Ecosmart 11 Tankless Water Heater Reviews

The majority of people prefer using hot water to shower or wash dishes, especially during the morning hours. The Ecosmart 11 tankless water heater will give you the chance of using constant hot water in both cold and warm climates. It is lightweight and small and can be easily installed in any home, whether small or big. In this article, you will get the professional Ecosmart 11 tankless water heater reviews.

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Brilliant Features:

Self modulating technology to regulate energy automatically

It is 13 KW tankless water heater is made with self-modulating technology that allows the unit to regulate energy output giving a perfect performance. You are assured of enough hot water any time you want it. The tankless heater operates on a voltage range of 240V and conserves 60% of the cost of energy incurred every month. It is the perfect choice when you want to minimize the high cost incurred on energy bills.

ecosmart 11 reviews

Compact shape to save large space

The tank heater has a compact and sleek design that helps to reduce the amount of space consumed during installation. The sleek design also helps to supply hot water in both the kitchen and the bathroom at the same time and in cold areas, it supports two or more applications. Do not require a lot of maintenance, and in case you use a carbon filter inside the water, it reduces maintenance to none.

Perfect for multiple applications

The perfect weather temperature is 67 degrees with 57 gauges. The tankless heater can power 2 gallons of water within a minute in single or multiple applications.

ecosmart eco 11 electric tankless

Premium materials for sturdy and long-lasting use

They are made of stainless steel and copper, making the heater more durable, ecofriendly and rust resistant. It is small with a weight of 65Lbs and has portable features that can fit in small size spaces of 11.5*8*3.75 inches compared to other water heaters. Due to the portability features, it can be mounted on the wall or below the kitchen sink to saves more space.

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Digital display shows exact water temperature

The product also has a digital display that helps in regulating water temperatures, and it controls heat output by increasing hot water temperature by one degree because it has a small size. On 80 degrees Fahrenheit ground level, it can support two different bathrooms at the same time and uses a single point solution on cold climates. At a temperature level of 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 166 degrees Celsius, it can produce2.54 GPM on 9.6KM flow, and it allows you to use shower and faucet simultaneously especially on low models fixtures. When the groundwater temperature is low, it reduces the GPM/LPM flow.

ecosmart eco 11 tankless water heater

Thoughtful after-sale service and warranty

The Eco smart company gives any client who purchases this product a lifetime warranty. However, the warranty is only liable in case the installation was done by either a licensed plumber or a professional you are assured of the durability.

  • Due to its compact and portable nature, it can be mounted on the wall or placed under the kitchen sink to provide more space especially in houses with limited space
  • It has a digital display that helps in controlling and regulating water temperature. You are assured of hot water whenever you need it since it has constant hot water supply
  • It has a sleek design that facilitates the transportation of hot water simultaneously from one point to another without failure.
  • It saves money in a way that it regulates the amount of heat cutting down other expenses that would have been used when heating water at home.
  • It is fast and energy-efficient, and it can heat two gallons of water within a minute.
  • It is perfect for small homes due to the point of use solution
  • Do not require any maintenance services especially when a carbon filter is installed in inlet water saving you from the maintenance cost
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty, and clients are assured of the durability
  • Installation cost is expensive, so you are required to get a professional or licensed plumber to help you in installation
  • Not suitable on cold climates
  • Sometimes the point of use is troublesome

Ecosmart Eco 11 Tankless Water Heater Installation


This tankless heater is perfect for people with less demand for hot water or those staying in smaller apartments and homes. The heater allows you to operate two or more multiple operations, such as taking a shower while washing dishes simultaneously.

It is portable, lightweight and durable, making it perfect to be installed anywhere. For instance, it can be mounted on the wall to reduce space.


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