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cheap tankless water heater

What is the best price on the tankless water heater? Is there any cheap tankless water heater on the market of 2020?

Yes, of course, there are.

The water heater is an essential electric machine for each family. However, the different functions and flow rate of the heaters affects the prices, making some unaffordable while some still remain economic-friendly. In this post, we intend to find the best cheap tankless water heater for you. By the way, do not miss the experts buying guides that come along.

Here we go!

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Top 5 Overall Best Cheap Tankless Water Heater Reviews

#1. Overall Cheapest Tankless Water Heater - Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Heater
#2. Runner-Up - Camplux 5L Portable Outdoor Propane
#3. Best Around $100 - Marey Portable Propane Gas Heater
#4. Best Around $200 - Stiebel Eltron Point of Use Heater
#5. Best Around $300 - Rheem 240V RTEX-13 Heating Chamber

6 Best Cheap Propane Tankless Water Heaters Comparison Chart

Price RangeProducts
Around $100Camplux 5L Portable Outdoor Propane
Around $120Marey Portable Propane Gas Heater
Around $150Tengchang 10L Propane Tankless Water Heater
Around $150EZ Portable Propane Heater
Around $200Camplux Enjoy Outdoor Life Heater
Under $250Eccotemp FVI12-LP Gas Heater

-Detailed Reviews

#1. Cheapest Tankless Water Heater – Camplux 5L Portable Outdoor Propane

best price on tankless water heater



Here comes the cheapest tankless water heater that costs no more than $120, which is affordable for nearly all the families in urgent need of an instant heater. Its small size features with a folding handle, allowing for outdoor use no matter for RV or travel.

The cheap price does not block its way on getting brilliant quality level and working performance, showing on its low water pressure startup and delicate protection designs. It needs only 3.0 PSI of water pressure for the startup and works perfectly with the water pump under its brand producing line.

Worry about the safety issue in use? Well, it comes with flame failure device and oxygen depletion safety shut-off, in case of any dangerous situation leading to the burning of the machine. The anti-freezing protection equipped on it enables you to install it for outdoor use.

#2. Cheap Instant Hot Water Around $120 – Marey Portable Propane Gas Heater

on demand water heater price



The color white has always been the hottest pick on choosing an instant hot water heater, for it blends with any modern design of home decor. The propane gas offers great power for normal family shower use.

No need for electrical connection and no requires of venting facilities, this facility allows you to get it used in various situations: washing the car, horse washing, and pet washing, etc. By adjusting the two buttons on the machine, you can change the flow rate easily.

The portable design of it outstands among the other producing line, with compact and small shape, carrying it along for outdoor hiking is never a difficult task.

#3. Cheap On-Demand Hot Water Heater Around $150 – Tengchang 10L Propane Tankless Water Heater

hot water heater prices



The installation fee of a tankless water heater has always been a headache matter; with an easy-installation heater like this, you can totally install it by yourself. No matter for an outdoor shower or indoor water heating, you will find it working perfectly.

Advanced energy-saving and combusting technology are adopted on the machine, in the aim of reducing unnecessary costs and decreasing the gas consumption and burning noise. Likewise, it requires low water pressure for a startup.

In terms of the safety issue, there are manifold auto protection as well as an overwater pressure protection system. On adjusting the flow rate and gas rate, just press the button on the control panel. Plus, you can also convert the mode from summer to winter.

#4. Cheap Tankless Water Heater Around $150 – EZ Portable Propane Heater

tankless hot water heater prices



Here come another tankless water heater ranges around $150, with portable design and lightweight shape. Among all the propane types, this one is proved to be the most long-lasting and durable instant heater.

By delivering water of 1.6 gallons per minute, it meets the demand on both outdoor and indoor shower for a small family. Installing it under the water sink, it also shows brilliant performance as a point of use heater.

The aesthetic design of the machine meets various home decor; all the operations are easy to control.

#5. Tankless Water Heater Around $200 – Camplux Enjoy Outdoor Life Heater

tankless gas water heater prices



If you have a budget of around $200, then this one is the priority choice. The maximum power output reaches 68,000btu/hour, making it available on providing constant hot water in long-time showering.

It features dry combustion protection as well as flame failure device. Because of the energy-efficient technology on the machine, the energy cost per month drops sharply. The other protection system such as over-heating and anti-freezing design safeguards.

Fear of finding the plug anywhere? The battery design solves the problem. It requires 2D cell batteries to offer needed electricity. Using for outdoor shower or pet shower, it can always be a perfect option.

