4 Best Electric Pool Heaters For Inground Pools Reviews


The best electric pool heaters for inground pools are considered very environment friendly and energy-efficient. The electric pool heater uses electricity to warm water. After heating, the water is pumped back to the pool, thus do not emit smoke and is perfect for both good and poor weather conditions. The pool heater can also work on any temperature levels, whether high or low.

They are fast and durable and can work for a very long time without breaking. It thus saves you from unnecessary expenses if well maintained.

What Are the Best Electric Pool Heaters for Inground Pools on the Market?

Comparison Chart on Best Electric Pool Heaters for In-Ground Pools

Photo Title Price Buy
FibroPool Swimming Pool...image FibroPool Swimming Pool Heat Pump - FH255 55,000 BTU - for Above and In Ground Pools and Spas - High Efficiency, All Electric Heater - No Natural Gas or Propane Needed $2,195.95 Check Latest Price
Hayward W3HP21004T HeatPro...image Hayward W3HP21004T HeatPro 95,000 BTU Pool Heat Pump for In-Ground Pools $4,299.00 Check Latest Price
Raypak Digital Cupro-Nickel...image Raypak Digital Cupro-Nickel Natural Gas 240,000 BTU Pool Heater - 014939 $3,264.00 Check Latest Price

Why Do You Need In-ground Pool Heaters?

In-ground pool heaters help in raising and maintaining the pool water temperature, especially if it’s during the cold season, and you want to extend your swimming.

Reviews of Best Electric Pool Heaters For In-ground Pools

The reviews of the electric pool heater for in-ground pools help you to choose and purchase the correct pool heater according to your budget and the purpose of buying it.

1. Fibro Pool FHO55 in-ground Swimming Pool Heater

electric heat pump pool heaters for inground pools

It is a perfect in-ground pool heater that helps in achieving the desired result when you want to enjoy your swimming comfortably or extending your swimming seasons.

The heater has 55000 BTU that heat up to 10000 gallons of water with a 220V circuit and 12 gauge necessary for electrical power. It is made of titanium and enamel steel that is heat, weather, and salt resistance, making it more durable with less maintenance. The horizontal design allows flexibility on installation by minimizing the space.

The heater works with an ambient temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit; it is perfect for cooler temperature and has a Copeland differential compressor (COP) of 5.92.

  • It made of titanium and stainless steel that makes it more durable
  • Has a horizontal compact design that helps in minimizing installation space
  • It comes with no installation or user guide

2. Happy Buy 11k 220 Volt Electric Pool Heaters with Thermostat

best electric pool heaters for inground pools

The heater is coated with aluminum material that is heat, rust, and humidity resistance. It can last longer and help in minimizing maintenance costs.

It has a sensor and thermostat controller that monitors the status of the water temperature of the whole pool. It automatically switches off the heater in case of unexpected incidents such as mechanical failure.

The heater operates on a voltage rating of 220 to 240 V circuit and is perfect for constant small pools with an average surface area of less than 5CBM.

  • Made of aluminum making it heat, humidity and rust resistance
  • It has a thermostat digital display that helps in controlling water temperature
  • It is only perfect for small pools

3. Hayward W3HP2004T Pool Heater

electric pool heater for inground pool

The majority of the people prefer this electrical pool heater for in-ground pools. It is made of digital components that are perfect for both medium and large pools.

The heater has a voltage rating of 230V circuit, heat output of 95000 BTU, And the coefficient performance of 6.6. It consumes very less energy during the performance that leads to a reduction in the cost of operation by 80%.

The electric pool heater is durable, reliable, and last longer. It is made ultraviolet resistance panels such as titanium heat exchanger, ultra gold fin evaporator, and stainless steel that helps in eradicating corrosion and protection from debris. It can be used on all types of water, such as the coastal salty water.

It is made of the acoustic compressor and profile fan blade that promotes quite an operation. It has a compact design with relatively less weight that helps in flexible installation.

