What Can Go Wrong with a Gas Hot Water Heater?

problems on gas tankless water heaters

You might have encountered problems to fix your water heater right, and it makes a great difference if the water heater is electric or gas. As to get the difference, you need to search for a flue, and it is indicating that the heater used burns gas or any other combustion fuel. The appliance used for burning out gas should vent the unwanted fumes out through the flue, which is a room chimney pipe that is cylindrical. A has water heater contains a gas pipe that connects it with pilot light and with a burner at the bottom section of the tank. The burner is located behind a metallic access panel, and you should see the light unless if the pilot light has gone out.

Unreliable hot water

Having unreliable hot water running in your home is one of the common water complaints that you may be having the time and again. This is a clear indication that the gas hot water heater is not working or is working but not correctly. Check all the available hot water fixtures and faucets. If you find out that some parts of the fixtures contain hot water, then you should skip to the hot water that is not working in some sections of your house. Check on the hot water heater both temperature and pressure by relieving the valve and the outlet for hot water, if it is warm after feeling, then your gas hot water heater is working.

Maybe the hot water might have been blocked somewhere between the outlet pipes or at the fixtures. The temperature-pressure valve could be keeping the conditions to be warm if the gas water heater stopped working for the last 4 hours as the water present will still be holding heat.

problems on gas tankless water heaters

Gas water heater not heating

There is a possibility of the gas water heater not heating and is a common problem whenever you notice that the pilot light has gone out. This can be as a result of a gas valve having a problem or from the gas supply unit also can be as a result of the thermocouple that is located beside the pilot light. In any case, you notice the pilot light is not on, and then there is a possibility that the gas supply could have been interrupted, the valve for gas could be off, or the wind could have blown it off.

Water not being hot as expected

Hot water is obtained from the gas hot water heater could not be as hot as expected, and it indicates a problem with the system. If you encounter this, the first thing that you should do is to adjust the temperature control button on the water heater to the direction of hot. Then weight for a while then later check the water temperature at the faucet, the water should not be too hot. After rising the temperature and you are not getting any difference, then the dip tube which supplies cold water may be damaged. This is s because it plays a role of directing cold water towards the bottom of the heaters water tank; hence could be pouring water on top of the heater hence mixing already hot water with cold water causing warm water to be supplied.

Changes in temperature

There is as well a possibility that you are missing hot water in the morning and can be as a result of temperature problems brought about by contraction and expansion caused by changes in temperature. Keep in mind that the water that has been in the pipes overnight is cold. You can get hot water by first turning up the temperature adjustment valve to mix the cold and the hot water first. If there is a possibility that you are getting too hot water, then you should turn the heaters temperature control down. Then take time to weight for a couple of hours then find out if the problem has been solved. If it persists, then there could be a problem in the appliance failing to shut off at the set temperature.

Small size water heater

If it seems that you are getting little hot water in your home, then there is a likeliness that your gas hot water heater can be too small in size. If you are getting hot water in small quantities, then there is a need that you to get a larger water heater and can be due to increasing the rise in need of hot water or due to big soaking tub and high flowing showerheads.


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