#6. Best Tankless Water Heater Under $250 – Eccotemp FVI12-LP Gas Heater

hot water heater prices



This is also an indoor propane tankless water heater at a reasonable price level. The small compact shape enables you to install it in a small apartment for whole-house use. The efficient power ventilation reduces unnecessary costs on energy.

Plug it in the 120-volt electric outlet, the exact temperature shows on the screen of the heater. Besides the screen lies two buttons, one for flow rate and the other one for gas power. Its excellent motor equipped inside brings a quiet and satisfying experience.

The maximum flow rate reaches 3.6 GPM and activates only when hot water is needed. No matter for business or apartment use, it provides constant hot water for you.

Best Cheap Electric Tankless Water Heaters Comparison Chart

Price rangeProducts
Around $100EcoTouch Point of Use Heater
Under $200Stiebel Eltron Point of Use Heater
Under $300Rheem 240V RTEX-13 Heating Chamber
Under $250Marey Eco 150 220V Heater
Around $300Rheem 240V Heating Chambers Heater
Around $500EcoSmart ECO 27

-Electric Tankless Water Heater Prices

If you have spent much time analyzing the tankless water heaters, you will find that electric instant water heater is the lowest in price among other types. Its price ranges around 200-300, for some point of use or under sink type, the price can be much lower. However, that is not the end.

The prices of electric heater should not only include the purchasing price but also the using costs. The service life of a durable heater is around 8 – 9 years; if calculating from long time span, then the using costs of an electric heater can be far higher than the gas type. Therefore, before buying, you should determine which exactly meet your demands.

However, for portable or outdoor travel use, you may choose the small electric or those with the point of use design. Its limited water flow rate satisfies all your needs on traveling, yet still compact to bring along. By the way, the price of those is around $100 only.

We have made detailed reviews on the best types, if you want to get more info, please feel free to check our review by clicking below:

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-Detailed Reviews

#1. Cheapest Electric Tankless Water Heater – EcoTouch Point of Use Heater

best cheap tankless water heater



This is a point of use electric water heater, which, in other words, serves well for the under sink use. The affordable price has outstood the majority of electric heaters on the market. However, the cheap price does not block its development in innovating advanced technologies. Thanks to its smart self-adjustment system, it changes the power input automatically based on the flow rate and temperature settings.

The highest temperature it offers reach 116 degrees, shortens the waiting time and prolongs the using time. You may adjust the water temperature through the display of the digital panel. All is done easily by its high performance and brilliant design.

#2. Cheap Electric Tankless Water Heater Under $200 – Stiebel Eltron Point of Use Heater

instant water heater price



With multiple style and specifications available, this point of use offers different options for various needs. The shining performance expressed through the brilliant quality level as well as long-lasting materials.

It is important that a point of use tankless water heater takes all the distractions you may encounter in hot water use. Thanks for its low power consumption and instant hot water supply, the standby losses are fully eliminated.

For safety issues, the resettable safety high limit switch guards the unit against being dry-fired. Installing it under the water sink is easy to operate; the compact shape design also saves much space under sink for kitchen use.

#3. Cheap Tankless Water Heater Under $300 – Rheem 240V RTEX-13 Heating Chamber

how much is a tankless electric water heater



The Rheem instant water heater continues to build its legacy among the most reliable heaters brands through its performance and thoughtful after-sale service. RTEX-13 stands out as a top-selling electric heater under $300 for many times on each platform.

The delicate design with classic color enlightens your home decor, no matter in bathroom or kitchen installation. External adjustment digital control, along with LED display panel, features 1-degree accuracy.

Aside from this, there are also hidden treasures locked in the awesome model. Small as it is, the water flow and power are far larger, capable of providing constant hot water in a few seconds for 1 shower and 2 sinks use at the same time. In a word, it will be a totally best bang for your buck.

#4. Electric Tankless Water Heater Under $250 – Marey Eco 150 220V Heater

propane tankless water heater prices



Now let’s take a close look at the advanced electric type with reasonable price. The simple design of it brings great convenience in both installation and use. Press the button up and down and you can adjust the water temperature with 1-degree increment. The white cover corresponds to any of the home decors.

Approved by ETL, the machine is marketed as the long durable electric heater, backed up by its brilliant performance. It outshines for its flow switch activation mechanism, supporting stable and constant hot water in use.

Plus, it is small in size, but large in functionality. Install it on the wall of any room in a small apartment, and you can finally spare more space for other matters.

