5 Best 4 GPM Tankless Water Heater Reviews & Buying Guides for Your Money

Searching for a suitable heater to use at the comfort of your home? We have some surprises for you here. The 4 gallons-per-minute heater is the one you badly need for your home. But why, you may ask? Ours expose below endeavors to shed more light on the best 4 GPM tankless water heater and show cause its suitability as well.

Quick Pick on the Best 4 GPM Tankless Water Heater

Best 4 GPM Tankless Water Heater on the Market

Photo Title Price Buy
Eccotemp i12-LP Water...image Eccotemp i12-LP water heater $349.01 Check Latest Price
Marey ECO180 Electric...image Marey ECO180 18kW 4.4 gpm 220V Self-Modulating Multiple Points Tankless Electric Water Heater $311.08 Check Latest Price
TENGCHANG 18L/min 4.8...image Tengchang 18L/min 4.8 GPM Tankless Hot Water Heater $159.99 Check Latest Price
Bosch Electric Mini-Tank...image Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater $190.91 Check Latest Price

Features of 4 GPM Tankless Water Heater


First and foremost, this heater is tankless in the sense that it does not come attached to any tank. For this reason, it requires limited storage space and is unlikely to demand excess mounting on your part. They are hence usable in areas that are too squeezed for the conventional tanks.

Comfortable Discharge Rates

With the ability to discharge the flow of water at a comfortable rate of 4 gallons per minute, these tanks are truly comfortable and convenient to utilize. You will find them pretty suited for tackling day to day bathing and home use needs. The same goes for controls and handling.

Sleek Modern Design

Generally speaking, these heaters come about in some sleek and modern design. Thanks to this design, the heater is capable of fitting the least storage spaces available. In this way, it is convenient for use in condominiums or in areas that are ordinarily too congested for the full-size tanks.

Automated Controls

Unlike your ordinary conventional tanks, these tanks are operable via some automated controls. Thus they negate the need to manually engage the various aspects and parameters thereof. Owing to these controls, the heater allows for smooth use and operations all the while. It hence cuts down the fatigue you might feel.

Space-saving Design

Other than being tankless, these heaters also exist in a space-saving design. They are generally smaller and more compact in stature. Thus they do not require that you invest much of space into their installation. This also plays out when you have to relocate the heater to a remote location.

Durable Stature and Construction

In closing, these tanks are also durable in stature and construction. This is brought about by the strong and durable materials that make the entire construction up. You should hence expect them to last longer and take you further than you would go ordinarily. The pleasure of maximum convenience is truly yours to leverage.

Can I Use a 4 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater for the Shower?

WHY NOT? At the rate of 4 gallons per minute, these haters are indeed well able to discharge a sufficient amount of water for your showering needs. Moreover, they also fit nicely in many places in a typical bathroom. This further makes the utilization of the heaters smoother and more convenient.

You have to be mindful of two things though. For one, you have to know that this kind of heater is incapable of handling the whole family’s needs. As such, it is only suitable for a household that has no more than three occupants. Any more than that will overwhelm it and cause it to crash.

Then, you should also beware that the appliance cannot stand prolonged use and applications. Thus, you have to exercise some moderation in the course of making good use of it. Keep inspecting it every now and then to be sure that it stays ahead of the game.

2020’s Reviews on 4 GPM Tankless Water Heaters

#1. Eccotemp i12-LP 4GPM Water Heater


best 4gpm tankless water heater


  • Gas powered tankless water heater
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Fully automatic temperature control
  • Safe electronic ignition system
  • Quick and convenient installation

#2. Marey ECO 180 4.4gpm Tankless Point Electric Water Heater


tankless water heater small size


  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • A simple adjustment on the LCD display
  • Ideal for 2 simultaneous showers
  • Save up to 60% less energy
  • Easy to install and maintain

#3. Tengchang 18L/min Tankless Propane Water Heater


best 4gpm tankless water heater


  • Automatic ignition system
  • The flame failure protection device
  • Perfect for both summer and winter to use
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple capacities available

#4. Camplux 16L Outdoor Digital Propane Gas Water Heater


small tankless water heater 4gpm


  • Flame failure device
  • Anti-freezing protection
  • Simple design
  • 88.5% high energy efficient
  • Endless hot water supply
  • Quality internal materials

#5. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater


best 4gpm tankless water heater


  • 98% energy efficiency
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast recovery rate and less waiting time for hot water
  • Can be wall-mounted, shelf-mounted or place underwater sinks
  • Easy to maintain
  • Premium glass-lined material


Buying Guides of the Best 4GPM Tankless Water Heater


Many manufacturers engage in the production of these heaters. Not every manufacturer though may give you the support and quality you desperately yearn for. Only a few have been noted to deliver the topnotch services attainably. Do mind factoring and prioritizing the top brands in your search for the right appliance.

Prevailing Weather and Climate

The prevailing weather and climate also determine to a great extent the kind of water heater that may be suitable. A good heater has to be able to operate under all the climatic conditions. Specifically, it has to be able to conform to the fluctuations and seasonal variations in climatic conditions.

Costs of Installations

Acquiring these heaters is one thing. Setting them up for eventual use is yet another thing altogether. You should be mindful of this consideration because you do not want to spend too much of your money on putting it up for use. To do this, you may have to confer with many others around your area.

Source of Fuel

Obviously, these heaters require some fuel sources to operate. The sources vary in availability, type, and costs. Gas, propane, and mains electricity are the three main sources. You have to narrow down to the specific source of your reach and affordability to be able to surge forward.

Temperature Range

All heaters heat water to a considerable degree or margin. However, they differ insofar as their scope of heating matters. It is necessary to factor the heating range in order to settle for that one that mostly operates within the range that you are comfortable with. This requires a little bit of research.

Appropriate Configuration

We have already stated previously that these appliances are smaller. However, being small in and of itself is not enough. They also have to be convenient to fit in the available mounting spaces. That is why they similarly have to be appropriately configured. Importantly, its shape has to line up with your mounting space.

Maintenance Requirements

Finally, the maintenance requirements also come in handy. The ideal tankless heater has to be easier to care for and maintain. It should not only be strong but also tough enough to suffer the least spates of breakdowns. You do not want to spend too much of your time to maintain them in the right shade and form.


Well, we now believe you have the insight you need to get started out with this 4 GPM tankless water heater. Why don’t you now move on to implement the insights? Just use the information to find the right one for your use. You cannot afford to delay taking the right step as the benefits are too huge to forfeit.

Final Verdict: Top 3 Best 4GPM Tankless Water Heaters



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