10 Best Outdoor Heater For Covered Patio And Covered Porch Reviews

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Outdoor patio heaters are effective devices for warming up your patio during the winter season. The best patio heaters should generate enough heat to keep the entire yard warm. This article explains the best outdoor heater for covered patio that a customer can buy.

What Is the Best Outdoor Heater for Covered Patio?

Comparing the Best Outdoor Heater for Covered Patio Use

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Star Patio Electric...image Star Patio Electric Patio Heater, Outdoor Ceiling Patio Heater Check Latest Price
SURJUNY Outdoor Patio...image SURJUNY Patio Heater, Electric Wall-Mounted Outdoor Heater Check Latest Price
Patio Heater-1500W Outdoor...image TRUSTECH Electric Outdoor Heater Check Latest Price
Star Patio Electric...image Star Patio Electric Patio Heater with Remote Check Latest Price
TRUSTECH Outdoor Patio...image TRUSTECH Outdoor Patio Heater- 1500W Garage Heater w/Remote Check Latest Price
Patio Heater -...image Patio Heater - Outdoor Heater w/3s-Fast Heating & Remote Control, Electric Patio Heater Check Latest Price
Outdoor Patio Heater...image TRUSTECH Patio Heater - Adjustable 1500W Infrared Heater, Electric Heater Check Latest Price
Sunwave 3000 Watt...image Sunwave 3000 Watt Infrared Patio Heater Tungsten Ultra Quartz Low Glare with Remote control and 3 power levels, 11,028 BTU Max output By Muskoka Lifestyle Products USA Black $599.94 Check Latest Price

Top 10 Best Outdoor Heater for Covered Patio Reviews

1. Star Electric Patio Heater.

best outdoor heater for covered patio

Star Electric Patio Heater has 2 power settings of 600 and 1500 watts and can heat up to 12 square feet. It is easy to assemble and is made of lightweight material. The material is all-steel and is compatible with all decors. Star electric patio heater has a 19.7-inch chain that is adjustable thus making it easier to change heights.

Star electric patio heater is environmentally friendly since it does not produce fumes or chemicals. The product is versatile, it can be used to warm balconies, garages and other yards. Star electric patio heater is IP24 certified and is able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The device produces 1500 BTU heat and has two Halogen tubes that provide enough heating with a lifespan of 8000 hours. The product is advantageous and can be used as a combination of a ceiling and a freestanding heater. It can be adjusted and used to warm pets and also the manufacturer offers a one year warranty.

2. SURJUNY Electric Patio Heater.

outdoor heater for covered porch

The product is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is mounted on the wall. The SURJUNY electric patio is versatile and can be used in homes, garages, and pet houses to provide continuous warmth and fast user warming within 3 seconds.

It is also environmentally friendly since it does not emit carbon dioxide and economical since it saves much heat compared to traditional heaters. It generates heat of up to 1500 watts and is adjustable.

SURJUNY patio heater requires minimal assembling thus easy to operate. It is eco-friendly since it generates odorless heat and does not emit chemicals or fumes. The product is designed to warm the person in front of the heater rather than the air thus economical as it saves much of the electricity.

The product is advantageous since it can withstand harsh weather conditions and it is also certified by CE and ETL. It has a carbon fire tube with a lifespan of between 5000 to 5500 hours. This is a reliable device and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.

3. Patio Infrared Electric Heater.

outdoor heater for covered porch

Patio Infrared Electric Heater has a carbon fiber tube with a special design that filters out strong light radiations thus the user does experience any glares when the product is being used. The product is also designed to prevent skin dryness which may be a result of exposure to radiation for a long time.

Patio heater has an improved infrared technology with a carbon fiber tube that transmits the heat directly to the user other than heating the surrounding air. It is economical as it saves between 40%-60% of the energy.

It can be used for indoor and outdoor activities and it is also simple to operate with simple installation procedures since it involves suspending the heater with a bracket. The product is versatile as it can be used in bedrooms, garages, balconies and other yards.

Patio heaters have an adjusting power button and a timer. The product has a 12-hour timing which is set with a remote button and it also has low power and a high power output hence, suitable for all your needs. With this product, you can adjust the usage time as well as the power level according to your comforts making the product economical since it is efficient in saving energy.