#5. Cheap Electric Tankless Water Heater Around $300 – Rheem 240V Heating Chambers Heater

cheap tankless hot water heater



Here comes the instant heater in the middle price range, it costs around $350. The RTEX – 18 series is a star model of Rheem, with great performance and large flow rate. The maximum flow rate around 4.4 GPM enables 1 shower and 1 sink use simultaneously.

The digital temperature display shows the sign of error and also the exact temperature, you can adjust it with 1-degree increment under the help of the button. Still worry about the user experience?  Well, the advanced self-modulation technology releases all your troubles away. The water temperature and flow rate always stay the same.

Threaded for easy replacement, you can save the installation costs by all do it by yourself.

#6. Instant Hot Water Heater Around $500 – EcoSmart ECO 27

rinnai tankless water heater price



The using costs of an electric heater are reflected by the service life as well as the energy costs. Backed up by the newly-advanced technology, it saves half of the water heating costs for you each month.

If you are living somewhere small but warm, then getting this one is the best option, for its small size saves much floor space. It features copper and stainless steel components that prolong service life and make it easy to replace.

For different flow rate need, you can choose different types to meet your demands.

3 Best Cheap Tankless Gas Water Heater Comparison Chart

Price RangeProducts
Around $100Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Heater
Around $100Tengchang 16L/min Heater
Around $300Ecctemp i12-NG Heater

Best Tankless Gas Water Heater Prices

The natural gas tankless water heater is also known as the conventional heater. Powered by natural gas or propane gas, it features stable hot water supply and is not limited by the outdoor temperature. That is why nearly all the commercial or industrial heaters adopt gas types. Connecting multiple of them in series and it provides instant hot water for multiple shower use.

In terms of instant gas water heater price, it is far expensive than the electric one, and also a bit expensive than propane type. Why is it happen? Well, it requires higher technologies in producing. Besides, for indoor use, the waste gas needs somewhere for venting, which requires venting facilities that take around $100. It is not the end, you need also hire an expert installing the machine. It is not recommended to do it by yourself for safety.

Wait a minute here if you decide to buy an electric type now! For the purchasing price is only what all you need to consider. The using expense is what it shines most. Let’s put it in long-term-use-cost, imagine the heater you get lasts for 10 years, then the overall costs you spend during the 10 years on the gas types can be far cheaper than electric types.

If you want to get more information on gas water heater installation costs and other types recommend, please feel free to click the link below and get what you want through our review.

>Click here to check best gas tankless water heater review

 -Detailed Reviews

#1. Cheapest Gas Tankless Water Heater – Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Heater

best cheap tankless water heater



Here comes the cheap gas water heater for the people always on the go, the lightweight shape and easy operation enables it to supply constant hot water for outdoor showers in camping or traveling use. Each of the function design is based on your outdoor demands. Instead of electricity power, it offers battery-powered ignition, taking batteries with you and you can use it anywhere possible.

Its advantages in portability are enhanced by the removable weather-proof raincap, protecting the machine from severe climate changes. The two buttons set on the machine are manual water temperature control available.

#2. Cheap Gas Water Heater Around $100 – Tengchang 16L/min Heater

tankless gas water heater prices



Do you want a natural gas heater for indoor shower use? This one around $100 gives additional shining points because of the delicate design. The maximum 4.2 GPM flow rate enables 1 shower and 2 under sinks use simultaneously. Its sleek design, as well as an easy-operate function, makes it an exceptional value.

It proves a safety indoor heater for its manifold auto protection system. By shutting off the gas power automatically when unexpected flameout occurs, it protects your safety and the service life of the machine. Only low water pressure is needed when you attempt to start it up.

The three buttons are all in control of the water flow rate. The highly advanced technology in solving the problem on energy and combustion brings no burning noise at all in use. For a product around $100, its performance exceeds the price to large extent.

#3. Instant Gas Water Heater Around $300 – Ecctemp i12-NG Heater

gas water heater price



This is another version of the Eccotemp tankless water heater that powered by gas but is more advanced in technology, and of course, more expensive than the one we recommended above. The higher costs bring along better user experience, and it presents especially on this product.

The sleek design makes it appealing to those fond of modern style, fitting perfectly with any home decor. The tempered glass front panel features a LED display, all the errors in operation and exact water temperature shows on the screen.

It is natural gas-fired, suitable for small to medium hot water production when one or more hot water application is needed residentially. The safe electronic ignition system and child-lock device safeguard you during the whole use time.


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