10 Best Pyramid Patio Heater with Fire Sense Outdoor Garden Style Design

pyramid gas flame patio heater

The best pyramid patio heater is as stylish as they are useful. Pyramid Heaters are mainstays in vogue outside patios, restaurant – bistros and trendy social spots the whole way across the continent, and we even recommend them for home residences too.

In this article, we will give the top 10 best pyramid patio heater reviews as well as buying guides to help you choose the ideal type.

Now, let’s get started!

What Is the Best Pyramid Patio Heater?

Comparing the Top 10 Best Pyramid Outdoor Patio Heaters on the Market

Photo Title Price Buy
Legacy Heating Quartz...image LEGACY HEATING Quartz Galss Tube Patio Heater $269.99 Check Latest Price
BELLEZE 42,000 BTU...image BELLEZE 42,000BTU Propane Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater with Dancing Flame Check Latest Price
Amazon Basics Pyramid...image Amazon Basics Pyramid Patio Heater, Stainless Steel Check Latest Price
Fire Sense 62263...image Fire Sense 62263 Pyramid Flame Patio Heater 40,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Heater Tower with Wheels - Coronado Brushed Bronze $304.25 Check Latest Price
Thermo Tiki Deluxe...image Thermo Tiki Deluxe Propane Outdoor Patio Heater - Pyramid Style $249.99 Check Latest Price
Hiland HLDS032-GTTHG Portable...image Hiland HLDS032-GTTHG Portable Propane Table Top Pyramid Glass Tube $120.41 Check Latest Price
Dyna-Glo DGPH301BL 42000...image Dyna-Glo DGPH301BL 42000 BTU Black Pyramid Flame Patio Heater Check Latest Price
Golden Flame Resort...image Golden Flame Resort Model 40,000 BTU Glass Tube Pyramid Style Flame Patio Heater Check Latest Price
Garden Radiance GRP3500SS...image Garden Radiance GRP3500SS Patio Heater, Black Check Latest Price
Pamapic Pool Heater...image Pamapic Pool Heater Patio Heater, Pyramid 48,000 BTU Portable Heater with Patio Cover, Propane Outdoor Heaters for Patio, Backyard, Balcony with Wheels(Hammered Gray) $189.99 Check Latest Price

Top Pyramid Gas Patio Heater Reviews

#1. Best Pyramid Patio Heater – Legacy Heating CAPH-GT-SS-Heater

stainless steel pyramid flame patio heater

This Legacy Heating CAPH-GT-SS-Heater is excellent for your patio or lawn because of its adaptable design. Since it’s smooth and dainty, it doesn’t stand out something over the top and can easily mix with your other stylistic layout.

Because of the way it is manufactured, it is also versatile, allowing you to easily move it, starting at one spot then moving onto the next. Also, it’s not enormous and cumbersome, it is a nice size and doesn’t imply that it lacks in heating power.

It can produce 40,000 BTU of heat, which is essentially the standard for heaters that can heat small to medium sized patios, decks and gardens. Aside from your patio, it can also be utilized inside with proper ventilation.

  • Piezo electric start for a smooth ignition.
  • Quality looking design.
  • Made sturdy for longevity.
  • Quickly moved around, without any wiring or hoses.
  • Utilizes aluminum intelligent technology for a progressively proficient heating design.
  • Less appropriate for smaller outdoor spaces.

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#2. Pyramid Propane Patio Heater – Belleze Outdoor Pyramid Heater

pyramid patio heater cover

Belleze Propane Outdoor Pyramid arrives in a unique looking pyramid styled design, covered with a stylish mocha bronze tone. You could nearly consider this heater as décor as much as a working heater!

What makes this outdoor heater significantly all the more engaging is that when turned on, it creates an awesome visual column of flames. Which certainly gives a genuine fire like feel to your patio, garden, or outdoor space.

Besides, the fire which gives that memorizing dance throughout the evening, with the different settings we think add some enthusiasm and sparkle a sentiment of comradery! Brilliant Flame indeed was investigated and utilized many quality materials when designing this heater. In this way, it will stand the test of time, and keep up its tastefulness aesthetic appearance.

A particular feature we liked was the upgrade on the glass tube from past models; Golden Flame has chosen to utilize a quartz glass tubing, rather than their previously that were treated glass tubes in 2 pieces.

  • Pyramid design.
  • A solid 42,000 BTUs of heating capability
  • Easy to use variable controls.
  • Fantastic safety features
  • Electric start.
  • The top seems smaller and reflects less heat down.

