7 120V Tankless Water Heater, Best Under Sink Point of Use

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The tankless water heater has been essential gear for home washing or showering, and the normal types based on the voltage needed are 120v tankless water heaters for point of use as well as 240V heaters for shower use.

The small electricity supports low water flow range, that is why in this 120v tankless water heater review, the majority of which is the point of use or under sink use available. Apart from introducing the best 120-volt instant hot water heaters on the market of 2021, there are also experts buying guides that you can never miss.

Now, let’s start the trip!

7 Best 120v Tankless Water Heater of 2021

120 volt instant hot water heaterBosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater4.5
instant water heater priceStieble Eltron Point of Use Heater4.5
on demand water heater electric 120 voltEcosmart ECO Mini Heater4.6
120 volt tankless water heater reviewsCamplux ME40 Mini Tank Heater4.3
120 volt electric tankless hot water heaterEcosmart POU Heater4.0
120 volt tankless hot water heaterSio Green IR30 POU Electric Heater4.2
point of use water heater 120 voltThermoflow UT10 Electric Mini-Tank Heater4.3

120v Tankless Water Heater Reviews

#1. The Overall Best Type – Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

120 volt instant hot water heater



Being the top pick mini-tank water heater of 120volt, this compact heater shows its brilliant performance. Maximum 7 gallons of water flow rate enables residential under sink use, supplying constant hot water for washing dishes. Its compact shape saves space and you can mount it either vertically or horizontally under the sink.

The maximum temperature range is 65-145 degrees F, while the thermal efficiency reaches up to 98%. For different flow rates needed, there are multiple types, with the maximum gallons reach 2.5, 4 and 7. The gorgeous quality level fastens the output time, which minimizes the stand-by loss during use.

#2. Runner Up – Stieble Eltron Point of Use Heater

instant water heater price



The most praiseworthy feature of this point of use heater is the solid water temperature in shower use. It perishes the trouble of cold water sandwich. The modern and sleek design makes it similar to a tank heater, yet the performance exceeds the counterpart. Open up the tap and hot water flows out in a few seconds.

This tankless water heater requires no maintenance and it lasts twice as long as other tank types. The hydraulic control reduces the noise while running. This heater is small in size and is capable of providing hot water for shower use in a warm climate. Plus, the controller outside makes it easy to set the water temperature. In other words it is a deal you can’t miss.

#3. Best Under Sink Type – Ecosmart ECO Mini Heater

on demand water heater electric 120 volt



This is a perfect tankless water heater for under the sink use in the kitchen. The sleek design comes with size that makes it portable, adds up home decor and also saves space. You can opt to different models based on your demanded water flow. 99.8 percent of high energy efficiency reduces the using expense.

One knob design makes it easy to operate, you only need to turn the knob to adjust the water temperature. No matter for hand washing or cloth washing, it offers contant hot water for your needs.

#4. Best for Point of Use – Camplux ME40 Mini Tank Heater

120 volt tankless water heater reviews



Here comes a mini tank, featuring shelf, wall or floor mounting installation. The flow rate of it reaches 4 gallons per minute, and meets your demand for supplying hot water for daily use. Backed up by its glass-lined tank, it delivers excellent working performance as well as long service life.

Its easy operation design is enhanced by the thermostat control, which allows adjusting water temperature by button design. The compact shape and size takes up minimal space.

#5. Best Small Electric Tankless Water Heater – Ecosmart POU Heater

120 volt electric tankless hot water heater



If you have low demand for water flow rate, then you may want to consider this model. With a maximum flow rate reaching 0.5 gallons, you can use it under the sink for handwashing. Though small in shape, it provides consistent on-demand hot water in a few seconds. The digital panel shows error signs as well as the exact temperature of the water.

The copper and stainless steel components are equipped for high efficiency. It requires no maintenance, lasts for a relatively long time if used under recommended instructions. Costs no more than $150 and you can get a modern point of use tankless water heater home.

#6. Functional 120v Tankless Water Heater – Sio Green IR30 POU Electric Heater

120 volt tankless hot water heater



This model proves to be the most functional instant water heater within $200. It is 4 level available from level 1 to 4. Adjusting the current amp from 5 to 30, you can get power from 1kw to 3.4kw, fitting any home appliance.

This tankless water heater has a patented technology, preventing the hot water getting direct touch with metals, to reduce the corrosion and prolong the service life. The water flow regulator that comes with the model allows you to adjust the water temperature handily.

#7. Cheapest Water Heater – Thermoflow UT10 Electric Mini-Tank Heater

point of use water heater 120 volt



Have a tight budget? Then this model is your best option. Costs around $130, its performance is far more than that. The 120v design with 2.6 gallons flow rate enables under sink hot water supply for dishwashing or handwashing. The sleek appearance with classic color matching lights up your home decor even when you hang it on the wall. Thanks to its compact shape, it does not take up a large amount of floor space, it is ideal for use in a small apartment.

The thermostop function reduces stand-by loss power consumption and enhances safety while in use. EPS Foaming technology brings fast recovery rate, resulting in short waiting time for hot water.


The normal voltage of residential electric tankless water heaters or tanked water heaters are of 120v and 240v in North America. Water heaters vary based on the use conditions and water flow. In order to choose the proper tankless water heater for long-term use, you should know about other options too.

120v Electric Tankless Water Heater

There is a good chance you have heat of a tankless water heater and as the name suggests, a 120V tankless water heater is powered by electricity. It is cheaper in  price and simple to operate, most of you will take note of the electric type. Indeed, it requires little skill to install, anyone knows the basic knowledge on installing can replace the job of the paid installer, which in other words, saves much unnecessary expense accordingly.

