About Us

Who We Are

First let me introduce myself. I am Will Montgomery, I am an Electro Mechanical Engineer and business owner.  I stumbled across the need for this site when trying to research the best heater when I needed to upgrade from a leaking tank water heater.  The information was not available at that present time and I seemed to find contradictory information. Luckily I had years of experience in designing and repairing equipment that allowed me to pin point critical errors.

Since I do not know everything I work with local professionals to expand my knowledge base where we can create a competent base of knowledge and get to the bottom of what is needed, and what info could be useful and try and compare each one the same.

The other guy’s that help (if I can convince them) I will add pictures of them on here as I can, so you can see them and get to know them as well.

Why We Started

Originally the site started for tankless water heaters, however we have added more heaters that can get used in everyday life.  Heaters like Water Heaters, Space, or Room Heaters, Workspace Heaters, and even more?

We are aiming to give detailed information and recommendations on the best heaters. Unlike one sided manufacturer and seller reviews, we do not produce or sell any of the heaters and we do not receive any advertisement fee from any specific brand.

We can make possible affiliate commissions, to learn more about that click here.

I know from when I tried to size a tankless heater it is based on use flow and rise in temperature and each manufacture sizes it different.  Hopefully we can help you put the contradicting info behind you and get on with the apples for apples.  If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact me here.   Otherwise, you could start right here with top rated and most efficient tankless water heaters reviews.