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cheap price outdoor patio heater

We all love to spend quality time with friends and family under a clear night sky especially after a long day. Time spent on outdoor dinner parties, backyard movie nights, or enjoying a meal outside a gorgeous restaurant is really fulfilling and worthwhile.

During summer, most people would rather spend more time outdoors at night when it is warmer compared to the colder seasons. If you intend to host a group of people be it, friends, and family, out in your porch or customers outside your restaurant even on a cold night, then you are responsible for their comfort.

A heating source plays a big role in ensuring comfort and warmth so that they can continue to enjoy the refreshing air and the peace that comes with nightfall. A great and easy way of proving a heating source is through patio heaters.

There are tons of patio heaters in the market to choose from with different heating mechanisms. It is easy to get confused over which is the best for you or your business. Here is a detailed review of all you need to know about the best price on outdoor patio heaters.

What Is the Best Price Outdoor Patio Heater on the Market?

Check the Best Price on Outdoor Patio Heaters of Different Types

How to Choose the Best Price Outdoor Patio Heater?

cheap price outdoor patio heater

When it comes to buying the best price outdoor patio heaters, paying close attention to the upfront cost and the maintenance cost to keep it running is really crucial. You want to choose the most efficient heater at the best price with the least maintenance cost. Here are some features to consider and ensure you choose the best-priced patio heater.

i) The capacity of heat it outputs

The capacity of heat output is directly affected by its size. This is easy to estimate simply because first eyes on and you immediately have an idea of the amount of heat that is likely to produce. However, the size of the patio heater does not necessarily mean a high heat output; the design of the heater can also play a huge role in the amount of heat it is able to produce.

If you want to heat up a large room then you probably require a large heater. Finding the right patio heater for your space should be an easy task simply because most heaters specify in their specifications the effective area coverage usually in square feet and their BTUs.

ii) Heat level to select from

The higher the range of the heat level setting the better. Generally, the more flexible the patio heater is in terms of heating setting the more bang for the buck.

iii) The type of power source

The type of power source directly affects the price of the patio heater. The most popular power sources used in patio heaters are natural gas, electric, and propane. Propane patio heaters tend to be the most costly but are very efficient and burn much cleaner compared to wood burners. If you are looking for the least costly definitely consider patio wood burners.

Look for additional features such as wheels that come with some patio heaters. The portability of the heater is an important feature that boosts your chances of selecting the best priced outdoor heater. You do not need many patio heaters if you have a few that can be easily moved to the locations that they are most needed.

What Are the Best Price on Outdoor Patio Heaters with the Different Power Sources

When it comes to selecting the power source of the patio heater that best suits you and the one that is most convenient in terms of cost, you should ensure that you select a patio heater power source that is easily available to you. The power source that is most available to you is generally less expensive to supply than a power source that is hard to find in your location. Here is an overview of the cost of different patio heater power sources.

i) Propane

Using propane as a power source is usually the most expensive compared to other sources such as natural gas and electricity. Propane is available in tanks of different quantities depending on your budget. The standard 20lb propane tank will cost you around $15 – $20 and will last you about 10 hours of continuous use. The propane consumption of your heater also depends on the output heat.

If you are using a heater rated at a maximum capacity of 40,000 BTUs per hour with at a standard 20lb propane tank with approximately 400,000 BUTs, the propane will last approximately 10 hours (400,000 / 40,000). A propane patio heater will cost you about $2 per hour of usage. Propane patio heaters are generally easy and cheap to install.

ii) Electric

Most electric patio heaters use infrared technology for heating. An infrared heater will consume approximately 18 watts of power per hour. Electricity is charged differently in different countries although it is typically charged at a few cents per kWh. This depends on the amount of energy you consume at a given time. Installing an electric patio heater does not require additional charges all you need to do is simply plug it into a wall socket.

iii) Natural gas

Natural gas patio heaters are usually cheap to maintain, however, they require additional charges during installation simply because you would need a professional to install it for you. Adding the cost of installation to the purchase price of the heater gives natural gas heaters a high upfront cost compared to other power sources but once installed they are very convenient and cheap.

iv) Wood burner

A wood burner patio heater is incredibly cheap and once you purchase the heater you only need wood as a power source. Wood pellets are readily available and are very cheap to buy. A packet of wood pellets will cost you about $5 per 40lb – bag.

