Ecosmart Eco 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews

The Eco 18 is a mid-range tankless water heater made from Ecosmart self-modulating technology. In a warm climate, this product can heat two showers and two sinks simultaneously, whereas, in cold climates, it can heat a shower and a sink simultaneously. To know more about it, the following eco 18 tankless water heater reviews will help you a lot.

eco 18 electric tankless water heater




Eco 18 Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Ecosmart had their customers in mind when developing Eco 18. They did not want a produce a water heater that will disappoint the users’ recommendations. Therefore, the following attributes of Eco 18 act as proof:

eco 18 electric tankless water heater

1) Self-modulating technology

Eco 18 has a sensor that automatically senses the temperature of the water and then regulates the temperature range. You don’t need to keep adjusting controls for the unit to detect the temperature of incoming water. The user will experience a thirty-second delay as the heater fixes water temperature before dispensing it to the sink or showerhead.

2) Simultaneous savings

Eco 18 ensures that energy is used only when needed; this feature helps a lot in saving energy as power is used during operation only. According to the manufacturers, the unit can save up to 50% of energy.

Compared to traditional tank heaters, Eco 18 saves a lot of space since it is wall mounted. This will help free up more space, which other things can occupy.

What about the bills? For sure, Eco 18 will help you cut reduce electric bills. If the water heater can reduce up to 50% of the energy used, that means your energy cost drops by half, which is a big save to the user.

3) Controlling temperature

Eco 18 has a temperature control knob, unlike the traditional water heaters. The control device is on the front of the unit, and it enables the user to adjust water temperature one degree at a time. Therefore, you can configure the water temperature according to your preference, and it is convenient since adjustment increases by a degree.

eco 18 water heater

4) Easy Installation

The product is delivered with a manual for installation. You only need a 60-ampere double pole breaker, a 125-ampere electrical panel, and assorted cables for you to install the unit. Manual gives a direct and straightforward direction, which will not be an issue during the installation process.

5) Ideal for warm climate

Are you living in a hot climate region? Well, then Eco 18 is the perfect tankless water heater for you. The device will deliver water at a safe temperature that will not burn you as you confirm temperature using your hand. For example, if the water has a temperature of about 15.56 degrees Celsius, then up to 2.5 gallons of hot water will be generated.


  • Eco 18 is sold at an affordable price in the market, yet it has a feature that can outperform its expensive rivals.
  • The unit is straightforward to install. The user only needs to have the basic knowledge of plumbing and the necessary accessories to fix it.
  • The water heater will heat up all water coming through its lines, therefore ensuring a consistent flow of hot water.
  • Eco 18 works on cold and hot water. When you need water, it will deliver it according to the required temperature, whether cold or warm depending on the control adjustment.
  • Manufactures assures customers a lifetime warranty if the water heater is used for residential purpose.
  • The unit saves up to half the cost of energy used, which means it saves the user’s heating cost significantly.
  • The product is made of copper and stainless components, therefore, low management cost.
  • Eco 18 helps to save space since it occupies minimum space possible, considering it is wall mounted.


The unit has poor warranty terms in that; if you personally install the water heater, you are likely to void the warranty. Also, the warranty cards must be sent to the company within one month, failure to it you don’t qualify for the warranty.

ecosmart 18 tankless water heater


Eco 18 electric water heater is the best essential device to work with because it has minimal complications. With its simplicity, it still performs the intended function well and delivers hot elements with no delay. Despite the setback, the product has more advantages to satisfy your needs. Besides, finding a perfect water heater is almost impossible.


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