Top 4 Best Commercial Electrical Tankless Water Heater Reviews & Guides

Commercial tankless water heaters are widely used in hotels, restaurants, and gyms, different powered types are responsible for various usages. Commercial gas tankless water heaters are more suitable for those in large demands of hot water, while the commercial electrical tankless water heaters are the perfect choice for relatively small spaces use.

The switch to the commercial electric tankless water heater is exceedingly becoming the major gear used in industries and companies thanks to their performance in saving energy costs and maintenance costs. Apart from that, commercial heaters can meet the demands of a large consumer base, conserving energy, and providing constant hot water. With all those in mind, here are some of the best commercial electrical tankless water heater reviews of what we tested to be the best commercial electric powered tankless water heater available on the market.

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What Is the Best Commercial Electrical Tankless Water Heater on the Market?

What Sizes of the Commercial Electrical Water Heater Should I Pick?

You should note that buying a commercial water heater is quite different from buying for your household. That is because, for your household, you only need to take into account the number of users. For a business, there are many things you ought to consider. The best thing is to consult a professional to help you determine the right size of the water heater required in your business.

There is a need to determine the hot water usage rate. For instance, if you are running a restaurant, you need a continuous supply of hot water. If there is no hot water, you cannot wash the dishes. Each business has a given amount of water that it requires.

Benefits and Limitations of Electric Commercial Tankless Water Heater


Continuous Supply of Hot Water

You should note that a commercial tankless water heater will supply hot water on demand. That means as soon as you turn the hot water tap on, it is heated by the gas burner.


Limited Flow Rate

Like other things in life, the tankless water heater has some drawbacks. Although it can provide hot water continuously, the flow rate of water is limited. For instance, a standard water heater will produce 2 to 5 GPM. In fact, traditional water heaters can deliver more. Thus, the water heater will run a certain limited number of appliances at a time. For instance, a small tankless water heater cannot produce enough hot water to run a dishwasher and have a shower at the same time. That explains why tankless water heaters are used as additional devices to the regular water heaters.

Comparison Chart of Best Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Top 4 Best Commercial Electrical Tankless Water Heater Reviews

1. Best Pick – Sio Green SIO18 v2 Commercial Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

commercial electric water heater

This heater provides you the much-needed hot water without any hassle. With this unit, you can enjoy washing the dishes and have a bath anytime you want. Its heating design is meant to conserve energy to ensure it only supplies hot water when required.

This water heater does not have metallic coil elements. Therefore, it is maintenance-free, and it cannot corrode. That is because it heats water without getting into contact with metals. In this way, it prevents limescale deposits, calcium buildup, and corrosion.

This heater allows you to save your kitchen or bathroom space, thanks to its compact design. Other than being perfect for small kitchens, cabinets, or bathrooms, you can also install it easily. The innovative design and ergonomic size mean it allows you to install it wherever you want, including stores, restaurants, and hotels.

2. Best For Commercial and Residential – Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater

commercial use tankless water heater

This water heater is designed to offer an unlimited supply of hot water whenever it is required. In fact, this unit can be used in both commercial or residential properties. It can produce hot water enough to run two showers and two sinks running simultaneously in cold climates.

An important feature of this water heater that is worth mentioning is the advanced self-modulating technology. With this feature, the unit can adjust to suit your energy requirements based on the amount of water required. Also, the compact size makes the installation process quite easy.

3. Best Compact – Stiebel Eltron 074056 Tankless Water Heater

commercial electric tankless water heater

This tankless water heater is designed to produce hot or warm water on demand. The reliability and simplicity of this unit make it a perfect point-of-use water heater for both commercial and residential applications.

With this water heater, you can deliver hot water to various sinks and showerheads in your home. The process of controlling the temperature is quite straightforward. You can change your desired temperature at any given point. In addition, you can benefit from the advanced microprocessor technology that means your water temperature will not deviate from the standard point.

Its sleek design makes it possible to fit this water heater in many places in your home. For instance, you can wall-mount it to save on floor space.

4. Best Effective – Stiebel Eltron 2400W Commercial Electrical Tankless Water Heater

small commercial electric heaters

This tankless water heater ensures that your home does not have a shortage of hot water. With this unit, you can save a lot of water and money. It is an effective and strong masterpiece that offers you the benefit of a continuous hot water supply. You can easily manage this heater with a standard flow switch and a high safety high-limit reset.

You will find it works well for the inlet cold water supplies. That fact that is point-of-use installation, there is nothing to worry about heat wastage. This tankless water heater can offer you immediate hot water whenever you require it.

The heater has an advanced nichrome heating component that offers you a lot of durability and performance for many years. Other than its tankless design making installation to be a breeze, it helps you to avoid bacterial growth, which is an issue in many tanks.

How to Pick the Best Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater

Size Matters

Having a small tankless water heater will not produce adequate hot water for your business. That is the case when there is a huge demand. On the other hand, having a too big commercial water heater may result in losing the extra money in utility costs. Thus, you should get an optimum heater size that delivers an adequate amount of hot water to suit your needs.

Power Input

Some business owners focus more on the physical size of the tankless water heater than on other features. When choosing commercial water heaters, you need to consider both the input and size. There is a need to look at the amount of power it uses to raise the temperature of the water. Therefore, you need to ensure you get the right commercial water heater that produces enough amount of hot water whilst using a minimal amount of power.

Understand Your Requirements

If you are not sure about what to consider, you should seek the help of an expert commercial water heater. Therefore, you should look out at different fixtures such as sinks, pools, showers, dishwashers, and other appliances that need hot water. Also, remember to take into account the number of hours you operate your business, and when hot water is needed most.


In a word, Commercial businesses own their special requirements on water heaters, some are mainly for small clients and thus compatible well with compact cheaper electric tankless water heaters. Others need a larger and more powerful type for constant hot water supply to large units and multiple uses at the same time. After taking all the needs and factors into consideration and comparing the different products through multiple aspects, you will be able to select the best commercial electrical tankless water heaters.


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