Plus, unlike a gas water heater or propane water heater, there is no wasting of gas in the using process, and thus no venting facilities are needed. The compact shape design of 120v electric hot water heater enables you to use it anywhere that a point of use is need. For a quick hot water or a remote bath or shower.

120v Tankless Water Heater for RV

With the growing trend of  RV traveling, the selection of life accessories used on the RV has been a hot topic. The primary and mostly needed accessory for long-term outdoor travel. You need hot water to wash the dishes messed up by a relaxing picnic; a hot bath becomes necessary after getting close touch with nature and washing clothes. Under such conditions, a 120v tankless water heater for RV is doomed to be the thing needed to heat your water.

Before buying the RV use heater, you need to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle. If for shower use, the flow rate and power should be high; while for under sink use, the portable and small type is enough.

120 Volt Point of Use Tankless Water Heater

The point of use heater is intended for supplying a limited amount of hot water for one point use. It is designed small in size to take up minimal space and low in rate for small need of hot water.

The under sink tankless water heater of 120v serves also as a complement of a shower use water heater. The major advantage of it is the unlimited hot water you can get through the smart device. It activates only when you need it, thus no adding waste occurs; After turning the tap on, the stable hot water gushes out in few seconds.

120v Tankless Water Heater for a Shower

To be honest, seldom 120v tankless water heaters are capable of supporting hot water for a relaxing bath; but for a quick bath, the low power heater is still available. This differs from the residential shower heater, 120v type serves as the ideal one for outdoor use. The portable shape saves space and its lightweight design enables you to carry it along with you anywhere you go; the functional shower head that comes with the heating machine brings the comfy bath.

120v Hot Water Tank

What is the difference between the tank and the tankless water heater? Well, we have discussed the problem in our best tankless water heater reviews, here we make a brief introduction on the topic.

The tank water heater stores water in its tank, and heats the stored water whenever you need it, which only takes a few minutes to heat up. The tankless water heater offers instant or constant hot water whichever is in demand. The difference between the tank and tankless water heater is not affected when you use it under the sink as a point of use machine.

120v Inline Water Heater

The inline water heater is a fast-heating water heater, heating the water passing through the heater instantly. Unlike a tank or tankless water heater, it fails to maintain the temperature in a closed system, but is used for temporary hot water use only. The fuel in used for the  inline heater includes electricity and gas. Most of which are portable and small in size, that you can use it in a shower tub, cleaning equipment or steam cleaners.

In terms of inline water heater, the sheath material and insulation types are what you should pay attention to. Always stick to the recommended use and care instructions.

Do Tankless Water Heater Use More Electricity?

Well, it depends. There are three types of the tankless water heaters if we classify them according to the power source, which includes electric types, propane types, and natural gas types. The latter two models use electricity only for ignition, therefore, only electric water heaters need electricity.

The flow rate and usage also determine the electricity needed. Compare the point of use heater with the whole house use heater, the under sink saves the expense while in use because the lower flow rate it needs. Aside from this, the quality and design also affect the electricity costs to a large extent. That is why you should take all of these factors into consideration before buying. Read more about the products reviews and experts buying guides, and that is the best way to get the best bang for your buck.

What is a Good GPM for a Tankless Water Heater?

GPM refers to the flow rate needed in using a tank or tankless water heater, which means gallons per minute. According to the usages, the required GPM varies. For a small flow rate demand such as under sink or point or use, it requires 1.5 GPM; Similarly, for a showerhead, you need also 1.5 GPM for a quick bath. However, if you have multiple bathrooms to use simultaneously, then the small flow rate is no longer suitable.

FixtureAverage Flow GPMAverage Temperature
Tub4.0 GPM102°F
Shower2.5 – 3.0 GPM104°F
Washing Machine2.0 GPM120°F
Dishwasher1.5 GPM110°F
Kitchen Sink1.5 GPM110°F

What Size Tankless Electric Water Heater Do I Need?

The maximum temperature rise at the given flow rate determines the water heater size. The two factors that needed to calculate heater size are flow rate and temperature rise.

Step 1. Determine the flow rate

For the beginning, you should first determine where you intend to use the water heater, whether for a whole house or for a small under sink use. Then check the maximum number of heaters you intend to use, add up their total flow rate, which will equal the desired flow rate.

For example, if you are trying to run 1 shower head with a flow rate of 2.6 gallons per minute, and simultaneously run 1 faucet with 1.5 gallons per minute. Then the desired flow rate should be at least 4 gallons per minute.

Step 2. Determine the temperature rise

To calculate the desired temperature rise, you should subtract the incoming one from output temperature. Let’s say you live somewhere warm, then the demanded water heated should be around 105-115 degree. The temperature rise is around 55 degree.

120v Tankless Water Heater Accessories

Apart from the top 7 best 120v tankless water heater reviews we have given, here are also some accessories that you may need.

120v tankless water heater for rv

Ayouyue Instant Electric 120v Water Heater Showerhead

The shower head of instant hot water heater electric 120v type features 3 temperature settings, in controlling cold water from warm. The ABS plastic material allows you to take it along with ease. Long durable design saves you money on purchasing brand new types for a short period of use.


120 volt electric tankless water heater

SpaGuts Bath Heater Kit

The automatic smart thermostat keeps the water temperature stable. Stainless steel material makes for a long service life. Placing it into a large bathtub it heats the water up quickly, providing you a constant source of hot water.


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