Top 10 Best Natural Gas Patio Heater Reviews to Improve Heat Efficiency

Having a natural gas patio heater can help you extend your season especially when the weather is chilly. There are a lot of them in the market which makes it overwhelming when choosing the right product. Therefore, I have provided this best natural gas patio heater review to help you make an appropriate decision. Read on and find out.

What Is the Best Natural Gas Patio Heater on the Market?

How Does Natural Gas Patio Heater Works

These heaters have a simple design. The gas is piped using a hose that runs from the tank to the heater. The gas will be ignited on the burner to produce a flame. Therefore, the gas regulators are required for the optimal functioning of the gas heater. They allow you to adjust to different pressure levels.

Additionally, the ignition of these gas heaters differs from one model to another. Some gave an electronic ignition system which makes it easy to ignore the heater. The thermocouples ensure there is safety when using the gas heaters. It keeps the valve closed and if the temperature exceeds a certain level then it shuts down automatically.

The heat produced is transferred through radiation which makes it suitable for providing warmth.

Quick Select on the Best Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Buying Guide of Best Natural Gas Patio Heater

There are three types of patio heaters. These include free-standing patio heaters, infrared Patio heaters, and open flame patio heaters.

Therefore, the following are factors that you need to consider when buying a natural gas patio heater.

The design

These patio heaters come in various designs that give you room to choose the one that suits your needs. The right design depends on the size of your outdoor space, the people that you want to warm. In a small outdoor space, people are likely to gather around a table hence you might require a tabletop heater. For large areas, you will require a standing patio heater so that it can generate a significant amount of heat.


It is important to consider your budget. You should but a patio heater that is within your limit. The price range differs between different models so you will have to compare prices before buying one. It is always important to buy from a trusted dealer.


Heaters gave their risk that is why you should consider the safety measures to ensure you are always safe when using the heater.

Typical weather

The weather will influence the heat that you will require. If you live in an area where you experience high power winds or regular drizzling then you need to consider a heater that can withstand such conditions.

Are Gas or Electric Patio Heater Better?

Gas heaters are better than the electric patio heaters because they are cheaper hence budget-friendly. Additionally, gas heaters that are used outdoors will have minimal impact on the environment which makes them a preferred option. The BTU rating differs which allows you to choose depending on your needs.

Reviews of Best Natural Gas Patio Heater

Best Natural Gas – Fire Sense Stainless Steel Natural Gas Patio Heater 

large gas patio heaters

This is one of the best gas patio heaters which is constructed using stainless steel. It is made using a durable material that is not susceptible to rust. This implies that you can use your heater for long.

Additionally, it offers up to 45000 BTU which makes it efficient. It also uses a piezo ignition system and a mounting plate which makes permanent Installation quite easy. You will not have to worry about changing the propane tank because it operates using natural gas.

Its durability is also attributed to the double mantle heating grid and the tip-over protection system which ensures the whole unit is operating optimally.


  • It offers impressive energy output.
  • It is durable
  • It uses natural gas


  • The steel pole can’t withstand heavy wind.

Best For Outdoor – Hiland Ng -hb Tall Natural Gas Patio Heater

garden patio heaters gas

This is yet another natural gas heater with a heavy-duty design which makes it durable and reliable. Besides, it can produce adequate heat with an out of approximately 41,000 BTU.

It is also easy to use since you can regulate the temperature. Therefore, if you are using it during chilly weather then you will be in control because it can be customized easily to meet your needs.

Furthermore, it can keep an area of 10ft diameter warm which implies it is a powerful unit. It is also safe to use because it is equipped with anti-tilt safety devices and thermocouple which guarantees your safety when using this gas patio heater.


  • It offers excellent heating performance.
  • It is constructed using durable material.
  • It is lightweight


  • Natural gas hose is not included.

Best Stainless Steel – Hiland Hlds01 Gtss Glass Tube Patio.

wall mounted gas patio heater

This is a 91-inch glass tube pyramid heater that produces 40,000BTU. Additionally, it is easily customizable because you can control the temperature.

It is also mobile because it has wheels that allow it to be pushed around. This heater is also safe to use because it has anti-tilt safety devices and a thermocouple to ensure users are guaranteed safe use.

It has a regulator which also makes it convenient to use. If you are looking for a heart that can extend your summer season then this is a better choice.


  • It is a high-quality product.
  • You can extend your season
  • It is consumer-friendly
  • It comes with a one year warranty.


  • The propane tank is not included.

Best For Commercial – Hiland Ng -gt -brz Natural Commercial Glass Tube.

small gas patio heaters

This is a great solution for chilly nights which makes it ideal for outdoor. When the temperatures drop you can regulate. It is suitable for various uses ranging from commercial to home use.

It also offers an output of 42000 BTU. Additionally, it safe to use because it is equipped with anti-tilt safety and thermocouple. It can be easily assembled which makes it more convenient.

You will enjoy its quality because it is crafted using metal and glass which gives a stylish look.


  • It offers excellent performance.
  • It is stylish.


  • It doesn’t come with the necessary gas hose.

Best Outdoor LP Gas Heater – Best Amazonbasics Commercial Patio Heater

ceiling mounted gas patio heaters

It is a well-constructed patio heater with a heat output of 46000 BTU. it has piezo ignition which makes ignition quite easy. Additionally, it has a safety auto shut off tilt valve which makes it safe.

