NPE-S, on the other hand, refers to the NPE-Standard series. It means all the Navien tankless water heaters of this series meet the national standard and have excellent working performance. They are of condensing type, which means less energy is wasted in using process, saves many costs on heating bills for you.

The hot-selling types of them include 110A, 180A, 240A and 110S, 180S as well as 240S Navien tankless natural gas tankless hot water heaters. We have made detailed reviews for each type, if you have the interest, please feel free to check the reviews, or to get more information on the official website of Navien.

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2. EcoSmart

EcoSmart tankless water heaters are brilliant in their small and simple shape, though designed as compact shape, they are still available to be used as whole-house tankless water heaters.

One feature of EcoSmart tankless water heater is its patented self-modulating technology, it heats water when you use and saves much energy for you. Besides, it is designed to activate at 25 GPM, far lower than normal tankless water heaters. And the Flow Sensor Technology modulates the consumption to meet the demand for hot water.

The hot-selling EcoSmart tankless water heaters include Eco-27, Eco-36, Eco-18, and Eco-11 series tankless hot water heaters. All of them are designed simply to install and operate. Unlike other tankless water heaters brands, EcoSmart promises to provide limited lifelong warranty for heating exchangers.

All the top and best EcoSmart tankless water heaters are introduced in detail in EcoSmart tankless water heaters reviews we have made. Please feel free to get more information there. Besides, if you have more interest in the brand, you can also get to their official website for more info. And all the top-selling and recommended tankless water heaters of EcoSmart can be found on Amazon directly.

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3. Rinnai

Rinnai is also one of the leading tankless water heater brands on the world market. It is a Japanese brand and first produced high efficient tankless water heater in 1964. Rinnai America is founded because of the hot demand for its products in North America, and successfully passed the standard of ANSI.

Rinnai tankless water heaters are suitable to be used for the whole house and commercial. Most of the tankless water heaters of it are over 9 gallons per minute, perfect for providing endless hot water for you. And is capable enough to support multiple bathroom use.

Hot selling Rinnai tankless hot water heaters include RUC98i, NRL94eP, and RL75iN series, etc. They are all large capacity tankless water heaters, and the temperature range of residential is up to 140 degrees F, while commercial can reach as high as 160 degrees F. Quiet working condition brings the most satisfying user experience in both bathing or washing dishes in kitchen.

We made detailed reviews on Rinnai tankless hot water heaters and also picked 8 best water heaters for you to choose, each of them has different performance and capacity, but are all in excellent working performance. Just feel free to check for more information. Or you can step to Rinnai official website and find more suitable tankless water heaters for you. If you intend to get one, please check out the price on Amazon, there will be constant deals and help you save more money.

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4. Rheem

You can not say you have got enough knowledge on tankless water heaters if you do not know the brand Rheem. Rheem tankless water heater prices are relatively affordable and cheap compared with other brands. But do not fool by its price, the performance of it is praised as the top one by customers.

The design of Rheem tankless water heaters are also simple and compact, you can easily hook it up in your bathroom, and it occupies an only small piece of space. The heating speed is fast, that you can heat it up in about 15 seconds, greatly reduced the waiting time, and can save large water costs for you.

RET-13, RET-18, and RTG-95XLN, as well as RTG-64XLN series, are top-selling products of Rheem. Among all the tankless water heater brands, Rheem is the one that experts in both electric water heaters and natural gas water heaters. And nearly all of which are highly energy-efficient and can be used for a long period of time.

We also made detailed reviews on best Rheem tankless water heaters, please feel free to check. If you have any inquiries about any other problems, you can get to the official website of Rheem and contact me for more information. Besides, all the recommended Rheem tankless water heaters of us are sold on Amazon, you can freely check the updated price on it.

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5. Noritz

Noritz tankless hot water heaters are mostly stainless steel heating exchangers installed. Some are stainless steel and copper both, giving you more options. It is a brand dedicated to producing high energy efficient residential and commercial tankless water heaters.

They are designed simple but with large capacity, most of which are able to support multiple bathrooms use simultaneously. As Noritz produced a large sum of natural gas and propane tankless water heaters, they specially make them low NOx design, thus little greenhouse gas is produced.

NRC661-DV-NG and NR981-SV-NG are on the top of the hot-selling list in 2020 on the market. High-quality copper wall and double exchangers give you more choice. A 93% energy rating saves more money on heating bills for you. Besides, Noritz provides 12 years warranty for the heating parts, which is relatively long.

If you want to have an interest in the brand and would like to learn more about best Noritz tankless water heaters, we have made detailed reviews for you. And you can also go to the official website of it, there will be professionals to solve all your problems for you. After getting the basic knowledge about the water heaters you want, just feel free to check on Amazon about the latest price.

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6. Takagi

Takagi tankless water heaters are well known around the world, especially in the North American market. It is the only one who specialized in “tankless-only” products in America and is also the first to improve the thermal efficiency of up to 95%. It can be regarded as the most energy-efficient one.

