9 Best Gas Outdoor Patio Heater Reviews with Stainless Steel Commercial Heater Needs

outdoor lp gas patio heater

Gas outdoor patio heaters have been gaining a lot of popularity for all good reasons. They have emerged as the preferred way to warm up yards and patio during the fall and winter season. There is no doubt that the best gas outdoor patio heater will generate a lot of heat and warmth. In fact, that’s the main reason why numerous homes and restaurants prefer using these devices.

There are numerous models in the market. This means that choosing the most reliable patio heater can be a daunting task. We have reviewed the best gas outdoor patio heaters in the market. Let’s take a close look.

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What Is the Best Gas Outdoor Patio Heater?

Comparing the Best Gas Outdoor Heaters on the Market

Photo Title Price Buy
Amazon Basics 46,000...image Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wheels, Commercial & Residential, Slate Gray, 32.1 x 32.1 x 91.3 inches (LxWxH) $130.94 Check Latest Price
FDW Outdoor Patio...image FDW Patio Tall Hammered Finish Garden Outdoor Heater Propane Standing LP Gas $96.99 Check Latest Price
hOmeLabs Gas Patio...image hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater - 87 Inches Tall Premium Standing Outdoor Heater Check Latest Price
PAMAPIC Patio Heater,...image PAMAPIC Patio Heater, 46000 BTU Commercial Gas Outdoor Heater Check Latest Price
BALI OUTDOORS Propane...image BALI OUTDOORS Firepit LP Gas Fireplace 28" Square Table 50,000BTU Fire Pit $149.89 Check Latest Price
Fire Sense 61445...image Fire Sense 61445 Natural Gas Patio Heater 45,000 BTU With Electric Ignition System CSA Approved For Commercial & Residential - Stainless Steel $217.15 Check Latest Price

2020’s Hot Reviews of Best Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters

1. Best Gas Outdoor Patio Heater – AmazonBasics Commercial Heater 

small gas patio heater

The durable and powder coated patio heater has been manufactured with a heat output of about 40,000 BTUs. The highly regarded commercial heater normally delivers a soothing warmth. It is the ideal patio heater if you want to keep your guests comfortable. This will happen even when the temperature begins to dip. Are you serious about year-round outdoor entertainment? Be guaranteed that this patio heater will offer the ultimate solution.

This patio heater will provide the user with a base reservoir system more so when it comes to secure placement and enhanced stability. You need to have a standard 20-pound gas cylinder in order to operate this heater.

You only need to push the button to light the heater. The manufacturer has included a unique feature that allows the users to have high heat settings. You can use these settings to completely turn the heater off at the end of the night. To enhance safety and peace of mind, this device comes with a shut-off tilt valve. If you tip it over, it will automatically turn the heater off.

  • Durable.
  • User-friendly.
  • Low and high heat settings.
  • It is a hard task dissembling and reassembling.

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2. Natural Gas Patio Heater – Hiland HLDS01 Pyramid Patio Heater 

gas ceiling heaters patio

Wheels have been included for easy mobility. This is a great product to extend our homes to the outdoor. You can now enjoy your summer evenings under the stars as you relax with your lovely friends. You have the freedom to extend the life of your outdoor space to even 12 months. You can agree with me that indeed the tube heater makes a perfect complement to any patio setting.

The high BTU output not only keeps everyone warm and cozy but also provides an elegant fixture for your outdoor living. It’s very easy accessing the propane tank through the easy access door. Away from that, this pyramid heater has been designed with a durable wheeled base. You will enjoy its fire for years simply because its parts and services are easily available. All that you need to know before purchasing this device is that the manufacturer has taken the necessary steps to ensure quality control. You will get a consumer-friendly product that is not only reliable but also trouble-free.

  • Extremely high BTU output.
  • Elegant fixture for outdoor living.
  • Durable wheeled base.
  • The top hood is very small.

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3. Garden Small Patio Heater – FDW  Tall Hammered Finish Heater 

outdoor lp gas patio heater

All the holes in this patio heater are lined up well. Unlike most patio heaters in the market, this heater is easy to assemble. If you follow the stipulated instructions accordingly, be guaranteed you will finish in less than an hour. Also, it has been designed with a high BTU output. With that in mind, you can use it in late wintertime.

This patio heater is the perfect choice for the garden. You can either use it at night or even in the cold winter. Numerous people prefer using this patio heater on a coffee table in the street. The main aim of the manufacturer was to come up with a durable product that would serve its users for years. That’s the main reason why they used high-quality stainless steel to manufacture this device.

The best thing about this product is that the outdoor heater fire can’t come through the grating. In addition, this patio heater has been certified by the CSA. This ensures that you have an excellent product.