Amazon basics patio heater also offers a sturdy base with a base reservoir system which makes it possible to fill it sand or water. It is also equipped with a standard 20 pound LP gas cylinder. The heat settings are easily customizable to meet your needs.

It has wheels for smooth mobility which makes it easy to transport it to the outdoors. Besides, it can heat a range of 18 ft in diameter which delivers consistent heat.


  • It offers sturdy construction
  • It has a safety valve which shuts automatically when the temperature rises above the required levels
  • It is quality


  • Some customers complained about missing screws.

Best Ceiling Heater – Bromic Heater Smart Heat Platinum 500 Radiant Infrared Patio Heater.

portable gas patio heater

It has a sleek contemporary design with tinted ceramic glass and brushed stainless steel. It gets heated fast and provides direct heat which makes it a better option during chilly conditions.

It offers uninterrupted heating because of wind resistance of up to 12 miles per hour. Additionally, it has a wall bracket that houses a control system that allows you to control the heater.

It has a pivot heater which turns at 25 degrees. It is also great for commercial and residential installations and it has automatic re-ignition which provides heat which makes it convenient. You will also require a 120 V for the electronic ignition system.


  • It has tinted glass-ceramic screen
  • It offers elegant subtle design
  • It has patented direct ignition
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile mounting


  • You can experience rust because it is not fully stainless steel.

Best Gas Powered – hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater -87 Inches Tall Premium Standing Outdoor Heater 

propane gas patio heater

It can produce with a 41000 BTU which makes it emit more heat which is beneficial during cold seasons. It also presents a modern sleek design that is crafted using sleek bronze.

Besides, It has a double protective layer which makes it more intuitive and gives it aesthetic appeal which complements your patio décor. Moreover, It is designed to match the round table. Assembling is easy and it can be fueled using butane or propane.

It is also stable and it has wheels which make it mobile. It is also very stable with an 18inch diameter base. Additionally, it is equipped with variable heat control and user friendly which makes it customizable to suit user needs.


  • It has a user-friendly one step ignition system.
  • It has an adjustable height shelf.
  • It has a steel construction with hammered bronze finish


  • You can experience challenges with the burner.

Best For Outside – Sunglo 50000 Btu Natural Gas Patio Heater

outside gas patio heaters

This is yet another reliable patio heater that offers 50000 BTU output. It has an automatic pilot ignition system which makes it very convenient when it comes to igniting the heater.

You can also turn it on or off using the switch. Additionally, it is also constructed using high-quality materials that are heavy duty and they are resistant to corrosive elements.

It can also heat a 15-inch diameter which makes it ideal for outdoors because a good number of people can benefit from its warmth. The in-ground pole base makes it stable and it also allows easy installation.


  • It is durable
  • It can warm up to a 15-inch diameter
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • It is easy to ignite.


  • Its heating capacity is affected by prolonging wind exposure.

Best Overhead – Sunpaks34-b-tsr Black Patio Heater.

overhead natural gas patio heaters

This is a natural gas heater which is made in the USA. It is easily customizable to suit your needs because of two main settings that are the 34000 BTU high and 25000 BTU low.

It is also durable because of black painted steel which can withstand any conditions that can lead to rusting. It is also equipped with a mounting kit and a wall remote control which makes it more convenient and it also makes installation easier.

It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling which is free from atmospheric elements that can compromise its optimal performance. Therefore you will need a 115 volt which is within the diameter of 6ft so that the heater can be plugged in a small transformer.


  • High quality.
  • Easy to operate
  • High-performance heater.


  • There could be some missing mounting brackets so you should check carefully when you receive the package.

Can You Convert Propane Patio Heater to Natural Gas?

You can convert propane patio heater to natural gas by contacting your manufacturer or by reading the manual. You can also purchase a conversion kit that will help you in converting natural gas to propane.

To achieve this you need to shut off any gas supply to the machine. Afterward, you can remove plates and panels to ensure you clear off anything that can obstruct access.

You need to remove propane components and follow instructions which include regulators, valves, and Jets which are specified by the manufacturer. Ensure all the fittings are tightened properly before connecting your new gas supply.

How Many BTUs Do I Need to Heat My Patio?

If you are using a portable patio heater you need approximately 35000-50000 BTUs which at least 30 inches on the sides of the emitter screen and reflector.

Smaller patio heaters will require 10000-35000 BTUs with at least 24 inches on all sides. Therefore, the size of the heating patio and the user needs to determine the BTUs that will be required. This will help you to enjoy long sessions of warmth. One BTU can heat approximately 1 pound of water to one Fahrenheit.

How Do You Hook Up a Natural Gas Patio Heater?

The natural gas patio heater is easy to hook up. Although you might require some advanced plumbing from a licensed professional. Once it is done successfully you can enjoy reliable heat.

Therefore, to connect your gas patio heater you need to ensure there is a tube that runs from the gas supply which is fitted in the valve. You will then fix it on the nozzles and ensure it tightly fits in to ensure there are no leakages.


The natural gas patios that I have reviewed are the best that you can find in the market. Make a proper decision and settle on your preferred heater.


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