American Standard CE-12-AS 12 Gallon Point of Use Electric Water Heater Reviews

Imagine how inconveniencing it would be not to access hot water whenever you need it. It would be not only devastating but also a recipe for health issues. It is at this point that electric water heaters step in. With tier energy efficiency levels so unmatched, these devices have become a darling in the eyes of many users. Things can only get better if you choose the American Standard CE-12-AS.

That this product has become so popular in the recent past is no news, thanks to its reliability. With this electric water heater, you get to enjoy a richness in features at all times. It is in this light that we take a comprehensive review of this product. Perhaps, it will highlight the reasons why you should get it.

American Standard CE-12-AS 12 Gallon Point of Use Electric Water Heater Reviews

Amercian standard point ot use water heater

Top Features

• Ultimate design

Are you looking for a product that assures you of a compact design? This option would be your ultimate choice. With this electric water heater, you will be sure of a perfect tank lined with Dura glass. This type of glass is capable of handling up to 1600 degrees F of heat, which implies that it is built for optimum performance. It will also be in a better position to resist corrosion.

• Sturdy construction

Everyone will always look forward to something that provides them with enhanced durability. Longevity is dependent on how robust the shell construction is, and the American Standard CE does not disappoint here. This product prides itself on a heavy gauge steel construction, which is vital in not only improving its performance but also boosting longevity. With this material, the product is less susceptible to corrosion.

• Non-CFC Foam Insulation

Foam insulation has always proven to be one of the most reliable ways to improve energy efficiency in different products or places. With this product featuring non-CFC foam insulation, you are sure of saving lots of money on energy bills. The insulation plays a significant role in lowering the chances of heat escaping this product. Maximum heat retention is always vital for the best experience too.

• Adjustable Thermostat Control

Amercian standard point ot use water heater

Being in control of temperature or heat will be essential in improving your safety. That is what this product assures you of, as it gives you access to the control knobs. It will be a lot seamless for you to change the temperature and even pressure levels with this knob, giving you the safety and convenience you so desire. Remember, the variable temperature range for this product is between 45 and 160 degrees F.

• Energy Cut-Off System

Are you conscious of how much energy you spend? Indeed, it would help if you were, as it determines how much you will pay for energy bills at the end of the day. This energy cut-off system ensures that your product goes off, and automatically so, whenever necessary. This way, you will no longer need to worry about wasting energy in the long run. Besides being automated, this system is one of the most reliable you can ever get. Remember, it is pre-installed.

• Impressive drain valves

Nothing could be as vital as effortlessly draining your electric water heater. That is what you get by choosing this product. Usually, the drain valves come pre-installed, and they will play a significant role in ensuring that

• Immersion heating elements

The immersion heating elements are relatively exceptional. They come in handy in making sure that your water gets direct heat. That is what ensures you get instant hot water without too much hassle. On top of that, there will be point-of-use abilities for you to utilize. Thanks to the impressive water pressure it provides, heating becomes much more accessible and instant.

What is more, you will get the top and side water connections. These connections come in handy in affording you the choice between cold-in and hot-out links.

• Anode rod

Longevity is vital, and having an anode is equally critical. With this rod in your product, you will be sure of enhanced durability. It usually protects the inner lining of the metal, ensuring that it is no vulnerable to corrosion and even explosion.


  • 120V and 2000W
  • A recovery rate of 5.8GPH at 100 degrees F
  • Weighs about 22.5 pounds
  • No batteries needed
  • Measures 15.88*15.88*21.88
  • Steel construction
  • 300 Psi test pressure
  • 150 Psi working pressure
  • Up to 1600 degrees F heat resistance

Pros of the American Standard CE

This product prides itself on a myriad of benefits, which include the following.

• Enhanced durability

This product comes with premium materials, which are vital in ensuring that there is an enhanced lifespan. Such material is less susceptible to things like corrosion and explosion. As such, you will be sure of staying with it for decades to come. Besides, it prides itself on relatively sturdy steel construction. With such sturdiness comes enhanced reliability.

• Value for money

You can hardly ignore how durability affects the value for money that you get in the long term. If you can get your product relatively affordable, and it lasts for long, you will often feel more satisfied. That is what you get from this product. It will ensure that you make the most of your money over a long time.

• Reduces energy bills

Indeed, this product is among those that highlight energy efficiency. We could attribute this to the non-CFC foam insulation it comes with. With such, you will be sure of minimal wastage of heat. That implies that your water will remain hot for much longer, and without necessarily consuming lots of energy.

• Impressive limited warranties

You will be sure of a warranty that extends fo up to 3 years on the inner-glass tank and one year on the remaining parts. This period is relatively friendly for any home user.


• Relatively pricy

You will spend over $280 on this product, which is on the higher side for most people.

In conclusion, buying the American Standard CE is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Despite being a little pricey, you are sure that it will last you for long. Besides, you will hardly need to worry about high maintenance costs. Do not shy away from getting yourself one today.

Amercian standard point ot use water heater


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