How to Drain Water Out of My Eco Temp Tankless Propane Hot Water Heater?

how to drain hot water

The tankless heater manufacturers emphasize that the heater should not be installed at a lower temperature. If precautions such as draining are not taken seriously, the tankless unit is likely to be damaged; this will be considered negligence; hence, it will not be covered by your warranty.

Avoid adding an anti-free solution to your eco temp tankless propane water heater because it can damage the heater components. Therefore, it is appropriate to drain your tankless water heater once annually to obtain a remarkable performance out of the unit.

When you drain your eco temp tankless, you will get rid of the entire lime and scale that is in-built in your heat exchanger. This means it will help you out to conserve the environment and save your capital.

If you do not know how to drain water out of your eco temp tankless propane hot water heater, worry less since this article will make you more informed.

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Steps of Draining Water Out Of The Eco Temp tankless Propane Hot Water Heater

how to drain hot water

If you have a natural gas or liquid propane tankless water heater, it is appropriate that you switch off you’re your gas source. This holds your burners back from switching on and heat water while you are draining. In case your heater is electric, make sure you switch off your circuit breaker to prevent the electric trigger for water to commence heating during the entire process of draining your tankless heater.

When you are through, ensure that you also switch off your water supply that feeds your heater with cold water. Make sure that you switch off the primary hot water that feeds multiple fixtures with hot water in your entire house.

Subsequently, connect a garden hose of about 6-foot to the water pump outlet as you connect the other end of the garden hose pipe to your cold water valve.

You should then fix your second garden hose to your hot water valve. Using an adjustable wrench tighten your garden hose couplers.

Position the pump and the open end of your second hose in a five-gallon bucket for vinegar circulation. Once you are through, open the cold and hot valves on your water heater, and switch on the pump in a 5-gallon bucket for vinegar circulation through your entire heater.

Allow the pump to circulate for approximately 45 minutes and switch of the pump and allow the vinegar to drain from your water heater by hoses into your bucket.

When it is through, turn off your cold water valve.

Pour the vinegar out of your bucket, then position the hose that is open-ended back to your bucket. Ensure that your cold water supply is on and allow the water to channel into your bucket for around five minutes.

what should you know on draining water from heater

Once that is done, close your cold water supply valve as you disconnect your garden hose from your entire inlet valves.

Switch on your hot water valves, follow it with the valve of cold water supply. Open several faucets of hot water in your home to eliminate any given air from your line of hot water. Confirm that there is no air in your lines, then close the faucet.

Furthermore, examine your heater connections to ensure there are zero leaks. Switch on your gas supply valve as well as your circuit breaker for your water heater. Run a test on the hot water at your faucets.

After all this, you would have drained the entire water heater, and it will not contain any water. Note that some manufacturers might recommend that you use an air compressor, blow some short air burst through your inlet fixation to ensure that there is no amount of water left inside your heater.

The main objective of draining your tankless water heater is to prevent the unit from getting damaged due to lime, scale, and freezing conditions.


Based on the above information, you are now familiar with how to drain water from your eco-temp tankless propane hot water tank. Therefore, it counts on you to implement the procedure mentioned above to effectively and efficiently drain your tankless water heater. Ensure that you do this appropriately to avoid damaging your unit and minimize the maintenance cost. I hope this information has enlightened you to better understand how to drain water out of your eco temp tankless propane hot water heater.

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