7 Best Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews of 2020

No matter for hands washing or dishes washing, you will always need hot water, especially in the cold winter. That is why the demand for the best point of use electric tankless water heater is becoming more and more popular. Being small in size and stable in hot water flow, the point of use electric water heater can be the great bang for the buck.

Searching for the best types can be a headache thing, but now we would like to embark on the journey to find the ideal one for you. In this post, there are 10 best models for you to choose from. Besides, for some frequently asked questions, we have experts to offer the hands and solve the problems and curiosity for you.

Now, let’s get started!

What Is the Best Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater?

Top 7 Best Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Best Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews

1. Overall Best Pick – Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

120 volt tankless water heater




【4 gallons tank】

This is a mini-tank water heater with a flow rate of 4 gallons, meeting the demand for residential use for hands washing or clothes washing. The thermal efficiency reaches around 98%, which saves a large amount of money on energy costs.

【Free installation】

The compact shape fits any corner under the water sink, you can mount it on the wall or on the floor directly. The installation process is simple and straightforward, no need to hire an expert for help. Plug it into the 120volt outlet and it provides constant hot water for you.

【Short waiting time】

Instead of waiting a pretty long time for hot water, it provides hot water the next seconds you turn on the tap. Apart from free installation as a point of use heater, it serves also as a supplement to an existing heater and eliminates the cold water sandwiches to reduce the unnecessary loss of heat.

2. Runner Up – Ecosmart POU 3.5 Point of Use Electric Heater

best point of use electric water heater



【On demand hot water】

Unlike tank water heaters, this POU tankless water heater eliminates the long waiting time for hot water and supply the heated water that never runs out. The flow rate of 5 gallons per minute allows you to get enough water for washing machine or hands washing in the bathrooms.

【Heavy duty material】

Backed up by the qualified brand of Ecosmart, it adopts heavy-duty materials like copper and stainless steel to prolong the service life. Not only does it saves money on replacing with a brand new type for weak quality, but it also shines in the easy replacement of each component.

【Compact size】

It adopts the common size that most point of use heaters have. As small as a cable, this heater is a solid option for small apartment use. The digital panel shows the exact temperature, and one-button design makes it super easy to operate. Plus, the modern look with classic black and white coordinate with any home decor.

3. Most Energy Efficient Heater – Thermoflow Electric Point of Use Heater

point of use electric tankless water heater for shower



【Highly energy efficient】

This tankless water heater exceeds in energy efficiency. Compared with other types of point of use heaters, this model saves up to 60% on the energy costs. Thanks to its brilliant technology, the circulation, storage losses, and start-up heating losses are all eliminated, leading to the low costs on energy bill and electricity bill.

【Super durable design】

The bare wire heating systems free you from costly maintenance, while high-quality alloy heating device features good corrosion resistance and acid-resistance, resulting in the long service life of the machine. All the heavy-duty materials reduce unnecessary loss and fasten the speed of heating water.

【Wide range of application】

Install it under the water sink, the compact shape occupies no much floor space. For hands washing at home, dishes washing in the kitchen, wet bars and doctor’s office, you can always use this smart point of use unit to supply hot water.

4. 120 Volt Point of Use Heater – Stiebel Eltron Single Sink Electric Heater

point of use tankless instant electric hot water heater



【Quiet operation】

The heating noise can be an annoying thing in use, the hydraulic control of this point of use heater solves the problem and creates a quiet and peaceful environment for use. Plug it on the wall and turn on the tap, you can hardly feel the machine working.

【Safety device equipped】

The auto-shutoff design saves you much energy and makes it safer in use. Resettable safety high limit switch protects the machine from dry fires. The durable materials with commercial standard copper sheathed prolong the lifespan of the machine, and at the same time eliminate the standby loss.

【Multiple models】

The multiple models are available for different power and amount of hot water needed. Designed for point of use, it provides constant hot water for one single water sink at a time. Compared with stored heaters, it saves up to 50% power consumption. Together with low installation costs, it is really a great bang for the buck.

