Can I Leave My Hot Water Tank on Pilot?

how to light up pilot

Water heaters are a common thing in most homes. But these water heaters have a challenge sometimes. Furthermore, these water heaters have different settings and you might be wondering how I can set it while on vacation. But all water heaters have some common features. This article will be important for you when it comes … Read more

Is It OK To Turn Off the Gas Water Heater?

turning off tankless water heaters

Many people struggle with the decision on whether to turn off the gas water heater or not? Reasons for needing to turn it off will vary from household to household. For some, it is an energy-saving measure that results in less spending. For others, it could be that they’re going away for some time, and … Read more

Can You Leave Water Heater on With Water Off?

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It is common to wonder when we are supposed to turn off the water heater just like we turn off all the things in the house when not in use. Different people have different views on the same issue and even the plumbers have their take on the matter. When You Should Turn Off the … Read more

How Often Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

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In the current technological world, the availability of warm running water is essential to humans’ everyday living. It can range from various functions such as a shower to washing your dishes. Unfortunately, it’s surprising that most folks rarely think about the condition of their water heater. In fact, most people never even think whether the … Read more

What Brand Of Water Heater Is The Most Reliable?

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If you are in the market looking for a water heater, you may be wondering what brand of water heater is the most reliable brand. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose. Some of the factors you need to put into consideration include how much energy you will be saving with … Read more

What Are the Signs Your Hot Water Heater Is Going Out?

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Water heaters can last for eight to ten years; the right time to replace a water heater is in the 10th year. Don’t wait until your water heater fails before you take action. Most of the people cannot live without hot water and therefore, you need to take good care of it well. You need … Read more

Why is the Pilot Light Going out on the Water Heater?

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Pilot light going out on the water heater is one of the most annoying experiences that you can have. This is especially worse during winter because it denies you the opportunity to enjoy that steamy shower in the morning. Additionally, the furnace won’t operate normally. Therefore, there are various reasons that can be attributed to … Read more

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

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How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work? A tankless water heater is a cost-saving heater compared to regular heaters, which usually need large amounts of energy. This heater is easy to install as it does not require storage tanks to provide hot water. The tankless water heater has many different names such as inline water … Read more

How Long Do Tankless Water Heaters Last?

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To avoid unexpected and often unpleasant doses of cold water, you have to keep accurate tabs on the water heater. Of particular importance is the fact that you should know how to estimate the outflow rate of the water from the tank. Our goal in these discussions is to let you know how to do … Read more

Electric Tankless Water Heaters Pros and Cons

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You might have landed here while researching on the electric tankless water heaters. Probably you are looking forward to installing one in your home. How about understanding how they work, and if they are worth investing in? If that sounds yes, then you are in the right destination. We are here to enlighten you about … Read more