What Is the Most Common Problem with Water Heaters?

basic problems on tankless water heaters

Water heaters usually have problems that most people will not recognize it until when the problem begins as long as it is delivering hot water, no one bothers to check it’s condition. Just like other systems in your home, water heaters need proper management so that it can function properly.

Water heater problems can be fixed by an individual without having to call a professional, but some of them will definitely require professionals, or else you will damage them completely. Always let a professional check on the water heaters regularly because he or she knows better than you do, that saves you money because it’s only done once but perfectly.

Let us look at the several things we need to know that causes water heater problems they are as follows:

basic problems on tankless water heaters

Common Problems

Leaking tank

When you notice that your tank is leaking, that is a clear indication that you need to get a new one. Leakage can cause you problems, and you don’t want water stagnating in your basement just because your tank is leaking. The moment you notice the leakage, call a professional to advise you on the best heater you should purchase.

Smelly water

This is a sign that your water has bacteria in it; the kind of smell that comes out is like that of a rotten egg. Since you don’t want the bad smell around you, then you should flush the tank and fill it with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide leave the solution in the tank for 2 hours and then flush it with clean water, by now the smell should be gone and if not, call a professional contractor to help you out.

A noisy tank

If you notice your water tank making an unusual noise, it could be because of several problems reason number one is that your tank has sediments in the bottom and that the sediment is burnt by the heating elements and in this case you are required to drain your water tank, not just when the problem begins. Still, it should be done once a year. Another possible cause could be the heating element is beginning to burn out, and that requires a professional to help you fix the problem.

No hot water

If you realize that the water is not hot even when your water is on the problem could be a blown-out pilot light. This is always one of the major indications that your water heater is spoilt or is having a problem. If your water heater is not working completely, just make sure you put on your pilot light, and if it’s working, but there is no hot water, it means that there is another bigger problem that can only be solved by an expert.

Too little hot water

This is another common water heater problems; you will notice that your water tank produces too little hot water, to solve this problem you should just turn up the temperature on the thermostat, don’t turn the temperature too high because it can harm you. Running out of hot water is disgusting especially when it happens, and you are in the shower, another reason why this happens is maybe because of a small water heater, when buying a water heater it’s advisable that you buy bigger ones or you can either go for tankless water heaters. With tankless water heaters, be rest assured that you will never run out of hot water.

Colored water

If this happens, it means that your water heater has rusted and is corroding away. A rusted water heater does not mean that it is damaged; you are only required to replace the anode rod since this is what prevents rust from occurring in your tank, and if it does not work, you will just have to replace your water heater.

Water temperature too hot or cold

The problem could probably be with the thermostat when the thermostat is damaged. You will notice that water can be too hot sometimes and other times too cold. Adjust the temperature to medium, not too high, not too low, and if that doesn’t work, you will be required to do something with the thermostat.


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