10 Propane & Electric Water Heaters Best for 2021 Campers

A Camper is a specialty vehicle, a van or a trailer that is commonly used during recreational activities, camping and vacation trips. It is commonly referred to as RV (Recreational Vehicle). A camper is designed to help enhance accommodations over using a tent.

The best camper water heater is one of the most important aspects for anyone who’s interested in attaining an RV or camper. For instance, having hot water gives an essential feeling of comfort and make it easier and my opinion more enjoyable to camping to wash dishes, wash hands or take hot showers. This gives you the feeling that you are actually in your home- away-from-home.

Here are our best camper water heaters we would could find for you.

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What Is the Best Camper Water Heater on the Market?

Comparing the Best Camper Water Heaters of 2020

Photo Title Price Buy
Tankless Water Heater,...image Tankless Water Heater, GASLAND Outdoors BE158S $169.99 Check Latest Price
Camplux Tankless Water...image Camplux Tankless Water Heater, 1.32 GPM Portable Propane Outdoor Camping Water Heater, 5L, AY132, White $159.99 Check Latest Price
Suburban Manufacturing SW6DE...image Suburban Manufacturing SW6DE RV WTR HTR 1 PK - 5239A $420.50 Check Latest Price
GIRARD Tankless RV...image GIRARD Tankless RV Water Heater, 12V Power, 42,000 BTUs, Quiet Operation, Onboard Microprocessor, Digital User Control Panel, Freeze Protection, Easy Installation - 2022107534 $475.00 Check Latest Price
Mr. Heater F235300...image Mr. Heater F235300 BOSS-XB13 Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System,Multi Check Latest Price
Atwood Mobile Products...image Atwood Mobile 6 Gallon Atwood 96110 Pilot Water Heater Check Latest Price

Buying Guides on the Best Camper Water Heaters


This is one of the most important aspects while choosing the best camper heater for yourself. Most Campers have their water heaters fitted behind the luggage door or just below the floor; this is to allow for more storage space for the interior. A small sized water heater is, therefore, the most convenient as it saves on space while still allows for accessibility to do more activities that may be required, especially from the interior.


Camper water heaters are designed to utilize waste heat that comes from the cooling system. Electricity can come in handy in a convenient situation and thus save heat produced by propane as it is only applicable to places that don’t have electricity. Therefore electricity plays a major role in ensuring that one doesn’t incur too much burden of using propane all throughout instead one can saves as he or she uses electricity.


The size of the water tank used is very important in that user demands for hot water may vary; some people tend to use more heated water than others, hence it will require a bigger storage water capacity than the others. Fitting your campervan with a higher storage capacity will give you more hot water for personal uses while the lesser the water storage capacity the lesser one may receive hot water for usage.


Camper water heaters such as Atwood may play a major deal if one happens by to be camping and driving through bad weather or rough roads, as they have features that allow for protection against high voltage defaults and shorts. Such a water heater is therefore among the best one may prefer to be fitted in their camper because it has certain protection abilities in case of defaults caused by excessive heat conditions.


Camper heaters are built with certain components such as limit switches, ignition systems, rest buttons, anode rods and drain plugs that are neatly and safely fitted behind a flush mount and portable door, allowing for quick access. This convenience gives it a smart neat home appearance. Such features come in handy when purchasing a nice camper water heater.

Camper Hot Water Heater Problems

It is advisable that in order to have the best recreational or camping experience one needs to get a clear knowledge of the few problems or defaults their camper water heater system may suffer as well as their solutions. These are some of the problems that any camper hot water heater suffers from;


If your camper hot water heater starts making a whistling sound or pop pitch then you may need to have a look at it just before you leave for your trip. This noise is commonly caused by limescale formation or corrosion within some parts. This can have an effect on both your electric and gas system units. The best solution to this problem is cleaning or even replacing the corroded items especially when the situation is very severe.

No sparks on electrodes

If your water heater doesn’t have sparks on the electrodes it is advised that you try to reposition the electrodes to allow for the most convenient gap or even you may try to replace the electrodes in case it had cracked. Never the less one can replace the circuit system in case it defected.

Gas burner won’t ignite

This is likely to be caused by a lack of voltage to give an electric spark. The most likely solution can be; try to clean or replace the orifice just in case the burner got blocked, either way, one can replace the gas control system if it is worn out.

Dripping from the relief valve

In order to stop this excessive dripping from the valve, one needs to allow the air pockets to be established. In case this fails one can expand the tank installed.


In case of sooting, you can try to unblock the obstructed chief burner, u tube or the grille if it seems worn out. You can also confirm is the convenient gas supply is installed.

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Camper Hot Water Heater Instructions

One of the most basic knowledge you should know about campers water heaters is that they usually use propane unless one has improvised it. They mostly have storage of about six gallons to ten-gallon tanks. Never the less some water heaters work only with propane while others use propane and electricity hook up.

  • You need to confirm your manual to determine the power source to heat the water. They are built with safety measures that ensure the water doesn’t get extremely hot or cold and perhaps have an abnormal pressure point.
  • Before you use your campers water heater for the first time you should make sure that; there is enough water in the heater tank. You are advised to check on the manual on how to fill and maintain water in the gallons.
  • You should also check for the water heater bypass valve and open it up to let the water flow to a primary tank. Pump water from a nearby source then turns on the hot tap. Thereafter water will start flowing into the heating gallon tank.
  • Water in that gallon should later be filled in the fill lines and your water heater should be ready for work. Make sure that when not in use, water in the water heater is drained. This will save you a later burden of replacing your heater too soon.
  • Maintaining a proper and cleaning habit of your water is a major step in ensuring that it has a longer working period rather than getting exhausted early.