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#3. Pyramid Outdoor Patio Heater – AmazonBasics Pyramid Patio Heater

fire sense stainless steel pyramid flame patio heater

This AmazonBasics Pyramid Patio Heater has tilt auto shut-off device. It is made of solid steel construction with a hammered tone bronze metal pieces. This tone guarantees that this patio heater will coordinate any stylistic décor around your home patio or garden. Cleaning and maintenance of this patio heater are very simple.

Utilize a mild cleanser in warm water with a soft cloth to wipe down the outside. If the focal glass tube should get carbon residue, utilize a delicate jug brush to clean the interior. Never use steel wool or fleece or any abrasives that could scratch the glass, as that can ruin the appearance of it. Cleaning out the interior where the propane tank is stored is straightforward.

This doesn’t require soap or water, because no residue should ever get into this area. Simply utilize a microfiber cloth or cleaning system like Swiffer to remove any cobwebs and residue.

If the propane tank storage area requires an intensive cleaning, remove the propane tank before cleaning the interior area out.

  • Great looking highlight for an outdoor space
  • Good heating Area
  • Stylish bronze tone.
  • Doubles up as a table.
  • It’s is larger than comparable heaters.
  • Not appropriate for size areas.

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#4. Stainless Steel Pyramid Patio Heater – Fire Sense 62263-Coronado Heater

pyramid style patio heater

This Fire Sense 62263-Coronado is made by one of the top manufacturers in the business. It is made of solid steel, aluminum, and stainless steel with an appealing bronze tone, which means that it will look astounding with almost any sort of stylistic décor.

This heater is 7 ft. 4 in. tall with a minimal footprint. It produces 40,000 BTUs that creates around a 6 feet radius felt heat area in typical weather conditions. It is fueled by a 20 lb propane tank, which is stored in the base.

This patio heater has a solitary, or one piece fire tube that provides an astonishing light show when the unit is on. Protective safety features on the patio heater create a feeling of relief that smaller children and or visitors won’t experience the ill effects of an accident.

  • Unique sturdy pyramid design.
  • Features a quartz glass tube column for visible flames
  • A tough design.
  • Quickly movable with no wiring or hoses.
  • A bit pricier than comparable heaters.
  • Slightly less BTUs than comparible priced contenders

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#5. Fire Sense Pyramid Patio Heater – Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor Patio Heater

best pyramid patio heater

The color of Thermo Tiki Deluxe fits with progressively with present-day or contemporary designs. So, on the off chance that your yard has an increasingly vogue outdoor design, at that point, this propane heater will fit right in.

You’ll also appreciate the dancing flames that accompany it. At the point when you turn it on, the fire will dance around, giving an erotic and relaxing feel. It’s great for couples that have a chilly evening ahead while allowing them to spend time together under the stars.

After doing this survey, we were delighted that we were unable to discover any real downside for this pyramid form patio heater. The assembly seemed to be straight forward and done in less than 60 minutes. The propane lasts about 9 hours, and the safety features are excellent with the choice to place the additional weight in the base of the heater too.

  • Priced a smidge under average
  • Assembly seems easier than comparable models
  • All the safety features of the larger heaters
  • Packs a BTU Punch Considering its Size
  • Cheaper to run than full-sized heaters
  • Not suggested for frequent moving

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#6. Pyramid Table Top Patio Heater – AZ Patio Heaters Hiland HLDS032-GTTHG

pyramid gas patio heater

AZ Patio Heaters, Hiland HLDS032-GTTHG is a portable, or table top design.  It offers an extremely solid 9,500 BTUs of potential heat that can be produced through its one-piece quartz glass tube, thus warming you up on those cold chilly nights.

Also, it’s efficiently utilized variable heat controls, make it so easy to simply kick back on your patio table, without all the problem of starting an ordinary fire. The great thing about this style of patio heater is that it doesn’t have an open flame like a fire pit design.

Be that as it may, this specific design also has a full list of safety features, like tilt shut down and thermocouple. The thermocouple is a temperature sensor that shuts the gas flow off if no heat is detected.

Different elements incorporate an electric start, which appears to be a standard now days with most heaters. And the fuel source is a 1 lb bottle of propane.  You can use a 20lb tank with a hose kit.  This is a great portable, or table top way to stay outside around the patio table after the meal for smaller or tight spaces.