5. Most Functional Point of Use Heater – Sio Green IR30 POU Infrared Electric Heater

point of use electric tankless water heater



【4 power levels】

For fitting all sorts of the home appliance, this heater offers 4 power levels. Adjusting from 5-30 amps, you can choose from 1-3.4kw. In terms of temperature adjustment, use the water flow regulator and getting the exact water temperature based on your needs is quite simple and straightforward.

【Low maintenance costs】

Because of its patented technology adopted on the machine, it creates the heat that bypassing the metal parts, in other words, flowing without direct touch with metal, which results in no corrosion for the internal components. Through such a design, the using costs and maintenance costs are reduced sharply and greatly.

【Ideal for small apartment】

The large size of the heater has always been a block for a small apartment, then you need to consider the small compact point of use heater like this unit. It enables you to install any corner around the water sink and occupies only a small part of space.

6. Cheap Point of Use Electric Heater – Ecotouch Electric Tankless Water Heater

point of use electric hot water



【Smart self-adjustment】

Cheap in price, it has advanced technology equipped to ease your use. The patented self-adjustment system controls power input according to the flow rate and temperature rise. When water flow reduced, less power will be applied and thus the temperature of water won’t drop down suddenly.

【Digital control panel】

The LCD display shows the exact water temperature, the three buttons in controlling temperature and water flow makes it an easy job to operate. For the black model, it also comes with remote control, to better adjust water temperature when installing it under the water sink.

【Safe and durable】

Multiple protection devices are equipped to protect the machine from burning. Through producing process, each step is through the strict test. In case of leakage, the inner water and electricity lines are placed separately. By passing the standard of ETL and UL, this one can be the solid option for you.

7. High Quality Electric Heater – Eemax EEM12004 Electric Point of Use Heater

best point of use electric tankless water heater



【Instant hot water supply】

This point of use heater is smaller than other types, thus saving much floor and wall space. It works perfectly for the low flow uses, able to meet your demand on washing hands or washing dishes in the kitchen.

【Self-adjustment system】

The digital panel shows the exact water temperature, you can turn it on and off through pressing the buttons set along with the control panel. Thanks for its self-modulating technology, it adjusts the energy needed based on the amount of hot water needed.

【Easy to install】

The installation is straightforward, even for a person lacking enough knowledge on the tankless water heater is able to install it with the given instructions.

What is a Point of Use Electric Water Heater?

The term “point of use” refers to the heating units that installed near the water sink, bath or faucet where the heated water is needed. Unlike the central water heater, the point of use water heater minimizes the waiting time for hot water flowing out of the tap, because of the short pace it leads from heater to the destination. Powered by electricity, the installation expense and using costs are sharpened thanks to its no venting design, which varies from natural gas or propane heaters.

The special installation spot determines it to be compact in size; It spares much floor space whether for installing near the faucet or near the bathtub. Highly efficiency design along with terrific performance achieves its small portion in the electricity bill each month.

Buying Guides on Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater

Point of use electric hot water heater easies our life by offering constant hot water in use, however, searching for the ideal type can be a trouble thing if you have no basic knowledge on them. That is why we listed some of the tips on purchasing as a reference.

1. Size

What are the most important things to consider in buying the best tankless water heater? If you ask the questions to the experts of heaters, the answer will be, “flow rate and temperature rise”. Indeed, those are the key and primary concern you should always bear in mind.

The flow rate refers to the amount of water flowing or supplying in use, the larger the flow rate is, the more sinks or shower it supports at the same time. For under sink use, the flow rate is pretty low, reaching around 3-6 gallons per minute. While for a shower, the average flow rate reaches around 10 gallons per minute. If for commercial use, find those with large power and connect them together.

As for the temperature rise, it means the difference between the set of unit temperature and that of output groundwater. Subtract the groundwater temperature to the set one, and it equals to the desired temperature rise.

2. Usages

Abandoning the usage before buying anything is never a wise choice. Only when you making clear of the usages can you know how large and what specifications your ideal heater should be. Normally the point of use electric heater are shower and under sink use available. Both of which are installed indoor, near the faucet or near the bathtub.

