How Portable Electric Water Heaters Work?

portable electric water heaters

Buying an electric water heater can be a nice experience and actually the best thing to do as summer fades away and winter ushers in. You need a good electric heater something affordable and efficient, but with choices around the market, making a good choice on what to buy can be confusing. We understand the market better and always aim at providing you with all you need to ensure you buy the best. The guide also ensures that after buying you get some copy on how to operate and few maintenance practices for your portable electrical heater. With that being said here are some of the basic things that you should know when looking for a new electric heater for your home.

portable electric water heaters

How Portable Water Heater Electric Work

Most electric water heaters apply the concept of gas heating approach which involves the addition of cold water from your tap or showers to a dip tube. The dip tube is equipped with a heating coil usually made of copper or metals with higher resistance. The heating process is entirely on the heating coil with the help of a heating coil inside the dip tube. After heating the cold water from the tap hot water rises in the dip tank and move through the installed pipe throughout the house in outlet pipes known as a heat-out pipe.

Like the gas heating process, an electric heater includes a thermostat, pressure and temperature relief valve, an insulated tank, and a drain valve. The only difference that differentiates these approaches with gas and another heating process is simple to operate all you need is to on your power supply, and the process will continue all and all along.

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To better understand the portable electric tankless water heater, we will try to explain some maintenance procedures on each part for easy working.

Electric Water Heater Maintenance

For longer services with your electric heater, it is wise that you consider regular maintenance to your heating system. Some of the maintenance practices are as follows:

  • Always ensure your heating thermostat is set on the water for all safe and applicable temperatures. Many designers direct or instruct that you should set it at 12o degrees Celsius as it is economical.
  • Flush out or remove all sediments from your reservoir before allowing water to flow into the dip tank, failure to this will result in blockage or premature heating process.
  • Always ensure that you check on the heating anode rod for both rust and from self ionizations.
  • Before operating any heating system, it is wise to test the pressure and temperature relief valve for proper working and for economic purposes.

Disclaimer: Before buying be sure to check if the landmark warrant protection covers the whole system is working efficiency or just the dip pipe. When it comes to regular maintenance, it is also wise that you consult the manufacturer for more information. The given maintenance guide is based on the basic and normal heating system, and some heating system has different operational procedure so checking can help.

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How to Install A Portable Electric Water Heater

Installing an electric water heater might vary from one heater to the other, and it is wise that you consider finding more information about your heater before following our steps on how to install the whole heating system. Since heating systems are kinder same here are some steps that you can use to install your electric heating system.

portable electric water heaters

Step One – Measurements

Measure the height of the sizable 21/2 tank size heater. Use a cutter to cut the required length of half an inch of CPV which is equal to the height of the water heater. Deburr or seal one end of the pipe and cut along its axis with a deburring tool or any cutting tool available to removal all rough edges. You can paint on the outside of your CPVC pipe is clear or apply a primer for heat conservations. Push or fit the half-inch CPVC elbow onto the other end of the pipe.

Step Two – Threading

With a treading tool paint all the threads of all half inch CPVS male adapter using a liquid thread sealant, ensure you twist the threaded end to fit in well with a female end. Link this two connection with you heating cols in the dip tank of your heating system. Wrap all the thread with a lead-free copper or brass with a pipe seal tape to ensure each end fits well in the pipe connecting the heater with your input connections.

Step Three – Installation of heating system

With the connection from one and two above you can then place your electric heating coils underneath your sink. Ensure that the catch pan is at least two inches larger than the pipe diameter of the general output of your heater. More directions are given depending on your heater design and size.

Step Four – Power and Extra Fittings

Ensure you turn off all the power supply you can use an electrical tester to conduct any voltage drop or short circuit in the system. Turn off the hot water valve and connect it with your tap or water supply tank. With all wiring and power connection did you can turn on your power and always ensure you have water in the dip tank before turning your heater.

Tools needed; Pipe cutter, pipe range, thread-sea; tape, CPVC primer, CPVC male and female adapter, tape measure, water catch pan, CPVC elbow, and an adjustable wrench.

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Which Tankless Water Heater Is The Best, Gas Or Electric?

Conversely, many electric heater tankless designs are equipped with a 97+% operational efficiency, despite the natural gas being cheaper source of power than electricity in each BTU output. Due to this, a gas heater is outweighed by electric options because of higher efficiency, cheaper means of installation, and longer life span.


As usually buying can be easy and with guides online choosing a good electric water heater is even made simple but understanding its basic play a key role in operating it and allowing you to enjoy the whole heating experience. The guide has based all its finding in modern heating systems, and each clause is accurate and applicable in all home applications.

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