20 Best Price Tankless Water Heater Comparison

Getting the best price tankless water heater assures to save you much money and remains a brilliant quality level of products. It includes not only purchase price, but also installation cost, use costs, and maintenance costs, etc.

Doing your own budget and getting all the knowledge on the costs is a vital thing, which is why we wrote these buying guides and reviews for you.

For the following part, you can price ranges of different kinds of instant water heaters, recommended heaters below each price level, and things you should know about choosing.

Now let’s dive in!

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Best Price Tankless Water Heater Price Comparison

Price RangeBest Types Recommend
Under $200#1. LPG (Low-Pressure Startup) 1.6 GPM
#2. Eccotemp L5 Portable for Shower
#3. Sio Green IR 260 POU 
#4. Thermoflow Elex 12
#5. Marey Power Pak Plus
#6. Zerodis Electric110V 3000W
Under $500#1. Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64GPM
#2. EcoSmart ECO 11 
#3. Rheem RTEX-13 240V Heating Chamber
#4. Rheem RTEX–24
Marey ECO 150
#6. Atmor AT – 910 -27 TP 
#7. Eccotemp 45H-LP 6.8 GPM
#8. Titan N -120 
#9. Eccotemp I12-LP
$500 - $800#1. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15 Plus
#2. Stiebel Eltron 24 Plus Tempra
#3. Rinnai V65EN 6.6 GPM Outdoor 
Above $800#1. Rinnai R94LSi 9.4 GPM Indoor
#2. Takagi T K4 OS NG

How Much is a Tankless Water Heater?

Price determines quality levels and functions of products, so does the costs of a tankless water heater. Its price ranges from $100 to $1000, varies according to power source and water flow capacity.

Tankless Water Heater Price Range

Next, we will introduce the best recommended tankless water heaters under a particular range.

Under $200:

#1. Discount Tankless Water Heater – LPG (Low-Pressure Startup) 1.6 GPM Vent-free Propane

discount tankless water heaters

Low water pressure starts up technology needs only 2 psi of it to run up, which is ideal for cabin, RV, small apartments, or other outdoor use. Compact and simple design makes installation an absolute breeze. By adjusting the buttons set on the machine, you can alter the water temperature and flow in a second.


#2. Cheap Tankless Water Heater – Eccotemp L5 Portable for Shower

tankless water heater price range

With batteries on hand, you can use this portable tankless water heater in outdoor travel or camping. Lightweight and simple operation, it is suitable for one-person bath and pet showers. Along with handheld structure, it is both walls mounted and self-standing available. In a word, it is a perfect outdoor heater for the price.


#3. Cheap Electric Type – Sio Green IR 260 POU 

tankless water heater savings

It features 4 power levels range from 1-4, available for tailoring its performance based on family’s needs. Patented technology protects your machine from being corroded by isolating water flow from metal parts inside. Ergonomic size within 20-inch length allows you to install it anywhere possible.


#4. Instant Electric Water Heater for Shower – Thermoflow Elex 12 with Self-Modulating Temperature Technology

how much does a tankless water heater cost

Cheap as it is, the unit is equipped with advanced technology – self-modulating technology, excellent in adjusting the water flow automatically. High-efficiency design enables to save 50% on heating and using costs. The activation flow is 0.6 GPM; it supplies unlimited hot water for full shower use.


#5. Point of Use Tankless Electric Water Heater – Marey Power Pak Plus

natural gas tankless hot water heater prices

One best praiseworthy feature of it is the regulation system, from 1-4 level, you can alter the energy consumption by turning the button. Either mount it on the wall or place it under the sink, you can use it as one point of use. It uses electricity as the main power; the perfect interior design saves 60% on your bills.


#6. Mini Instant Hot Water System – Zerodis Electric110V 3000W

cost of tankless water heater gas

This unit ranks the cheapest tankless water heater on the market. Yet, it is not the worst in performance. Instead, it provides an endless supply of hot water once you install in under the sink. LCD digital temperature displays the current temperature, as well as error codes.


>>Features of Best Tankless Water Heater Under $200

  • Point of use

Instant water heaters under 200 are not a good choice for shower use; they are generally small in shape and less powerful than more expensive ones. The vast majority of them are point of use or under-sink use, perfect for hand washing or washing machine.

  • Electric power

If comparing with gas tankless water, you will find electric heaters are far cheaper. Indeed, it costs less to buy an electric tankless water heater. Especially for outdoor use, the simple operation makes it available to use anywhere you want.

  • Easy installation

No venting, no gas, all you need in using a cheap tankless water heater is find electric power; some even come with batteries.

>>How to Choose?

  • Make clear of your usages

From the features of cheap heaters, you will find they are frequently used under the sink for point of use; which means there is no chance of using them for a shower.

