Top 4 American Standard Hot Water Heater Reviews with 70/80 Gallons

american standard water heater 50 gallon

American Standard is a serious brand understood in terms of water heaters. With tools that can be used in both commercial and residential applications, American Standard has a reputation that has allowed it to become a well-known name throughout the United States. US standards appreciate the longevity of the tanks due to their excellent resistance. The materials used in the assembly process, along with their creative innovations, help make American standard water heaters that last a long time. Here in this post, we would offer several best American Standard hot water heater reviews with their prices and basic knowledge.

What Is the Best American Standard Tankless Water Heater?

Finding the Best American Standard Hot Water Heaters

Photo Title Price Buy
American Standard CE-20-AS...image CE-20-AS 19 Gallon Point Of Use Electric Water Heater Check Latest Price
American Standard CE-6-AS...image CE-6-AS 6 gallon Point of Use Electric Water Heater Check Latest Price
American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG...image TCWH180S-AS-NG 180,000 BTU Tankless Natural Gas Ultra Low Nox Condensing Water Heater Check Latest Price
American Standard Water...image D-80-199-AS 80 gallon 199,900 BTU Heavy Duty Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater $5,590.00 Check Latest Price

American Standard Hot Water Heater Reviews of 2020

#1. Electric Hot Water Heater – CE-20-AS 19 Gallon Point of Use Water Heaters

american standard 50 gallon electric water heater




  • Heavy gauge steel tank for durability and long-time use
  • Inner Dura glass lined tank to prevent from corrosion
  • Easy draining design to extend tank life
  • Point of use design to save spare time
  • All tanks are 100% hydrostatically tested
  • Factory-installed Brass temperature relief valve

#2. American Standard CE-6-AS Point of Use Tank Water Heater

american standard 40 gallon water heater




  • Easy to install for point of use
  • Long service life
  • Passed the hydrostatically tested at the factory
  • Factory-installed Brass temperature relief valve
  • 100% hydrostatically tested at the factory
  • Point of use design

#3. Gas Water Heater – TCWH180S-AS-NG Condensing Water Heater

american standard heaters




  • Superior thermal efficiency
  • ANSI z2.1.10.3 and CSA 4.3 certifications
  • 304-grade stainless steel
  • Primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • Low NOx combustion system compatible with natural gas and liquid propane use
  • Energy star & ETL certified

#4. Commercial Gas Water Heater – D-80-199-AS 80 Gallon Heavy Duty Water Heater

american standard commercial water heater




  • Inner Dura glass tank fired at 1,600°f to prevent it from corrosion
  • 4 anode rods to extend tank life
  • Motorized flue damper reduces operating costs
  • Fully csa compliant and certified
  • Non cfc foam insulation

About American Standard Water Heaters

American Standard water heater tanks are developed with a super-gauge steel gauge. It is fully polished with fiberglass filler that helps prevent the harmful component in the water from dissolving the sides of the tank. Also, all cabinets are equipped with deeply rooted anodic bands that also protect the tanks against corrosion.

Its tanks are equipped with a manual that facilitates inspection and cleaning of the inside of the tank. This helps prevent stool development and makes the support simpler to increase the life of the tank.

American Standard has an incredibly different range of water heaters to address all the problems that are updated and continuously moving to ensure that your products have the highest value.

A Solution for Users of Abundant Hot Water

Typically, those who seek to heat large amounts of water without getting gas will find that electric water heaters are often expensive because they operate with high energy intensity.

However, the American standard has a solution for this. Standard US commercial electric water heaters are specially designed to heat large quantities of water upon request. These point-of-use facilities are available in 80,52, and 119-gallon water heaters that can contain inputs from 6 kW to 54 kW. They also have different voltage options available.

In this sense, those who have large residences with multiple residents, or those who run commercial companies such as hostels and hotels, can implement these water heaters to obtain an efficient electrical application for large amounts of hot water.

Overview of US Standard Water Heaters

There are three main types of US conventional residential water heaters: electric water heaters, GSN Low NOx, and tankless condensation. All three are made with high quality and energy efficiency, with a choice based primarily on the type of fuel and hot water needs. Electric water heaters are available in 30, 46, 40, and 50 gallons and are short or long configurations. All have a fully automatic thermostat with inputs ranging from 6 to 54 kW. Each model meets the requirements of ANSI, NAECA, competence requirements, and DOE test procedures. It comes with a six or 12-year warranty for tanks and parts.

american standard water heater 50 gallon

Water Heater Information

American Standard designs and manufactures residential and commercial water heaters that can process gas and electricity inputs. Its objective is to produce high-quality products that allow versatile uses, with a strong focus on the production of large quantities of hot water quickly and efficiently. Their products use durable materials to improve the length of their ranges, while the warranty shows confidence in the quality of their products.

American Standard heaters are known to give reliable service in homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, apartments, and industrial buildings. Your employees are highly trained to provide the best customer service with a lot of information about the diversified application of their products and the skills needed to help with any problem.

American Standard places a great emphasis on quality. From longer anodic rods for durability and longevity, with free customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and more extended warranty programs, American Standard uses quality as a critical ingredient that maintains its reputation, both in terms of product as of service.

Safety Tips for Water Heaters

Making sure you understand the safety of the water heater will prevent automatic fires or gas leaks and help improve the life of your water heater:

Have a professional exam. Every year you should make sure to check your water heater. If you do not understand this process, it is generally more natural and more comfortable to operate a professional plumber and make sure that all components are intact and in good condition.

Keep the surrounding area clear. Your water heater must have a free space, mainly if it works with gas. Otherwise, there is no room for the introduction of oxygen, and this can lead to the production of carbon monoxide, which is a toxic gas. Similarly, make sure there are no flammable products near the water heater. This may include materials, but it can also be a problem if the water heater is stored in the garage near paints and other chemicals.

