How Much Propane Used RV Tankless Water Heater?

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Imagine how your trip in the wilderness will be fulfilling only if you had enough hot water at your disposal. With the increased popularity of propane gas water heaters, you will hardly want to bypass the chance to have it in your RV. Thanks to how affordable this option has proven to be, it could easily top your priorities.

However, one of the biggest concerns is whether it will be v good idea for you. Will it provide you with value for your money? Well, you can only be sure of this if you have various facts at your fingertips. As such, we explore some of the most critical factors that you should understand about how much propane an RV uses.

What Is the Average Use of Propane in an RV

Most often, RVs have a BTU of approximately 90000 to 100000 per hour. This figure comes in handy when the RV is moving. If yours is not, then the value is likely to be much lower. The amount used when taking a shower will vary in different aspects. These aspects will often include the following.

• Number of people onboard

Most often, the number of people that you have on your RV will always dictate how much propane you will burn when using the tankless water heater. For instance, if you are alone or with an extra partner, you will often spend between 10 and 12.5 gallons at the end of the day. On the other hand, you will end up spending between 30 and 45 gallons if you have a bigger family tagging along.

With these figures, it means that you will spend between 24 and 30 USD on propane whenever you are on the RV alone. In contrast, you could end up spending over $1080 in a month if you have a family of five and above.

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• The temperature of the place you are visiting

The temperature of the region you are in will always have a significant impact on what you spend in the long run. Thanks to the coldness in a given area, you will end up having a constant demand for hot water. Whether it is about running the chores within the RVor for bathing, it will undeniably be much higher. It is for this reason that you will need an additional amount set aside for propane if you are visiting a colder region.

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• Nature of the water in your RV

Did you know that hard water will often expose you to a higher amount of energy requirements? If you are with your RV in a region where the water is full of mineral salts, you are more likely to burn up to twice the amount of fuel that you would have otherwise burned.

Fortunately, digital water heaters will alert you when the amount of mineral salts is above the recommended limit.

Having a good time in the RV will often be dependent on how much hot water you can access. Running your tankless water heater on propane is much more affordable than you could ever think. Embrace it today.

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