Best Camper Water Heater Reviews

#1. Best PickGASLAND Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

camper heater





  • Four colors available
  • Multiple functional designs with a lessor price
  • Automatically decrease the water pressure based on actual needs
  • Anti-freezing protection and over-heating protection
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features a showerhead for outdoor camping use
  • Takes a short time for heating up


#2. Propane Water Heater for CampingSuburban SW6D RV Water Heater

camper gas heater




  • Small and compact shape
  • Easy to hook up
  • Perfect for point of use or a short shower use
  • The installation is pretty straightforward
  • No leakage


#3. Portable HeaterCamplux 5L Outdoor Propane Tankless Water Heater

gas hot water heater camping




  • CSA approved premium quality level
  • 1.2 GPM water pump
  • Low water pressure needed for starting up
  • Flame failure device
  • Oxygen depletion safety shutoff protection
  • Energy-efficient product


#4. Small Hot Water Heaters for CamperSuburban Manufacturing Heater

camper hot water heater element




  • 6 gallon water tank
  • No leakage and easy to use
  • Perfectly match any requirements on the RV
  • Features 12,000 BTUH input
  • Energy efficient
  • 3-year limited warranty



#5. Camper Electric Water HeaterCOSTWAY Portable Shower Instant Water Heater

camping gas water heater




  • Perfect for outdoor bathing use
  • Long water pipe makes it convenient to get a water source
  • Multiple purposes
  • Battery-powered ignition system
  • Multiple security mechanisms
  • Auto-shutoff system


#6. On Demand Water Heater for CamperGirard 2GWHAM Water Heater

electric camping heater




  • Freeze protection system for safety
  • 42,000 BTUs provides optimum performance for RV
  • No special LP gas lines required
  • Super quiet working process
  • 12V power operates at less than 3 amps
  • Can be used for both summer and winter


#7. RV Camper Water HeaterBLACKHORSE-RACING Portable Tankless Heater

camper gas hot water heater




  • Easy to use
  • Designed for easy setup
  • Instant hot water supply
  • Can be hooked up on the wall or on the shelf
  • Manifold auto protection for safety issue
  • Energy-efficient and combustion technology to decrease gas consumption

#8. 6 Gallon Electric / Gas Camper Water HeaterNew RV Atwood Heater with White Door

electric hot water heater for camper




  • 6 gallon capacity
  • Direct Spark ignition
  • Large output
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfectly match any RV requirements
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy and fast setup



#9. Camper Van Water Heater Ariston Andris 4 Gallon Mini Tank Electric Water Heater

small hot water heaters for campers




  • Three gallons available
  • Compact design for instant hot water
  • Can be floor mounted or wall mounted
  • 1440-watt heating elements
  • Easy to install
  • Simple button for fast use


#10. Camaper Trailer HeaterMr. Heater Boss-XB13 Battery Operated Shower System

pop up camper water heater




  • 6 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Scald protection with Tip switch and flow-driven ignition
  • Propane gas powered
  • Battery operated pump for 40 minutes of running time
  • Complete kit included with the machine


#11. Atwood Camper Water HeaterMobile 6 Gallon Propane Water Heater

camper water heater anode rod




  • 6 gallons capacity for RV use
  • 8,800 British thermal units
  • Recovery rate reaches 7.4 gallons per hour
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install

Best Valuable Camper Trailer Water Heaters

For one to identify the best camper water heater, one must be able to note that the best model should meet all the required needs, be of high performance and have a longer storage facility life span. It should also be reliable in most situations. The best campers water heaters are;

Suburban Campers Water Heater

camper gas heater



It is the most common one in North America. It uses liquid propane gas to heat water over approximately an hour. This heater is of three types and sizes that have a storage capacity of about four to sixteen gallons. It is also fitted with a porcelain liner on the tank and on its anode rod that allows for protection against corrosion and is easy to install.

It is fitted within an enclosed housing which keeps it safe away from unwanted contacts with other implements as well as it can be easily accessed. Its key features include; it is powered by propane gas, has a steel tank that prevents corrosion and one can easily access interior parts in case there is need to repair them.

Through a frequent proper maintenance schedule, this Camper water heater will serve you years as you explore your recreational activities.


Atwood Campers Water Heater

electric hot water heater for camper



This heater mainly uses propane gas to heat water but also can use electricity from an electricity hook up source or even power from a generator. It is also fitted with a cooling system in case of overheating.

Its tank is built with a very strong aluminum core that gives it an ability to last longer. The latest model comes with a spark-ignition node that eases its use.

Its key features include: it can both use gas and electricity, collects quite a good number of water in just a few hours, its aluminum tanks have an ability to prevent corrosion hence long-lasting and it is easy to install.


Eemax Campers Water Heater

camper hot water heater tank



Eemax heaters are very modern and have a unique design. They use electricity as a source to heat this been one of its key features water; hence provides long-lasting power. This feature gives it a high demand in the market. They are also very easy to install and check for errors, making them one of the most reliable heaters for camping in Camper van.


Precision Temperature Campers Water Heater

tankless hot water heater for camper



This heater is specifically designed for campers and occupies only a small portion of space and also has a small weight. It is gas-powered and neither does it depend on a pilot light nor run low on the gas-powered easily to heat water.

It also has a unique feature of adjusting its gas usage during water flow and temperature ensuring that a consistent flow of temperature is achieved. This heater is also fitted with an automatic freezing ability that makes it ideal for any season even during winter.

Its key features include it occupies only a small portion of space, it is propane powered, it is equipped with automatic freezing protection and a gas modulation ability for convenient water temperature.


Final Pick: Top 3 Best Camper Water Heaters

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