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What are the best gas water heater brands? Rheem, Eccotemp, Noritz, AO Smith, and Navien, which should I pick?

To be clear of this problem, we need to know more about those brands, about the technologies and strength.

Besides, gas has now become the most popular source on the tankless water heater in the US, to better pick out the suitable types among loads of choices on the market. Getting a reliable brand is a primary concern for picking.

Here is a quick guide to lead you to be more familiar with the top-rated gas water brands.

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What Is a Gas Water Heater?

As their names imply, these are heaters derive their hating power from gas, most likely propane. The heaters use the heat that derives from gas to up the temperature of the water. It goes beyond to store the same and dispense it later on when it is needed. This one is mainly good in those areas that are cut off from the national grid.

Best Gas Water Heater – A.O.Smith GCR-40 High-Efficiency ProMax Plus Heater

gas water heater brands
Best 40 Gal Gas Water Heaters


Are Rheem Water Heaters Any Good?

If you are short on cash and have moderate water needs, Rheem is definitely the brand for you. It does have a reputation for being durable and able to deliver a reliable stream of hot water output. Moreover, this brand is able to accept and draw its power from many sources of energy. These include solar, gas, mains electricity, and batteries.

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Best Gas Water Heater Ratings of Rheem

——————————————-Tankless Type ————————————————-

#1. Rheem RTG-84XLN Large Power Tankless Water Heater



#2. Rheem RTGH-95DVLN Indoor Whole House Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater


#3. Rheem RTGH-84DVLN-2 Natural Gas Condensing Tankless Water Heater


——————————————-Tank Type ————————————————-

#4. Rheem 50Gal PROG50-36P RH60 Propane Water Heater


#5. Rheem 40gal Residential Gas Water Heater



Are AO Smith Water Heaters Any Good?

Definitely! The following are some of the points that make this brand stand out from the pack:

Long Experience

The company has been continuously operational for 140+ years now. This has definitely earned it some long experience. You may be sure also be sure to tap into this experience for your maximum enjoyment.

Excellent Track Record

Throughout its long years of operations, the brand has also delivered an excellent track record of performance. Many of the past users of its products have noted that the products outperform many alternatives.

High-quality Makeup

All its products feature higher quality makeup. Overall, the products are stronger and more resilient to the common wiles of damages and corrosion. Expect hence to enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction attainable.

Latest Technology

It also incorporates the latest technology in its makeup and operations. For this reason, the products are topnotch and the latest in scope and character. For this reason, you should yet again expect them to perform better.

Limited Maintenance

The sum total of the above benefits is a need for limited maintenance. Simply put: you won’t have to spend too much of your time and money to maintain them in the proper working condition all the time.

Best A.O.Smith Natural Gas Water Heater Reviews

#1. A.O.Smith GCR-40 40 Gallon High-Efficiency Water Heater

best natural gas water heater reviews


#2. A.O.Smith GCR-40LP ProMax Plus Liquid Gas Water Heater

top gas tankless water heater brands


#3. A.O.Smith GPVL-40 ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater

best gas tank water heater brands


#4. A.O.Smith XCR-50 ProMax 50 Gallon Efficiency Water Heater

top rated gas water heater brands


Is AO Smith Better Than Rheem?

Before we can give a definitive stand on this question, we have to examine some of the parameters that inform their performance and general standing. We delineate and explain them hereunder:

Customer Service

Both products are backed by an impressive customer service regime. Nonetheless, the customer service of the AO Smith tends to be better than that of Rheem. Thus, you are assured awesome performance overall with this gadget.

Power Source

These two brands can draw their power from many sources of power. However, AO Smith tends to be better with regard to gas. It is the one to go for if yours is a gas water heater.


All factors considered, the AO smith is awesome for commercial and residential heaters. Rheem, on the other hand, is particularly great for industrial applications owing to their sheer size.

As you may see, AO Smith is better for general home use and light commercial applications. Reems, on the other hand, suits large scale applications well.

What Should You Look For in Gas Water Heater Brands?