Besides, where are you intend to use it? For outdoor or for residential use? If you want one for daily residential hand washing, then you can choose the cheap one.

  • Check the quality level

Low price means low quality; it is right for most occasions. Before buying, you need to make sure there is no leakage and no burst; the customer’s review is the best place to help you get the knowledge.

  • Try electric powered one

If you are short of budget, electric powered heaters are always your primary options.

Under $500

#1. Best Price Propane Tankless Water Heater – Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64GPM 

natural gas tankless water heater prices

By turning the button from full to eco in summer or tropical regions, you can save a lot on energy costs. Compact structure assures its outdoor use adequately. It comes with everything you need, a gas regulator, a smart showerhead and also adapters.


#2. Best Self Modulating Electric Water Heater – EcoSmart ECO 11 

buy tankless hot water heater


Being an energy star product, this electric heater saves up to 99.8% energy in use. The patented self-modulating technology enables to control energy output, to provide optimal water flow according to your actual needs. It uses either for shower or point of use, supplies hot water for two showers simultaneously.


#3. Best Indoor Tankless Water Heater – Rheem RTEX-13 240V Heating Chamber

how much is a tankless electric water heater

This is a perfect one for 2 showers use. It is temperature adjustment available, by turning the button, you can control exact heat condition with the thermal reading display. High energy efficiency saves up to 99.8%; the electricity bill reduces accordingly. Power as it is, its compact shape still makes it an ideal type for small apartment use.


#4. Best 240v Tankless Water Heater – Rheem RTEX–24 3 Heating Chambers 

cheap tankless hot water heater

Another Rheem electric tankless water heater, but this is more powerful and supports more bathrooms use at the same time. Compact and stylish design enables you to install it anywhere possible. Heating elements of robust copper immersion adds up durability. Plus, installation of it is quite simple; there is no need to hire other people for installation.


#5. Best Tankless Water Heater for the Buck – Marey ECO 150 220V/240V With Smart Technology

propane tankless water heater prices

Adjusting to an optimal temperature of this unit can be an easy task; the smart technology on LCD panel design allows you to increase or drop heating temperature with 1-degree increment. Activated by water pressure from 5 to 85 psi, it is suitable for point of use or a short-bath use.


#6. Best Electric Heating System for Bathroom – Atmor AT – 910 -27 TP 

best price tankless water heater

According to your actual use, there is multiple power available, which ranges from 11kw to a maximum of 27kw. The sleek design of it mixes perfectly with your home decoration; The stainless-steel interior prolongs its service life, for it resists corrosion effectively. Small size in shape with large power on hand, this unit will give you the best bathing experience.


#7. Best Outdoor Propane Water Heater – Eccotemp 45H-LP 6.8 GPM

best tankless water heater for the buck

Rating at 6.8 GPM, this unit is a perfect one for whole-house use, supports for 3 bathrooms use at the same time. It adopts propane as a major power but requires no venting device, but you need to install it outdoors. It is remote control available.


#8. Best 220 volt Tankless Water heater – Titan N -120 

best tankless water heater cost

No larger than a book, this unit can offer an endless supply of hot water. Even in a cold climate or in winter, it works well and has no cold water sandwich. What features most is its durability, the average service life of it reaches at least 10 years. And the electricity bill is surprisingly low for long time use!


#9. Natural Gas Whole House Heater – Eccotemp I12-LP

best price tankless hot water heater

This is a gas-powered tankless water heater, perfect for whole-house use, with its 4 GPM flow rate. Simple but sleek design adds up modernized feeling when coordinate with your bathroom decoration. Protective electronic ignition system guards your safe during use time.


>>Features of Best Tankless Water Heater Under $500

  • Propane-powered and electric powered types occupy the most places.

If you compare the best types under 500 we have recommended, you will find that the propane-powered and electric powered model split the world into half.

  • They are more powerful.

Propane instant water heaters are far more powerful than electric types, suitable for whole-house use.

  • Indoor installation can be a perfect choice.

Though both flow capacity and power are increased, they are still compact in shape. Installing it in the small apartment or the bathroom occupies little space only. However, for those requiring venting, you may as well install it outdoor.

>>How to Choose?

  • Flow capacity

No matter how much you attempt to spend on tankless water heaters, you should always measure the amount of hot water you need. The electric heating system can support 1-2 bathrooms, while propane types hold up to 3 bathrooms at the same time.

  • Size of bathroom

Is there enough space in the bathroom for a large size one? If not, you may consider the compact or portable type, or install it outdoor.

  • Power source

The electric heating system is more reasonable in price, and the propane heater exceeds in power and flow capacity. Based on your own needs and budgets, you can choose whichever suits you best.