4.TRUSTECH Electric Patio Heater.

best outdoor heater for covered patio

The product uses modern technology consisting of three halogen tubes which are the heating elements. TRUSTECH patio heater warms the user within seconds and does not release carbon dioxide thus saving 30%-40% of the energy compared to ancient heaters. TRUSTECH heaters radiate heat energy of 1500W hence can be used to warm large rooms such as garages.

TRUSTECH patio heater is easy to assemble and operate and has an adjustable standing pole with a height of up to 70.8 inches. This makes the heater versatile as it can be used to warm even the pet houses.

The product is environmentally friendly since the heat generated is odorless, has neither chemicals nor fumes. The product is ETL certified hence it can be relied on. TRUSTECH patio heater has an ergonomic design that is waterproof and does not accumulate dust. It can radiate heat for a duration of about 6000 hours.

This device is safe and convenient to use. It has an IP34 rating. The product has an explosion-proof net and a switch that guarantees safety. TRUSTECH patio heater can be applied for both indoor and outdoor heating and can be used in garages, pubs, and balconies. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty.

5. Star Patio Electric Patio Heater.

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The product is easy to operate since it has a simple power control settings. Star patio heater generates heat energy of up to 1500W. The commodity warms an area of up to 15-square feet.

Star patio electric heater is easy to assemble and operate and has a remote control button with maximum coverage of 9.8 ft and a power button thus the heater is user-friendly. The product has an angle-adjustable design that involves a simple task of loosening the knob to adjust the angles and the vertical height. The product also has a stylish design with an articulated wall bracket and aluminum casing.

Star Patio electric heater is environmentally friendly since the product is noise-free and does not emit any chemicals, fumes and is odorless. It is also versatile and can be fitted in garages, balconies, bars, and any other outdoor dwellings.

The product is approved and certified by IP55 and can endure harsh weather conditions. It is dust resistant making it suitable for outdoor activities. The product is also ceTLus certified and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.

Star Patio electric heater produces high-quality heat of 5100 BTUs. It also uses halogen tubes for heating and has a lifetime of 8000 hours.

6. Star Patio Freestanding Electric Heater.

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The product warms the user instantly and heats up to 12 sq.ft. Star patio electric heater also guarantees user safety since it is constructed with materials that are safe to touch and also has an anti-tip switch.

This product employs a modern design that has been fitted with a Bluetooth speaker and LED light display thus the product is suitable for outdoor entertainment. The product is also equipped with a golden tube technology that heats effectively and has a lifetime of 8000 hours.

Star Patio electric heater is environmentally friendly. This is made possible by the fact that the heater does not produce chemicals or fumes and is also odorless. Star patio heater is rarely affected by wind and the infrared heat produced is of high quality. It can endure harsh outdoor weather and is also dust resistant making it ideal for outdoor activities. Star patio heater is IP54 certified and the manufacturer provides the user with a one-year warranty.

7. TRUSTECH Outdoor Patio Heater.

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TRUSTECH patio heater warms the user directly within 3 seconds. This enables the product to be environmentally friendly as it does not warm the surrounding air thus saving around 40%-60% on electricity. TRUSTECH patio heater is fitted with carbon fiber tubes that are coated with gold which enables them to produce efficient heating at a much lower price.

TRUSTECH patio heater is easy to operate and has a remote control. In addition, it has 3 power setting modes for 500W, 1000W, 1500W hence the user can regulate according to his/her own comfort. The product is also advantageous since, for the garage heater, it is packed with four brackets that are mounted on the walls in just four simple steps.

TRUSTECH patio heater has an automated overheat protection design that detects when the carbon-fiber tubes are overheated and automatically shuts down. This is necessary to ensure that the user’s safety is guaranteed. The product also has a 24-hour timer function button that can be auto-set hence providing comfortable warmth during the nights.

The product is comfortable for outdoor and indoor activities. Having a heating capacity of 1500W, the product is effective to warm large rooms such as garages during the cold seasons. TRUSTECH patio heater is versatile and can be used in different yards like balconies, restaurants, pubs, among others.