  • Manufactured from high-quality material.
  • Several safety features have been included.
  • Multiple place usage.
  • Need maintenance

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4. Outside Gas Patio Heaters – Homelabs lp Gas Patio Heater

gas patio heater uk

This patio gas heater has been crafted from high-quality steel with a hammered finish. The main aim of this design was to resist rust and provide superior quality. The double protective layer provides an efficiency and appealing look.

The easy to assemble patio heater can either been used with propane or butane. The round table increases convenience. You can place several wine glasses on the spacious table. If you are not using it, you can remove it. Similar to top patio heaters in the market, this product has been designed with wheels for easy mobility.

In addition, this model comes with a user-friendly ignition system. This system will arguably take away all the hassles when starting it. All that you need to do is to hold the buttons for 90 seconds. The knob allows the patio heater users to alter the heat settings. Normally, this heater requires a medium propane tank. The exact size of the propane tank depends on your specific needs. You should not let cool evenings stop your outdoor activity.

  • Steady and consistent heat.
  • User-friendly ignition system.
  • Sturdy base with wheels.
  • Need maintenance

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5. Stainless Steel Gas Patio Heater – Pamapic Patio Heater

garden patio heater gas

You might be looking for a patio heater with easy-access features. This is the perfect product in that case. The built-in tank chamber comes with a door to increase accessibility. It is among the very few patio heaters that come with a tip-over protection system. It is very easy to assemble the wheels in this patio heater.

Burners are manufactured from stainless steel. A double heating grid has been added in these burners to increase their durability. People who have used this heater in the past have claimed that it gave them an unforgettable outdoor experience. The reflective cover has the ability to produce a comfortable temperature range of about 20sq. Your family and friends will always enjoy extreme warmth during the winter. You don’t need to remove the entire base when fixing the propane tank.

The base of the patio heater features wheels that can move smoothly. It is very easy to transfer the heater from the porch to the garden. In addition, the adjustable valve enables you to meet your different needs.

  • Easy to move the wheel.
  • Waterproof cover.
  • High heat output.
  • Require maintenance.

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6. Mini Gas Patio Heater – TACKLIFE Propane Fire Heater

overhead natural gas patio heaters

Normally, this heater uses propane fuel to provide green burning. Therefore, be guaranteed that you will never suffer from ash and smog. The high heat output ensures that you have ample warmth. There is no doubt that you can want to create a romantic bonfire atmosphere. You should cover the lid if you are not burning with a fire pit.

Do you know that you can easily convert this patio heater into an outdoor dining table? This will leave your family with an ideal experience. You can choose the model that corresponds to your garden. To increase quality and durability, the manufacturer has made this gas outdoor table from sturdy steel. This prevents cracking and damaging of the table surface. Both the burner and the control panel are made of stainless steel.

In addition, it comes with an ignition device. The main use of the ignition device is for easy adjustment of the flame. Are you sure that the tabletop uses multiple processes to spray rust-proof black paint? From a close look, you can be able to see that their combination looks elegant and attractive.

  • Manufactured from durable materials.
  • Elegant and attractive design.
  • Safe and warm bonfire appearance.
  • The tank and gas cylinders should be replaced after long time use

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7. Commercial Floor Standing Gas Patio Heater – BELEZE Premium Outdoor Heater

patio gas heater price

It is one of the simplest patio heaters you will ever come across in the market. All it takes to operate this patio heater is a simple push of the button. The ignition system makes it user-friendly. It is a popular patio heater that offers an impressive heat output. This heater will heat a wider area when compared to the most common models in the market.

It is truly a nice alternative to the fire pit. In addition, it is well known to deliver soothing and consistent heat. It comes with no smoke and open fire. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it. The mobility wheels make it easier to transport the outdoor patio heater.

Moreover, this device will provide you with both useful functionality and contemporary appeal. You will never regret purchasing the amazing product. It will serve you for very many years.

  • Useful functionality.
  • Easy operation.
  • Easy to move.
  • Need assembly

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8. Radiant Patio Heater Gas Powered – BALI Outdoor Firepit Heater 

tabletop patio heater gas

Besides being an elegant patio heater, it will give you an easy time when using it. You can move it by yourself simply because it is relatively light. The fire pit is very spacious. It has more than enough room for 20lb. In addition, it is very easy to connect to the tank.

Away from that, this patio heater comes with lava rock. What is the main function of the lava rock? It increases the rate of heat retention. While most patio heaters produce small flames, this heater is exceptional. People have praised its nice flame over the years. It is good to keep in mind that you will have the best purchase and relaxing experience with this patio heater.

  • Produce a nice flame.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable patio heater.
  • The igniter does not light up at times.