Types of Best Price Outdoor Patio Heaters

i) Free Standing Patio Heaters

Free Standing Patio heaters, as the name suggests are equipped with a stand and are easy to find in the marketplace in a diverse range depending on your preference and budget. Freestanding patio heaters are the way to go if you prioritize flexibility. It is easy to move this kind of patio heaters around compared to other models that require to be screwed or bolted in. They are also available in varying sizes from short ones to tower designs.

ii) Wall or ceiling mounted

If you are limited in space then you have the option of choosing wall-mounted heaters. Wall-mounted heaters are efficient in providing consistent heat directed to a specific space. Because they are mostly mounted on the walls or on the ceiling, they do not take much floor space. However, they are more complex and may require added cost when installing.

Most walls mounted patio heaters require a remote control or an easily accessible switch to ensure you have easy access to the controls. The advantage to remote control is that you do not require any switches or remotes to set the temperature, in fact, you can link multiple walls mounted heaters together which makes it easy to set up heating zones. Generally, most people looking to heat up a specific area go for the wall-mounted patio heaters.

iii) Hanging or umbrella heaters

If you have a patio umbrella already installed then choosing an umbrella heater is the way to go. Umbrella heaters are usually infrared heaters which work by heating up an object rather than air molecules. Combined with the shade that patio umbrellas provide you can enjoy a cozy temperature underneath the sunshade.

iv) Firepit heaters

Firepit patio heaters are great whether you are looking to warm your patio or backyard. They are usually very visually appealing and are an easy way to add sophistication and make your fireplace stand out. Although you can DIY a fire pit in ta weekend, purchasing a fire pit patio heater is definitely worth it as the design and vibrancy that comes with a fire pit patio heater are hard to replicate.


#1. Are Outdoor Patio Heaters Worth the Price?

Outdoor patio heaters can be expensive to purchase and run and therefore it is obvious to question if they are worthwhile. The first benefit patio haters bring to your life is that you don’t have to wait until summer to spend quality time out in your patio. A patio heater will provide you with the warmth you need year-round.

outdoor patio heaters

Control the direction of heat

Patio heaters allow you the luxury of controlling the direction of the heat if you want to provide heat in one specific space, which is very efficient simply because very minimal energy is wasted to the environment.

For spontaneous people that might feel the argument to sit outside no matter the weather condition then owning a patio heater is certainly an advantage, you do not have to watch the season changes behind your bedroom window.

Comes with multiple design

Another huge plus to owning a patio heater is that they are available in a variety of designs that add depth to your space. Most patio heaters easily double up as décor when turned off and during a dark night their ambiance is definitely a view to remember.

There is no doubt they are number one when it comes to setting a romantic outdoor space. The ambiance and warmth patio heaters provide defiantly guarantees quality time for you and your spouse. If you just got married or engaged then purchasing a patio heater will absolutely come in handy.

Although patio heaters are almost always used during a cold night, you can certainly take its advantage paired with a hot drink on a brisk morning to relax outside and plan your day.

Multiple sizes to choose from

Patios heaters come in different models and sizes which can be very simple to install and easily fitted to your already existing structures such as patio umbrellas.

With the variety of patio heaters to choose from comes the range of the types of energy to use on the patio heater depending on your preference and the one that is readily available for you. Patio heaters are also very safe to use and are unlikely to cause accidents.

#2. Can I Use An Outdoor Heater Under A Covered Patio?

Using an outdoor heater under a covered patio can easily go wrong and end up being harmful rather than beneficial. However, it depends on a number of factors such as the type and design of the heater and its specifications. That said, it is possible to comfortably use an outdoor heater under a covered patio.

The most important aspect to consider is the mode of installation of the heater. If you are looking to install an outdoor heater in a covered patio then you should look more toward the portable tabletop heaters and avoid the tall tower designs, simply because you want to maintain optimum roof clearance when using an outdoor heater in a covered patio.

Using an outdoor patio heater in a covered patio is also possible provided you ensure that you select the patio heater with a range of heat level selections to choose form. A range of heat level selections is beneficial when using an outdoor heater on a covered patio to certify you do not overheat your space. Choosing one with the lowest heat level option is a wise decision simply because you want to go as low as possible with the luxury of going as high as you want should you need more heat.


Choosing the right type of patio heater for you can be a difficult decision to make due to the variety of patio heaters with varying designs and performance. Taking time to research on the benefits that the different types offer will definitely help you make the best-informed decision. Always take note of the manufacturer’s requirements before installing a patio heater.

Always inspect the heater for damage before purchasing to ensure a long life span and prevent accidents. Some patio heaters also have secondary benefits such as a water heater, be sure to be on the lookout for such secondary benefits and choose the one with the most bangs for your buck.


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