This device is eco-friendly since it is quiet and does not produce any chemicals or fumes and also the heat produced is odorless and of high quality. The machine is fitted with an LCD display that enables the user to know when to adjust the heat power. TRUSTECH patio heater is ETL certified hence the user is guaranteed quality and the product can be relied on.

8. Patio Electric Heater.

outdoor heater for covered patio

Patio electric heater uses the latest infrared technology that gives the user immediate warmth within 3 seconds. This feature ensures the product is energy-saving and can save up to 50% of electricity.

Patio electric heater has an automated overheat protection design that automatically shuts down when the temperatures are extremely high. The product is applicable for outdoor and indoor activities and the electric heaters can be installed in large rooms such as garages and restaurants since they can generate heat of up to 1500W.

Patio electric heaters are easy to operate and they can also be installed quickly in a few steps and have a remote control to regulate the temperatures. The machine has a timer button of 24 hours hence offers comfortable warmth throughout. This product is environmentally friendly since it does not produce chemicals or fumes and the heat produced is odorless and of high quality.

Patio electric heaters are durable as they are made with aluminum alloys that can bear impact forces resulting from a collision. The product can be relied on since it is ETL certified.

9. TRUSTECH Patio Electric Heater.

best outdoor heater for covered patio

TRUSTECH patio heater provides instant warmth in 1 second since it directly warms the user other than the surrounding air. The heater has 3 power setting modes; 500W, 100W, 1500W hence the user has the option to choose the heat that offers great comfort. The product also offers health benefits such as improving metabolism, relieving fatigue as well as arthritis.

TRUSTECH heater is easy to install and does not require a professional. It has four brackets and comes with fasteners that help when mounting on the walls. The product has a remote control thus offering the user enough flexibility to operate within the given range.

TRUSTECH heaters have carbon fiber tubes coated with gold thus delivers quality heat to the people thus creating a comfortable environment. This outdoor heater is economical since it saves between 405-60% on electricity.

The product has an overheat protection design and a 24-hour automatic timer. This guarantees user safety since the heater automatically shuts down when it detects overheating in the carbon fiber tubes.

The machine can also be used for indoor and outdoor activities and is versatile for use in areas such as balconies, garages, and restaurants among others. The product can be relied on since it has been certified by ETL.

10. Muskoka Lifestyle Patio Heater.

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Muskoka heater warms the user in less than a second thus very effective. The product produces up to 3000W variable heat thus is very effective in warming large rooms.

The machine gives health benefits to the user which include improving the metabolic rate and also relieving body fatigue as well as arthritis. Muskoka heater has a remote control and also 3 heat setting modes which are high, medium and low.

The product has halogen tubes coated with gold and heat reflectors thus offers high-quality heat. Muskoka heaters are waterproof and are IP65 rated The machine can be relied on since it has been certified by ETL, ROHS, CE, and GS.

The product has been made with aluminum alloys as well as stainless steel protect it from rust and can withstand impact forces as a result of a collision. The stainless steel material diffuses heat thus apart from infrared heat, it also offers air heat benefits.

Muskoka lifestyle patio heater has dimensions of 39 inches by 5.5 inches by 8 inches and weighs 20 lbs hence very applicable for outdoor uses since it is portable.

Do you have a covered patio that you would like to heat up in the winter? Well, you have to make do with some best outdoor heaters for covered patios. These, as their name implies, are designed and intended solely for the outdoor environments. For this to happen, they contain some unique trappings.

It is definitely necessary to know about these heaters and the trappings they contain. These twin issues form the core of our discussions here below. Beyond that, we are also going to look into some of the factors that inform the most appropriate purchasing decision.

What Is the Required Clearance Around My Patio Heater?

outdoor heater for covered porch

In all, you are required to leave off no less than 30 inches of clearance around the patio heater. That is because these heaters do produce around 35,000 and 50,000 BTU’s of heat output. The object of this clearance is to prevent the possibilities of burning items like the heater works.

Can You Use An Outdoor Heater Under a Covered Patio?

Technically, YES! However, you are highly advised to place the heaters at such an angle that channels the heat output to the open side of the patio. That is the only way to prevent any suffocations or the possibilities of inflicting untold damages to your items.