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9. Portable Gas Outdoor Heater – Fire Sense Natural Gas Patio Heater 

heater patio gas

The stainless patio heater is arguably one of the most powerful in the market. The heavy-duty device features a strong ignition system. This model comes with a mounting plate for permanent installation. Similar to top patio heaters in the market, this heater operates on natural gas. With that in mind, you don’t have to worry about changing out the propane tank. Are you a serious outdoor entertainer? This is the perfect patio heater that will arguably fulfill all your needs. In terms of heat dissipation, it is just excellent.

Also, it is not only easy to light but also to operate. You can remove a section and mount it to a patio table. You will continue enjoying the party with your friends even when propane runs out.

  • Excellent heat output.
  • Easy to light and operate.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Need assembly

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Are Gas Patio Heaters Any Good?

If you live in cold winter weather, you might think that you can only use your patio in the warmer months, but think again. Patio gas heaters allow you to easily use your patio year-round, for fun and simplicity outdoors.

If you looked at the patio heaters before but decided that they are not for you because they are too dirty or difficult to maintain or other defects, think again. There are indeed many different types of patio heaters available, with different sources of fuel, but consider using a gas heater.

Which Is Better Gas Or Electric Patio Heater?

Gas heaters are the best. They do not produce smoke, so they simply provide heat without drowning, as can happen with wood heaters.

No cleaning when using the patio gas heater

Gas heaters are also incredibly clean and comfortable to maintain, so you have nothing to clean after finishing the outdoor session. You can simply turn it off and leave it until the next time you need it. With other sources of fuel, you will have to do at least a little cleaning, as you must clean the ashes.

Gas heaters can be very portable.

You may want to install a permanent gas line for gas patio heaters; you can also buy portable propane-based gas heaters; With these, you can transport them where you need them, without worries.

Gas heaters heat up very fast.

Gas heaters heat up much faster than other types. Turn it on, and you’ll be hot in a short period. On the contrary, electric heaters and wood-burning heaters take time to physically warm up so they can start heating you and your guests.

Gas heaters are safer than other types of heaters.

With wood-based heaters, for example, you should worry about the sparks emitted from the radiator to combustible materials. Gas heaters, on the other hand, do not produce sparks; This makes them safer than different types of heaters.

There are no “fuel” batteries to store when you have a patio gas heater.

As you can buy a new propane tank whenever you need more fuel for your machine, you don’t have to store wood, dog, and paper fireplaces, as well as matches or lighters to light this fuel to make sure it is well-stocked when the time comes of using the patio heater. Alternatively, with patio gas heaters, you can simply turn it on while you are entirely ready to warm up and enjoy the outdoors: your patio.

Other types of patio heaters you will need:

Can You Use An Outdoor Heater Under a Covered Patio?

Yes, you can use an outdoor heater under a covered patio. A good and reliable patio gas heater allows you to enjoy spending time with your family and friends even when staying in a covered patio. Here are some points to consider when using it in a covered patio.

patio gas heater price

Consider your space

Before buying a heater for your patio, know the size you need. There are many types of patio gas heaters: desktop units, permanently installed heaters, independent designs, and more. Taking into account your valuable space is the key to choosing the most suitable heater for you.

Another thing to think about is ventilation. When looking for the perfect heater, consider your patio. Is it completely open, or is it a closed space? The answers to these two questions will help you decide what type of heater you want to buy: a patio gas heater or an electric patio heater. For outdoor patios, the ideal model is gas because it is more effective but requires ventilation.

Traffic can cause accidents.

Whether you get a desktop console or an independent design, your situation is just as critical. Stay away from doors or areas in your yard that can walk a lot. While most heating devices come with safety features that close the gas when they collide or lean on, these children are not lightweight. You can become friends with a friend or relative if you hit the unit and fall on it. Not only that, but you or any other family member or guest can burn quickly if the skin is exposed directly. Remember that your heater can reach high temperatures, even if you simply feel comfortable about three meters away.

Do Patio Heaters Work In the Winter?

If you live in cold winter weather, you might think you can only use your patio in the warm months, but think again. Patio gas heaters allow you to easily use your patio throughout the year for fun and simplicity outdoors. If you looked at the patio heaters before but decided that they are not for you because they are too dirty or difficult to maintain or other defects, think again.

When the weather is extreme, be sure to place the heater in a dry and soft place. If you live alone and have not had help moving around an autonomous eight-foot unit, it is better to use the table type on the table. Remember, just as a patio gas heater takes care of your love for the outdoors and enjoying quality family time in your yard, you should also take care of it. Keep it clean, and it will keep warm. Ask your local home improvement center for advice on how to keep your heater clean and in good repair. Always check your gas lines and be sure to comply with local guidelines for leaks and other possible gas-related accidents.

Can You Use a Gas Patio Heater In a Gazebo?

Many wonder about the safety of using the patio heater in the gazebo. It is a good idea to operate a patio heater on a balcony under certain conditions.