Many advanced technologies are adopted on Takagi tankless hot water heaters, which includes Air Fuel Ratio Sensor, freezing protection, Hi-limit switch and overheat cutoff fuse. All of them are used to keep secure in using tankless water heaters.

T-KJr2-IN-LP, T-K4-IN-NG, and T-KJr2-OS-NG of tankless water heaters are the hot selling products on the market of 2020. They are powered mainly by natural gas and propane. Digital remote control makes it easier on using, large flow capacity meet the demand of multiple bathrooms uses. The key feature of Takagi tankless water heaters is that it requires little maintenance.

Price of Takagi tankless water heaters are not so cheap, but it totally worth the price. If you have an interest in the product, please feel free to check the price on Amazon, frequent discount on Amazon will save much money for you. And you can also find more information on Takagi official website.

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All the six top tankless water heater brands we listed above are worth trusting in one way or another. There are still many other best and trustful tankless water heater brands on the market, as long as the machine fits your home and budget best, then it will be the best tankless water heater.

Best Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Brands

Some tankless water heater brands are experts in natural gas type, while others experts in electric or propane ones. Here we picked several best natural gas tankless water heater brands for you to choose:

1. Rinnai tankless gas water heater

Most of Rinnai tankless gas water heaters have a large flow rate, reaching up to 9 gallons per minute, able to support more than 2 bathrooms use simultaneously. And with the commercial controller, it is able to meet the demand for commercial use either.

The high thermal efficiency of Rinnai tankless gas water heaters make them energy efficient and save much money on heating bills. Outdoor air combustion makes it more safety in use.

Find more information on Rinnai tankless gas water heaters on Amazon if you have an interest.

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2. Rheem tankless gas water heater

Being a gas tankless hot water heater, there must be venting kits installed along with the machine, so the gas can be vented out for safety. Rheem designs its products into an outdoor installation type, thus no venting kits are needed, and it is safer for natural air is used as venting.

The low NOx design of the Rheem tankless gas water heater also helps reduce the generation of greenhouse gas emission, which greatly protects the environment and is more energy-efficient. Most of them are also suitable for high altitude use. Get more information and the latest price freely on Amazon.

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3. Eccotemp tankless gas water heater

Eccotemp is also a famous brand on producing portable natural gas tankless water heaters, the flow rate of it is quite small, around 3.5 gallons per minute, but as they are mainly used for travel or RV, the low flow rate can still meet the demand of basic need on hot water.

They are capable of delivering hot water in just 5 seconds and are easy to be used and installed. If you intend to get Eccotemp tankless water heaters as large family use, you are finding the wrong brand. But if you need to choose one that is portable enough and is able to be used for camper or RV, then this will be the best choice.

You can get more information on the Eccotemp official website for more information or lately innovated new tankless gas water heaters. If you have an interest in knowing the prices, just feel free to check out on Amazon.

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4. Takagi tankless gas water heater

Takagi is a tankless gas water heater brand that is capable enough to use high-tech skills on its products. The Air-Fuel ratio sensor is equipped with all its products, used to maintain and monitor combustion all the time. It aims to adjust the fan motor speed, ensuring that air and fuel have enough ratio. It can also minimize gas emissions and improve water efficiency.

Compact size and large water flow enable you to use it as a residential and commercial tankless water heater both. If you want to get more information or the updated price, please find more on Amazon, a constant discount will help save much money for you.

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5. Navien tankless gas water heater

Two main series of Navien tankless gas water heaters can be chosen, one is NPE-Standard series and the other is NPE-Advanced series. It adopts condensing technology to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas. The condensing technology provides up to 0.97 UEF or 0.99 EF, being highly energy efficient.

Ready-Link cascading technology enables you to cascade up to 16 units for commercial use, and common vent keeps up to 8 units. An internal buffer tank and re-circulation pump help you reduce the necessity of buying an extra pump.

Navien tankless gas water heater price can be much higher than other brands, but it is more energy-efficient and the performance as well as quality totally worth the price. Check the latest discount and price on Amazon if you have an interest.

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6. Noritz tankless gas water heater

Noritz tankless gas water heater adopts low NOx design to reduce greenhouse emissions, stainless steel and copper heater gives you more choice on venting. A high flow rate enables one to support 2 or 3 bathrooms simultaneously.

Some of Noritz tankless gas water heater thermal efficiency reaches as high as 93%, which means seldom gas is wasted and is highly energy efficient. The machine is also made simple to operate and install. No much high technology is adopted but is also trustworthy and reliable because of its quality level.

If you have any interest in Noritz tankless gas water heater, please check the price and more detail about the products on the Amazon.

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Best Propane Tankless Water Heater Brands

The working principle and working condition of propane tankless water heater are quite the same as natural gas type. The price of which is normally cheaper than gas-powered tankless water heaters. Some of the leading brands on the natural gas tankless water heater are also the expert on propane heaters. Here we will suggest several best propane tankless water heater brands for you:

1. Navien propane tankless water heater

As we have recommended before, Navien adopts many advanced technologies on their products, especially the condensing technology, recovering extra heat that would be lost in non-condensing tankless water heaters to reduce energy consumption as well as carbon oxide emissions.