Can I Use the Patio Heater on Grass or Does It Have to Be on Concrete?

NOT really! Even though these heaters may operate on the grass just as fine as they would on concrete, you are highly prohibited from doing so. The grass for a large part uneven and more likely to trip the item off its balance. Chances or accidents arising is hence greatly increased.

Can I Leave My Patio Heater Out All Year Round?

Theoretically, yes! However, the gadget you have in place has to be appropriately structured to be able to bear and endure the external elements of weather and climate. In particular, the gadget has to be appropriately insulated to prevent any intrusion or possibilities of water damages.

Can Patio Heaters Be Used Indoors?

YES, but only under limited circumstances. Patio heaters tend to generate more heat than your standard indoor heaters. Thus, they are only useful when the external temperatures are completely unforgiving such as the harsh winter months. Never use them when the temperatures are too high to prevent desiccation.

Do I Have to Clean a Patio Heater?

By all means, you have! The following are some of the reasons that inform the need for thorough and periodic cleaning:

outdoor propane heater cover

Promote Efficient Operations

Cleaning the patio promotes efficient operations of the heater itself. That is because it eliminates any impediments to the lighting output and other issues that may impede the heat output. It hence goes that failing to clean the heater eats up your peace of mind.

Minimize Accidents

Dirty and unkempt heaters have the tendency to cause accidents, typically in the form of blasts and infernos. You want neither of these to happen to you. The only sure way to prevent the same from happening is to clean the gadget every now and then.

Save Energy

It is a well-known fact that cleaning your heaters does save energy. The heat is not absorbed by the dirt as is generally the case for a large part. Instead, it is left to dissipate freely and smoothly to the entire area where it is targeted at.

Prolong the Lifespan of the Heater

Heaters that are cleaned regularly tend to last longer than those that are left unkempt. That is because cleaning slows down the pace of aging and deterioration. Moreover, it also maintains the various parts and components in their proper working conditions for longer amounts of time.

Reduce Operational Expenses

With prolonged life and proper functioning comes the added benefit of reduced operational expenses. These come mainly in the forms of minimized costs of repairs and the diminished need to keep taking the item to a repair or workshop. With it comes the added peace of mind.

Are Patio Heaters Safe?

YES, they are! They generally contain loads of safety features and other mechanisms that are designed to prevent or minimize the likelihood of accidents arising. You have to ascertain that the one you have in mind has all the safety apparatus you need for the job.

Do Patio Heaters Work In the Winter?

YES, they can! However, not any heater you pick at random will deliver this end to you. Instead, the one you place your bet on has to be equipped with all the vital features that a heater of that kind is supposed to possess. Specifically, they have to be appropriately equipped for wind, snow, and blizzard.

Buying Guides of Outdoor Heater For a Covered Patio

Ease of use

Your first and foremost concern should be the ease of use of the item you have in mind. You do not want to expend too much of your effort and expertise to be able to have your way at all, do you? That may require that you assess your own competence before proceeding to make a purchase.

Environmental Factors

These items are by their nature designed and intended for the outdoor environment. For them to discharge their duties just fine, they have to be fitted for the outdoor regions pretty fine. Check the weather and environmental patterns well before setting out for a purchase.

Safety Features

Owing to the fact that they emit plenty of heat, these gadgets are potentially dangerous. It hence goes that the best one you have in mind has to be equipped with many safety features. Chief among these is the automatic shut-off mechanism that prevents overheating.


When all is said and done, whether or not you may be in the position to purchase the heater depends largely on its cost. The ideal heater hence has to be cheap and well within your own financial muscle. You can only arrive at that if you compare the prices of many dealers before embarking on a purchase.

Power Output

Lastly, you also have to figure out the power output of the heaters themselves. This refers to the amount of thermal energy or heat that the equipment is capable of providing or giving off. Good equipment of this kind no doubt has to generate sufficient power output for your entire area.


What more could you ask from us? Have we not belabored the best outdoor heater for covered patios well? The onus is now on you to implement the findings you have freely received.

Top 3 Best Outdoor Heater for Covered Patio

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