Know how to stop it. In case of fire or safety hazards, it is necessary to understand how to turn off the water heater. Be sure to educate yourself about this.

American Standard Water Heater Prices

It is time to buy an American standard electric water heater, which can overcome the alternatives in your home improvement store. What you think is an essential purchase with which you could end up being a much more prominent option. That is why you should not accept this option on your own. Ask an expert to come to your house and talk with you about the alternatives available to you. Twill reduces the overall risk of buying something inappropriate and increases your chances of saving time and money with the right purchase.

What features matter

When considering your options, it is crucial to understand which features are most important to your needs. When buying a US standard electric water heater, some things have a big impact on the model and type of purchase. The option of having one, however, is up to you. Here are some crucial factors you can think of.

Make sure you use electricity.

Determine the type of fuel you will need to use the system. For example, you can choose to choose electricity, natural gas or propane. This may depend on what you are currently using unless you plan to implement an improvement.

They have a commercial line of water heaters and a residential line, which provides electric and gas water heaters. these heaters come in different prices which affected by:

Permit Cost

Buying a water heater often requires a permitting office if you live within your county. The cost of this permit depends on several factors, even if the on-site inspection is necessary and if you need any improvement in the power, water, or gas lines in your home.

When you get an estimate of the cost of replacing the hot water heater, you can see if this includes withdrawing work permits. If so, you won’t have to worry about permissions because the installer will get the authorities before installing the water heater.


Then, consider the measure of the area you should follow for the system. You must make sure that it fits into your home space. This includes looking at the height and width of the space and order.


Then, determine how big they are. Often, the larger the beds, the more important it is to choose a larger tank. Also, look for a higher recovery system that can handle the appeal conditions better than others

Is it an on-demand or a tankless water system?

You may want to consider another alternative, such as a system on demand or without a tank. These operate without a huge tank that retains water and heats it. On the other hand, when you need a hot steam shower, these systems operate without a tank, and without interruption at the ideal temperature, begin to delay a lot. They can also help you have great vitality to keep these systems and cabinets full.

American standard electric water heaters are an essential component of homework. Without this, washing your hands, washing dishes, or washing becomes annoying. To find out what type of US standard electric water heater is right for your home, have a technician go out to do a checkup. It may take a few minutes to get to know your options, but once you do, you will feel more and more confident about making this significant purchase for your home. The correct system will last a long time.

American Standard Commercial Water Heater

Commercial water heaters must be viable because their function is essential for the operations of restaurants, cabins, and various commercial establishments. Manufacturers must test it to verify protection against dust and wear, as well as ventilation and warm efficiency. In addition, government guidelines currently require that the devices be useful. Below is a section of features that you may need to consider for commercial applications.

Intuitive display

The digital display can be valuable for commercial water heaters. It takes into account the precise assignment of heater operations. Current devices have additional alternatives, such as staying away. Picnic mode automates temperature control to keep the device efficient.

Water heaters without tank without the tank

Tank systems have protected support that stores water due to high temperatures. They use electricity as fuel. The essential favorable position of traditional tank water heaters is that it is difficult to insert them. Most storage systems use natural gas, which is smarter for greenhouse gases than electricity. Since they are less confusing and have fewer parts, their support is less complicated and affordable.

One of the main disadvantages of conventional tanks is that they often need to heat water. In cold situations, you can continue to raise the water temperature, regardless of your flow needs. In addition, they dedicate a little effort to heat water and require a lot of space.

Prevention of the Expansion of Water Heaters

Reliable water can leave metal deposits in the tank, just like the cathodes of the heating devices. Silicates and sulfates can cover the base of the tank that interferes with the usual activity of the heater. Massive assembly of scales and minerals can increase noise and reduce the amount of improved water and lower the life span of the system. The regular flow of water from the tank can reduce the size of the staging. In any case, there are commercial manufacturers of water heaters that have an enemy to scale and include their tools. The component works by reducing minerals in hard water, to harmless harmful gemstones. Declining measurement is often a component of residential use. Whatever the case, commercial tools may need additional support due to constant rock work to which they are exposed continuously.

Channel Valve Type

It is crucial to drain a commercial water heater routinely. Regular cleaning prevents stool from accumulating in the tank. In the event that the duct valve ruptures or spills, a quick replacement will be required. There are three necessary materials that you will discover for channel valves. There are types of metal, plastic, and composite valves. Plastic is the least expensive. However, it is the least powerful. In case you are searching for a commercial heater, you must consider a metal valve. Minerals can handle extreme temperatures and should last longer.

What You Should Know on American Standard 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater

It has a 6-year restricted tank and a parts warranty. It is made for installation in a trailer where you can access the tank from inside the house using immediate ventilation tanks that must be vented directly through the roof.

Gas control is convertible to natural gas or propane, which takes into account the available facilities in productive accommodation. A stable and thick layer of blue art is intertwined with cabinets inside surfaces at the height of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, framing a safe cover against corrosion for an extended period of reliable protection and use. The tank includes a thick layer of CFC-free foam to trap heat inside the container, providing vitality. The valve is strategically placed in the tank to encourage the orientation of the channel or the outside of the chassis. It is also available with the opening of the T&P field.

It has a multi-mine burner made of polished steel that is used for equal rotation, silent activity, and highly effective ignition. All types use a fixed pilot light to start. Its built-in mixing regulator comes with a factory preset weight controller and an inherent AC component for overheating protection. It has an anodic electrode to protect the included tanks, which extends the life of the container. In conclusion, it comes with a non-metallic channel valve, which is safe against corrosion.

Final Pick: Top 3 Best American Standard Water Heaters Reviews



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