Apart from the flow rate and temperature rise you should calculate after determining the usages, you should also make sure the places you spare for a heater is compatible for your wanted type.

Can Electric Tankless Water Heater Be Installed Outside?

It depends. On each of the tankless water heater, there is instructions and tips on installation. For most occasions, electric tankless water heaters are indoor installation, for no venting facilities are needed because of the electric power. Therefore, it has no corrosion resistance or frozen protection that outdoor heaters need. Under such conditions, the electric point of use heater is not suitable for outdoor installation.

However, things are different for the portable types. Whenever you go out for travel or need a camper use water heater, the portable electric water heater wins the favor through the lightweight shape and convenient use. These kinds of electric heaters are free in installation spots, fix it in the RV or hang it around the strong tree trunk with the handle, you can basically place it anywhere possible.

Aside from this, some electric tankless water heaters are flexible in installation spot, the advanced technology equipped along allows you to fix them either indoor or outdoor. In a word, obey the instructions during whole using time; and if any curiosity occurs, asking for the manufacturer is the ideal option.

Is It Worth the Money to Get an Electric Point of Use Tankless Water Heater?

The electric tankless water heater outshines for a cheap price and easy installation feature; while using it as a point of use heater, the waiting time for hot water narrows and thus the using costs drop accordingly. The price of a point of use tankless instant electric hot water heater is far cheaper than those use for shower, costs around $100 only. For some mini types, you need only $60 to get an ideal type for providing hot water that never runs out.

The value of a point of use heater relies on the concrete demand. If the distance between the central heater and tap is long, which adds up the waiting time and the waste of cold water, then placing a point of use heater is a must thing to do. By the way, the water temperature and water flow changes if two or more spots of hot water are needed, getting an extra POU heater will balance the temperature and smooth the use of hot water for multiple sinks.

On the contrary, if it means no harm to you on waiting much time for hot water, or you live in a small apartment where no large amount of hot water needed at multiple places, then it is a waste of money to get a heater like that. Therefore, all of which depends on your usages.

Can Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater Use for Shower?

Yes, point of use electric hot water heater is different from under sink heater. The under sink water heater, as the name suggests, are installed and used near the water sink. The compact shape fits the corner around the faucet, and the small flow rate meets the demands on dishes washing and clothes washing; which, in other words, is not a suitable unit for taking a shower.

The point of use type, well, uses around the spot where you intend to use hot water. The shining feature of it is to shorten the distance between the heater and the destination spot, therefore, it is not limited by flow rate or temperature rise.

There are many types of electric point of use heaters for shower that are worth buying. Small in shape and large in hot water supply, you can install it near the bathtub and turn the machine on whenever hot water is needed.

Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater 110v

110v point of use tankless water heater is the one that uses frequently as under sink heating system. The smallest power with the low flow rate allows one faucet use only. However, do not get fooled by its cheap price, the overall performance of 110v heater for RV totally worth the buck. The moment you turn on the tap, hot water flows out from the heater, no need to preheat and no tank for storing cold water before using. Its constant hot water supply enables to bring enjoyable experience in hands washing or dishes washing.

The 110v point of use tankless water heater meets the demand for providing hot water in need, well, there is also inline water heater. It lacks the ability to store hot water in a closed system, instead, it heats up the liquid that flows through, which is a perfect option for bathtub, steaming machine and another cleaning hot water use.

The Best Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater of 110v

point of use electric hot water


Electric Tankless Water Heater 120 Volt Point of Use

120 volt is a common power for point of use tankless water heater, either for shower or for water faucet use. Some of the portable electric water heater also requires 120v to support electricity. For the people always on the go, the portable design makes it convenient to use hot water anywhere you go.

The price of 120v instant hot water heater varies a lot, ranging from $100 to $500 based on the quality levels and functions. To some highly advanced units, the brilliant performance brings along satisfying user experience; the modern looks light up home decor; what’s more, the heavy-duty material enables it to be long-lasting and durable.

Best Electric 120 Volt Point of Use Tankless Water Heater

120 volt tankless water heater

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