The heater comes with a dual thermostat that controls the whole pool temperature levels.

  • It is made of a profile fan blade that promotes quite operations
  • It has less weight with a compact design that requires less installation space
  • Some parts are not well packed

4. Raypak 014939 Digital with Polymer Headers Heater

electric pool heater for inground pool

It has a heat output of 266000 BTU. The pool heater has a digital display thermostat microprocessor that controls the water temperature in the pool. It will let you know when water is heated and notifies you when the water temperature reaches the desired level. It has a board voltmeter that helps in monitoring a drop in voltage and ensures proper installation.

Raypak 014939 is compatible with the 2 to 3 wire remote system and also operates on 0-2000 feet elevation. It is made of high-quality cupro-nickel fin tube, heat exchanger copper finned tube, and stainless steel tubes that can withstand harsh conditions such as high flow, heavy use, and low PH, making it more durable with less cost of servicing and maintenance. It also has a reliable, rust-free, and robust pilot ignition that lasts for 30 years.

It has a smooth opening gas valve that allows turning on and off with an inbuilt automatic bypass to prevent erosion and scaling. The pool heater is designed with indicators used for measuring the flame strength and cycle meter that determines the period it can run. It also has a condensation operation that eliminates soothing, scaling, and condensation by controlling the water temperature and regulates incoming water with low temperature.

  • Eco friendly
  • Digital display that controls water temperature
  • Relatively expensive

How to Get the Right Size of In-ground Pool Heaters

Pools are considered to have a large surface area that leads to more heat loss compared to other water surfaces such as spur.

The BTU (British thermal unit), also known as the heater output, determines the size of the electric pool heater for in-ground pools.

If you choose the correct size of a pool heater, it will heat the water to the desired temperature and at the right time. A small pool heater heat water in the pool slowly while a big heater leads to unnecessary cost.

The heater output or BTU is the amount of energy transferred by the heater to the pool. An increase in BTU by one degree leads to an increase in water temperature by one degree on one pond of water. The right side of an in-ground pool heater can be determined by

The Surface Area of the pool

This is determined by different shapes of pools such as:

  1. Rectangular pool calculated by multiplying length *width
  2. A rectangular pool that has a rounded endLength*width*0.8
  3. Oval pool ½ length* ½ width*3.14
  4. Kidney shape PoolLength*width*3.14

The Volume the Pool

This is determined by multiplying the surface area and the depth of the pool using the formula below:

  • Length *width*depth*7.48=pool volume

Temperature Differences

The recommended temperature range is between 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ambient air temperature is 64 degrees. During the cold season, the temperature range changes. The formula used to determine the temperature during this season is:

  • The recommended temperature for water – the ambient air temperature =temperature differences.
  • The BTU output per hour=the total surface area* temperature *12


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Pool Heater for in-ground Pools

The Size of the Pool

A robust pool heater is suitable for larger pools compared to smaller water bodies. A less powerful heater will run for a very long time in large pools resulting from increased operation cost and reduction in inefficiency.

Energy Efficiency

If you use the correct size of an electric heater and an energy-efficient model, you will achieve the perfect and desired result. You need to consider the amount of electrical power per unit consumed by the in-ground pool and how fast it is during the healing process.

Maintenance and Installation Cost

Although the majority of people consider electric heater expensive, the cost of its maintenance is relatively cheap compared to other pool heaters such as gas and solar.

You should choose a durable pool heater that is rust and weather resistant. It reduces the unnecessary cost incurred on breakages and maintenance. The installation is also easy and cost-friendly.

The Design of the Electric Pool Heater

In-ground pools require a heater with a compact and straightforward design to avoid using too much space, especially in small pools.


Electric pool heaters for in-ground pool helps in extension of swimming seasons, whether winter, spring, summer, or autumn, and allows comfortability and enjoyment moments during swimming. They are environmental and cost-friendly, leading to an increasing inefficiency.

Top 3 Best Electric Pool Heaters For Inground Pools

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