7 Best Cheapest Propane Tankless Water Heater Reviews

If you want to get constant hot water supply, the tankless water heater is the best bet; and if you intend to save more energy, the propane tankless water heater is what you need the most. Even the cheapest propane tankless water heater will bring the premium performance if under careful selections.

Read on for our top-rated 8 best cheapest propane tankless water heater reviews, and choose the best one through our guidance.

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What Is the Best Cheapest Propane Tankless Water Heater on the Market?

Are Propane Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

Tankless water heaters are relatively new, and they are used to provide continuous hot water supply. Unlike traditional units that have to heat and reheat water, these units generate hot water instantly. There is a need to understand what you get and the limitations you will face.

First, these units can deliver when it comes to supplying hot water instantly. On the basic level, it can serve the purpose without having to install bulky storage tanks.

Another advantage of these heaters is their excellent lifespan. In fact, high-quality water is likely to last a decade, whereas the tankless model lasts more than two decades. However, they also have their limitations like higher initial cost and producing inconsistent temperatures.

Quick Pick on the Best Price Propane Tankless Water Heaters

What Is the Price of Propane Tankless Water Heater?

The cost of a propane water heater is made up of the price of the unit and the installation cost. If you have some plumbing skills, you can save on the cost of installation. The price of these units ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you can get cheaper units on the market, and our reviews focus mainly on the propane tankless water heater around $200.

The good thing about point of use models is that they have attractive features for low price and ease of installation. Moreover, you will find them easier to use in small areas, under sinks, and near washing machines. Ideally, they are an excellent option for people that need small units for boats, campers, RVs, and small bathrooms. You should note that they are insulated, attractive, lightweight, and non-corrosive. They save water by heating and delivering it quickly.

Is It Worth Buying a Cheap Propane Tankless Water Heater?

There are different things you ought to know before you choose a propane tankless water heater. First, you need to take into the amount of hot water you need in your home. In this way, you can get the right propane tankless water heater.

You will need to choose either an electric or propane gas model. There are a few differences as far as the design is concerned. You should note that electric heaters are more efficient but very expensive.

On the other hand, propane water heaters are more economical than their electric counterparts. As you know, the cost of propane is less as compared to that of electricity. You can easily keep propane in a tank, while electricity is prone to power outages. Therefore, reliable propane works where and when other energy sources do not. That makes them quite versatile.

Reviews of Best Cheapest Propane Tankless Water Heater

1. Best For Outdoor ShowerCamplux Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Under $200

cheapest propane tankless water heater

This is a powerful tankless water heater that is known for its portability. Ideally, you can carry it to different places where you want to use it. Moreover, it has low energy requirements. That makes them ideal for families or people who like to travel a lot. That means no matter where you are, whether indoors or outdoors, you can have a continuous supply of hot water. You should note that this heater can also use 2D cell batteries. Therefore, you can get hot water without electricity.



This is an important feature that has been redefined by this water heater. It allows you to get a continuous hot water supply wherever you are. This makes it perfect for outdoor showers, bathing horses, and bathing dogs.

Gas Certification

This heater has been approved to use propane gas. In this case, propane gas runs the heating process. Moreover, the unit comes with a propane gas pipe.

Low-Pressure Startup

The truth is that this water heater can run even your water has low pressure. In fact, it only needs 2 psi of water pressure to work.

Water Flow

This unit is designed to deliver 1.3 GPM, which is regarded to be lower. Nevertheless, it will supply you with hot water continuously.

2. Best For Small HomesMarey Power Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater Around $200

indoor outdoor propane tankless water heaters

This is a cost-effective water heater that can supply you with on-demand hot water. You will find this energy to be easy to install and energy-efficient. With the auto-ignition feature, you do not need pilot light. This heater can run on 2D cell batteries. Therefore, it does not need an electrical connection for it to work. In this way, you can reduce your electricity bills and use the gas-only when you need hot water. Also, this heater is built to last, and you need to provide proper maintenance and care.



You should note that this unit weighs only 21 lbs. Its compact design makes it possible to install it by mounting it on the wall into the studs. If you cannot find the studs, then you should use the expansion screws.

Quality Design

You should note that this heater is made of tough and quality materials. Therefore, it can last a lifetime, even with regular use. Ideally, it is designed to meet the hot water needs of small households.

Environmentally Friendly

You should note that this heater heats water without producing harmful chemicals. That ensures you have hot water output that is safe for consumption. The advanced technology can save you both energy and water.

3. Best Energy EfficientMarey GA10LP Power Tankless Water Heater Around $250

cheap propane tankless water heaters

The fact that water heating can account for 30% of your electricity bills, there is a need to use a propane heater. This is one of the cheapest propane water heaters you can find on the market. With an efficiency estimated to be 90%, this heater reduces energy losses and balances the energy bills to your favor.