The best source of fuel would be to use a heater in this electrical way. The natural gas lines that reach the balcony will be costly.

One of the concerns regarding the use of a heater inside a cabin is limited space. Full-size heaters may be too abundant about the average volume. It can be hung inside the balcony to save space and keep the device out of the center of the area. You can also get the infrared heater and turn it towards the gazebo while sitting outside the space.

How Long Does a Gas Patio Heater Last?

The time your patio heater will depend on the application. The good thing is, patio heaters have reflectors that are applied to aim the heat to the source. But in case you need more concentrated heat, some heaters come with adjustable reflectors to direct heat exactly where you want it. Additionally, many modern patio heaters come with an auto power-off function designed to turn off after a certain number of hours, or if the device is inverted or blocked by something. This safety feature is perfect if you have pets or if you have children who tend to run everywhere or touch anything that catches their attention. It will also eliminate or reduce the risk of fire.

Propane or Natural Gas Patio Heaters

There are not many options available for ideal outdoor heating systems, and, without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns is that some energy source powers them. Most of them are there to choose between propane, electricity, and gas.

Ultimately, it all depends on personal preference. However, patio propane heaters may be the best option. Let’s reveal its benefits, which is how it can become the first preference in all heating systems.

natural gas patio heater wall mount

Affordability and availability

The first and most important reason can only be the affordability factor. Propane is relatively cheaper and makes propane heaters an economical source of energy. These are heaters made with a saving factor in mind that makes them a more attractive option. Propane is easy to obtain and is available in most places where you can’t even get natural gas.


Portability is the next determining factor that favors propane heaters compared to any other type of heaters. These heaters are very convenient for moving since the fuel is stored in a 20-pound tank, which makes it easier to move around the house. The heater itself is so portable that it gives you the freedom to move it anywhere. Not only is it necessary to use it in courtyards, but it can be used anywhere in the house.


Propane patio heaters are the safest option available in the heating system. Propane is not as volatile as gas and alcohol, so it is relatively safe to refill the fuel tank. It also does not require an electric cable and a plug, so you can easily throw them anywhere in the house. You can take them out for camping or hiking without fear. It is an ecological heating system that does not harm human health.

Best Gas Outdoor Patio Heater Buying Guides

outdoor lp gas patio heater


portable patio heaters can be moved from one place to another and do not have a stable fuel line that they also connect. These heaters circulate heat in a diameter of 20 feet. The cabin is designed to house the fuel tank.

Place of use:

Table heaters are portable and economical. It is the perfect choice to provide warmth in a small circle. The base also acts as a fuel tank compartment.

Ceiling/wall bracket:

ceiling or wall heaters are the perfect choices when space is limited. Point heaters often come in ceiling or wall configurations. However, gas heaters are also available on the ceiling or wall. These types of models are permanent and require a stable source of energy, such as the connection of gas or electricity.

On the ground:

Ground heaters are designed to be durable and provide additional energy by circulating heat in a radius larger than typical portable models. These types of heaters generally require a permanent source of energy, such as a natural gas line or propane gas. Indoor heaters are ideal for trendy restaurants, resorts, hotels, shopping centers, or even for residential use.

Energy rating:

all energy ratings are listed in British thermal units, known as British thermal units. Like most metrics, the higher the BTU rating, the more energy or heat this model provides.


most patio heaters are made of steel. It varies according to the price. Low-cost models are usually made of low-quality components instead of more expensive stainless steel models.

Fuel source:

Many patio heaters consume propane. Some are designed with a hidden cistern, while others are directly connected to an external fuel line. Other models use electricity to power the heat source. Solaira infrared heaters and Endless Summer heaters offer electric models for a secure connection.

Safety features:

most patio heaters are designed with safety in mind. Many will stop automatically when they are tilted. Automatic tilt is crucial in case the heater falls and accidentally turns on other things. Other features include automatic shutdown switches that prevent gas leaks.

Rated power:

Electric energy shakes energy while measuring propane heaters or sports gases in British thermal units. The higher the power or the British thermal unit, the more heat it will produce.

Durable stand:

a variety of focus heaters are designed to be installed on the wall or ceiling. However, there are compact models available that can be moved from one location to another.

The heater uses:

Point heaters can also be used in a variety of places. It works very well both indoors and outdoors. Restaurants and bars can benefit from water heaters by strategically placing them in their outdoor patios. Point heaters are also excellent for keeping your garage warm. It can be used even in wineries or outdoor theater events. The number of uses for point heaters is almost unlimited.

Top 3 Best Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters

When purchasing patio heaters, numerous people think that safety is a big factor. Whether you have been looking for a patio heater to heat a large area or a small surface, you are sure to find the right heater for your needs. All these heaters are stunning. They are great options if you want to make sure the heater stays out of your way. They have proved to be the most reliable and durable patio heaters.


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