  • smaller than Average Heating Area
  • Supplied with Hose and Regulator
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easier Than Average Assembly
  • Sharp Edges – Take Care When Assembling
  • Fragile Glass Quartz Tube (because of smaller size)

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#7. Stainless Steel Propane Gas Patio Heater – Dyna Glo DGPH301BL-42000

pyramid outdoor patio heater

The basic design of Dyna Glo DGPH301BL-42000 goes very well around swimming pools with a cutting edge look. In case you need to remain outdoors for any event, a blustery day, or whatever, simply turn on this pyramid heater, and you’re all set.

This heater can continue heat for a length of time of 9.5 hours without stopping on high. Further, the heater also has anchoring tabs that allow for a more permanent and safe heat. Other safety features include the tilt shutdown if blown, or knocked over while on.

This heater has a over heated shut down feature which is nice as well. It comes in two colors to coordinate your deck or patio and got some decent audits and evaluations. Assembly may take some time because of the numerous parts, and some assistance from a second person may help it to go faster.

  • Hammered tone bronze has a nice appeal to it
  • Excellent safety features.
  • It can be anchored down with built in tabs.
  • CSA confirmed.
  • It’s versatile with built-in wheels.
  • It’s an enormous heater, may be too big for some gardens and patios

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#8. Golden Flame Resort Pyramid

patio heater pyramid shape

At its highest heating limit, this Golden Flame Resort Pyramid heater can put out 45,000 BTU worth of heat discharge. This makes it a commercial-grade sort of heater with regards to quality.

With this sort of heat emanation, it’s feasible for the heater to discharge heat of up to 15 feet in diameter (7.5 ft. in radius). Aside from its quality, it’s business-grade quality also allows it to last an extremely long when used in a residential or home setting.

It is incredibly well being made out of parts that are resistant to the weather. Which implies you can leave it outside year round.  This heater was designed to keep going for quite a while.

  • Cheapest fully sized pyramid patio heater
  • CE certificate and Stainless Steel Built
  • No hose or regulator

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#9. Garden Radiance GRP3500SS

natural gas pyramid patio heater

The Garden Radiance GRP3500SS has a simple design that goes very well with swimming pools with its cutting edge look. In case you need to remain out at the pool for any event. You know, the water is still warm and the air when getting out can be down right cold. You can simply turn on this pyramid heater, and you’re all set.

This heater can heat for up to 10 hours without stopping. It can radiate heat in an amount of 40,000 BTU, making it right along with the standard size of the outdoor heating devices sold on the market.

It’s also safe for use because it has an auto shut-down for the gas flow when the heater is tilted. It also stops gas flow when getting overheated. Making it an all-round safe heater with practical heat ouput.

  • Perfect for pubs, clubs, restaurants, bistros, and more!
  • Solid construction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Built-in LED’s
  • Large heat reflector
  • Price is slightly higher than comparible units
  • Assembly can be more daunting

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#10. PamaPic Stainless Pyramid

fire sense pyramid patio heater

This PamaPic Stainless Pyramid heater is an entirely reliable patio heater that can indeed heat your garden, patio, deck, or poolside. It is basic yet can create dancing moving flames that can keep going for a considerable length of time about 9.5 hours.

To sweeten the arrangement, it comes with a zipped cover. At any rate, you can cover your heater and protect it from the components without having the need to store it. After testing and researching a lot information, we can tell that this pyramid heater is a good decent purchase.

Simply expect some harder than normal assembly.  We recommend this unit be a 2 person job.

  • Fairly priced
  • Large Reflector for heat disbursment
  • An array of safety features
  • Free Zipped Cover
  • Assembly should be 2 people
  • Quartz glass tube seems a bit more fragile

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Characteristic Features of the Average Pyramid Heater

If you think a Pyramid Heater looks cool and eye-getting, at that point, you’ll be amazed to find out about its capabilities and usefulness. Here is a quick rundown of some key Pyramid Heater features:

  • Portable and stationary for open-air heating.
  • Tilt switch safety shut off
  • It can be used throughout the entire year.
  • Radiates 360° degrees of fulfilling warm heat.
  • Aluminum or stainless compound construction
  • Electric ignition with AAA battery typically included
  • It is operated by propane gas, with the tank being secured away and covered in the base.
  • A flame is contained in an high temp structured glass tube made from Quartz Glass that can deliver radiant heat.
  • Glass tube allows for the memorizing dance of open flame heat

Top 3 Best Pyramid Patio Heaters


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