Anti-Freezing Protection

If you reside in an area with low temperatures or extreme conditions, you may have encountered issues with water freezing in the pipes. In such a case, this water heater can solve the problem. That is because the heater ensures there is hot water in internal pipes to prevent it from freezing.

Summer/Winter Switch

There is a need to save energy bills throughout the year. Fortunately, with the summer/winter switch, this heater has taken hot water heating to another level. You should note that this heater has a combustion flame to help reduce energy bills.

Safe to Use

The fact that it uses propane gas, you need to know whether this heater is safe to use or not. Unlike electricity, the gases can pose hazards and hence need some safety precautions. The safety features include auto-gas cut-off and pressure relief valve.

Low-Pressure Startup

Like any other cheaper propane heater, this unit may not be able to get power to high floors. However, it can supply hot water at this level.

4. Best SafeHB HAOBANG Tankless Water Heater Around $200

outdoor propane tankless water heaters

The HB HAOBANG tankless water heater utilizes advanced combustion and energy-saving technology to reduce gas-burning noise. Also, it is a lightweight and compact structure. It is estimated that this unit can save you energy by 11.5%.


Multi-level Protection

This water heater features flame-out protection, over-heating protection, anti-freezing protection, and airflow pressure.

On-Demand Hot Water

This water heater provides you with instant hot water wherever you are. You do not have to preheat it when using the tankless water heater.

Wall-Mounted Design

The unit is lightweight, tankless, and portable and can be mounted on the wall. In this way, it will save you floor space.

Divisible Application

This hot water heater has passed various tests, such as CE. You will find it perfect for hand washing, bathroom, pet showering, and sink cleaning. It will provide you with a constant supply of hot water, particularly in cold or winter places.

5. Best For Large HomeCamplux Pro On-Demand Tankless Water Heater Under $300

outdoor indoor propane tankless water heaters

This is one of the largest outdoor water heaters you can find on the market. Although it is aesthetically pleasing, it has a simple design and can meet your hot water needs for 3 bedrooms and two bath homes. The unit features a constant temperature function that can help you experience reliable and clean hot water at a consistent temperature.


On-Demand Water Supply

This gas water heater is rated at 6.86 GPM. That is a high capacity flow of endless hot water for 3 to 4 persons for the entire home shower and kitchen.


The multiple protection ensures your unit is safe for use. For instance, this water heater is CSA certified. Moreover, anti-freezing protection and overheating protection. When the temperature gets low than the required one, it will heat automatically.

6. Best For TravelCamplux BW264 Tankless Water Heater Under $200

cheap propane tankless water heaters

The Camplux BW264 Tankless Water Heater is perfect for camping, family vacations, and other outdoor activities. You can easily mount this heater in outdoor setups where there is adequate ventilation. With this cheapest propane tankless water heater, you can wash your boat, car, pets, horses, and even take hot showers. This heater can be ignited by 2D cell batteries. That explains why it is perfect for remote areas, where there is no electricity. You should note that this unit focuses on innovative combustion technology, and it has advanced protection systems that ensure your safety.



This unit features an eco/full switch function that helps you to save more gas during summer. Moreover, it works great for the water pump.


Some of the safety features of this water heater include anti-freezing protection, failure device, and overheating protection.

Compact Design

You will find this water heater to be lightweight and compact. Thus, it can help you save energy by about 12%. Nevertheless, you can get a continuous supply of hot water. The unit comes with everything you require, including required adapters and approved regulators.

Outdoor Shower

This hot water heater makes it possible to have a refreshing outdoor shower during your camping trip.

Bathing Horses

This unit provides your horse with a great shower.

Washing dogs

There is no need to hire a dog groomer for this type of work when you can easily do it. This unit offers your dog comfortable sunbath.

7. Best For RV UseGasland Outdoor tankless water heater Around $150

cheapest propane tankless water heaters

The Gasland outdoor tankless water heater is well-known for its high performance. It has a lightweight design and size that allows for convenient carrying. Some of its notable safety features include anti-freezing protection, flame failure device, and overheating protection. It requires low pressure of 2.5 PSI to start. You will find this unit being perfect for outdoors. For instance, you can include it in your RV. This heater is not recommended for use in altitude areas.


Portable Handle

This gas heater comes with a high-quality handle. You will find it portable and convenient for you when going outdoors.

Flame Viewing Window

You can easily view the flame through the window to find out whether your unit is working normally or not. Also, this will remind you whether the fuel is enough or not.

Energy Saving Knob

Above the LED screen is the middle knob that helps you save energy. You can turn it to sunshine, and only a few parts of the burner work to offer hot water for outdoor use.

LED Display Screen

Another important feature of this gas heater is the LED display screen that shows water temperature. It will give you the exact temperature to avoid hot water.


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