2. Rinnai propane tankless water heater

Rinnai adopts low NOx design to reduce energy waste in the using process, the majority of propane gas is used without waste. Like Rinnai natural gas tankless water heater, propane type of it is also widely praised. It can also be used for commercials.

3. Takagi propane tankless water heater

Takagi propane tankless water heater is mainly famous for its T-KJr2-IN-LP series. Large water temperature range and high flow rate enable to support endless hot water for you both in bathing and doing laundry.

Best Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater Brands

Electric tankless hot water heaters reduce the matter of installing venting kits and can be used perfectly anywhere you want, without worrying about the gas pipe. But choosing a bad electric tankless water heater means you need to pay more money on electric bills and also maintenance.

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best tankless water heater brand

So we picked out several best electric tankless hot water heater brands for you to choose.

1. EcoSmart

EcoSmart is an expert in electric tankless water heaters, it adopts self-modulating technology to modulate consumption based on the demand for hot water. The small and compact shape of EcoSmart makes it easy for installing and using.

2. Stiebel

Stiebel electric tankless water heaters have large power, especially for its Tempra Plus series. It supports full power modulation and can be perfectly used for commercials. The built-in advanced control system is used to regulate water pressure automatically. Find more information on products and prices on Amazon if you have an interest.

3. Bosch

Bosch electric tankless water heaters are mainly famous for their compact and portable shape, especially for mini-tank water heater, it can be installed directly under the sink for kitchen use. Fast recovery on hot water reduces waiting time largely. You can find more information on Amazon.

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Tankless Water Heater Brand Comparison

Among so many tankless water heater brands on the market, you may get puzzled about the exact difference between each brand and have no idea about which to choose. So we help compare tankless water heater brands for you as follow:

  • Navien vs Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Navien and Rinnai are both leading brands on producing natural gas and propane tankless water heaters.


The average size of both Navien and Rinnai tankless water heaters are similar, weighing around 90 pounds and are middle size types. Navien adopts white as its main color, looks simple, and fits nearly all the decoration styles. On the other hand, hot selling Rinnai tankless water heaters are normally dark grey, looks more modern.

Flow Rate 

The average flow rate of Navien is designed high, reaching up to 8 or 9 gallons per minute, some are even 11 GPM, perfectly meeting the demand for commercial use. Rinnai tankless water heaters also have a large flow rate, reaching around 9.5 GPM. So if you want a large flow rate or large capacity tankless water heater, both brands can be a perfect choice.

Energy Efficiency  

The thermal efficiency of Navien tankless hot water heaters reaches up to 0.95, which is quite energy efficient. The hot-selling types of Rinnai tankless water heaters can also reach around 0.92, but for other series, average thermal efficiency is only 0.82.


Both of Navien and Rinnai tankless water heaters charge high, taking about &1500 pounds. But the quality and performance of products well worth the price, if you lack the budget or only need a small flow rate tankless water heaters, you may check the other best brands.


Warranty time for heating exchanger is longer in Navien than in Rinnai, which promises to keep 15 years free warranty. And Rinnai only keeps a 5-year warranty on the part.

  • Rinnai vs Rheem Tankless Water Heater

Rheem is a brand that produces both electric tankless water heaters and natural gas or propane tankless water heaters. And Rinnai experts on natural gas tankless water heaters only.


Rheem electric tankless water heaters are normally light, weighing no more than 10 pounds and occupying less space after installation. The natural gas tankless water heater of Rheem, however, weighs about 60 pounds, but still lighter than the Rinnai type.

Flow Rate 

In terms of flow rate, Rinnai tankless water heaters range around 9 gallons per minute, while Rheem tankless water heaters only range around 8 gallons per minute.

Energy Efficiency  

The thermal efficiency of each tankless water heaters of Rinnai and Rheem differs a lot, some reach 0.94 while some only have 0.82. Therefore, both of the two brands have similar energy efficiency on tankless water heaters.


If you are lack of budget, then Rheem can be a perfect choice for you, most of Rheem tankless water heaters charge no more than $1000 even and still have trustful using performance. While the Rinnai tankless water heaters price is around $1500.


Rheem promises to keep 10 years warranty on the heating exchangers, much longer than Rinnai one.

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Who Makes the Best Tankless Water Heater?

After getting enough knowledge on features of each tankless water heater brands, do you still have the puzzle on what is the best tankless water heater brand, or who makes the best tankless hot water heater? Actually, we really cannot tell and should not tell which exactly one is the best.

Each tankless water heater brand has its own irreplaceable features and experts in one area, some of the features fit a small home, while others may be a factor that commercial heater needs to get. Therefore, on choosing the best tankless water heater brand, you still need to consider the actual feature of a particular tankless water heater that owns.

On choosing, you need to know the size, flow rate, applications, and installation method. And whether the tankless water heater is powered by electric, gas or propane, is the price of the machine suits your budget. All the considerations need to be taken and then you may find the most suitable one.

Of course, if you still have trouble finding the most suitable tankless water heaters, you can check detailed information on Amazon, or contact us directly.