There are definitely many brands out there that engage in the manufacture and distribution of water heaters. However, not every brand is equal to the other. They differ with the following regards:


The reputations of the brands differ considerably. This variation is mainly informed by the length of time the brand has been operational as well as the feedbacks that past clients leave behind. It is important to scan the reviews of past clients as they deliver more objective testimonials.


Further setting the various brands apart is the technology in use. Some brands are stuck to the technology of yesteryears. Others though are futuristic in the sense that they innovate and incorporate technology that is non-existent at the moment.


Experience just like reputation, is also largely dependent on the length of time that the brand has been operational. You have to insist on a brand that has been operational for quite some time as it is more likely to have the long experience needed for more effective outcomes.


All brands are mandated to provide warranty to their clients. The aim of the warranty is to safeguard the clients from unnecessary losses and damages that are likely to arise after use. You have to read the finer details of the warranty though to eliminate all doubts.

Customer Service

Other than warranty, you also have to consider the customer service regime of the brand you have in mind. A good brand has to enjoy a comprehensive customer service. This ideally has to incorporate such issues as round-the-clock backend call service and timely responses to queries.

Maintenance of Gas Water Heater

Tighten Screws

With use, the screws of the heaters do get lose and incapable of holding the various parts together. It is strongly advised that you tighten the screws from time to time. Your ordinary screwdriver will definitely do the trick just fine.

Change Oil

For those heaters that derive their heating power from oil, it is advisable that you change the oil every three months. This is to guarantee the smooth operations without any likelihood of the item dimming in stature.

Upgrade Parts

We have already hinted that manufacturers are constantly innovating. As such, they do produce and release newer and better parts. You should be on the lookout for these new parts as well. Do not hesitate to take advantage of them if you come across any.

Replace Worn-out Parts

Just like the screws, the other parts of a water heater also do wear out with time. Yet again, it is in your best interest to identify and replace them appropriately.

Lubricate Moving Components

As a last measure, you should also lubricate the moving parts. This is to minimize tears and keep the heater fully operational regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

Advantages and Technology of Best Gas Water Heater Brands

Listed and explained below are some of the advantage and technology of the best gas water heater brands:

Bradford White

Bradford stands tall among all the brands under our consideration chiefly by reason of employing innovative technology and cutting-edge research to produce the highest quality products. Its products are also safer than average, a fact that makes them to really perform well.

Best Bradford White Gas Water Heater – BWC 50Gal 240V Water Heater

what's the best gas water heater brand


All products of the Marey brand are designed with the customer in mind. This sees them perform feats that are ordinarily beyond the reach of t a customer. On account of this, the products are able to stay safer and pretty reliable.

Best Marey Gas Water Heater – GA10LP Power Gas Tankless Water Heater

top gas water heater brands



The Navien brand of products is mainly geared towards professional, residential, and commercial heating needs. It utilizes the energy-efficient designs to make its products up. This arrangement sees its products cut your energy bills by a whopping 20%.


Noritz is a Canadian brand that mainly prides itself on excellent backend customer service. Many of its heaters are smaller and compact enough to fit the squeezed spaces with maximum ease. It employs the condensing and latent heat technologies extensively to make its products.

Best Noritz Gas Water Heater – NCR66DVNG Indoor Condensing Direct Vent Water Heater

best gas water heater for the money



Of all the leading brands, it is the Eccotemp that is most conscious of the environment. Its products have a niche in being eco-friendly by virtue of emitting zero carbon levels. Quite a number also have anti-freeze technology that sees them perform well when it is too cold.

Best Eccotemp Gas Water Heater – i12-NG Tankless Water Heater

best gas water heater to buy


Best 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Brand

#1. A.O.Smith GCR-40 40 Gallon High-Efficiency Water Heater

best natural gas water heater reviews


#2. A.O.Smith GCR-40LP ProMax Plus Liquid Gas Water Heater

top gas tankless water heater brands


#3. A.O.Smith GPVL-40 ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater

best gas tank water heater brands


Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Brand

 #Rheem 50Gal PROG50-36P RH60 Propane Water Heater


Best 75 Gallon Gas Water Heater Brand – Rheem

#Rheem 75 Gal Residential Gas Water Heater

best gas water heater for campervan


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