Between $500-$800

#1. Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater – Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15 Plus

cheap tankless water heater

Tempra Plus features advanced technology – auto flow control; When demanded water flow exceeds the capacity, it slightly reduces water flow to maintain temperature. Though powered by electricity, it is as powerful as a whole house gas tank heater. It also reduces energy savings for it turns on only when needed; thus there is no standby loss.


#2. Large Flow Heater – Stiebel Eltron 24 Plus Tempra

electric tankless water heater price comparison

This unit is also equipped with Germany Tempra technology, alter water flow to maintain a stable temperature of hot water. The pre-set memory buttons record your habitual water flow for comfort use. Totally silent operation, as well as sleek design, makes it well worth the price.


#3. Energy Efficient Gas Heater – Rinnai V65EN 6.6 GPM Outdoor 

tankless water heater cost comparison

This is an outdoor tankless water heater, which means you need to install it outdoors, and no venting required. The gas serves as the main power, by passing California and Texas NOx Emissions Standards, it produces less carbon dioxide than traditional types. 6.6 GPM large capacity makes it suitable for whole-house use, supporting 3 bathrooms use at the same time.


>>Features of Tankless Water Heater Between $500 And $800

  • Advanced technology

No matter for maintaining water temperature, or for protecting units from burning, you will find heaters in the middle price range pretty advanced in interior design. All of which optimizes the user experience and makes bathing a relaxing thing.

  • Large flow rate

Of course, you won’t want a point of use electric heater at $500 or even $800. Thus heaters between this range are whole house types, suitable for large family use, perhaps with 2 or 3 bathrooms use simultaneously.

>>How to Choose?

  • Water demanded

Water flow and temperature difference with the amount of water you demand and regions. Before purchasing, you should make clear how much water you need in using.

  • Technology

Advanced technology set on the machine helps to improve performance and user experience, some of which maintain a stable temperature, while some shorten the waiting time for hot water.

  • Safety issues

The using safety concerns not only the quality of units but also the protection systems equipped on the machine. There are overflow and overheat protective elements on some kinds of heaters, to prolong the service life by protecting machine all around.

Above $800

#1. High Efficiency Natural Gas Heater – Rinnai R94LSi 9.4 GPM Indoor

how much is a tankless gas water heater

It is a commercial-grade natural gas heating system, which meets certification for installation in manufactured homes. By combining two or three together, you can use it commercially. Maximum 9.4 GPM supports endless hot water even in cold weather. Plus, with a venting system, this interior-mount unit can vent directly to the outside.


#2. Best Outdoor Gas Tankless Water Heater – Takagi T K4 OS NG

tankless water heater prices natural gas

Requires no venting system, this is an outdoor installation type. It features an impressive 8 GPM water flow, suitable for whole-house use. The built-in freeze protection enables to support stable hot water even in cold areas.


>>Features of the Most Expensive Tankless Water Heater

  • Gas-powered

Nearly all the instant heating systems above 800 are gas-powered types, mostly natural gas, for it provides the largest power, and keeps low standby energy loss in the meantime.

  • Whole house use

The average water flow rate of expensive heaters is 8 GPM, some are as high as 9.8 GPM, like Rinnai type. The super high flow rate makes it possible to support flawless hot water for 4-6 families use; you may also use it commercially.

  • Brilliant quality level

Price determines the quality level; on most occasions, the higher the price a product has, the better quality it gets. The expensive heaters will spend a large sum of money on improving quality levels and interior designs, to reach maximum user experience.

  • Low use costs

If you have much budget, we would highly recommend you to get a gas-powered heater. The purchasing price may be costly, but you will find your energy bills each month is sharply reduced with it.

>>How to Choose?

  • Installation costs.

The gas instant water heater is not as easy in installation as electric does; you need to get an expert to help install it for you. Well, the installation fee is a vital thing worth taking notice of. Before buying, you should include the costs of your whole budget.

  • Regions

In cold areas, the water temperature drops to 1-2 degrees; the temperature is also not as stable. However, gas tankless water heater performs better than electric type in such conditions. In warm regions, both of which are in an excellent performance.

  • Usages

For under-sink use, the point of use with the electricity type is the best choice. For a small apartment, you may choose a relatively cheap electric compact heater. The large flow gas or propane type is the most ideal one for the whole house or even commercial use.

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy cost determines your bills each month, the one with high energy efficiency will save a large amount of money for you.

Propane Tankless Water Heater Prices

The prices of propane heaters rank the second, between an electric type and gas type, and typically range from 300-800. Apart from purchasing price, the installation costs and use costs are also at the middle level.

There will always be gas emitted in the process of using propane heaters, so they require venting facilities, except for the outdoor installation.
As for use costs, the energy efficiency type is cheaper, especially for those with star energy.

In a word, if you lack enough budget for a gas type, but need to narrow down your energy bills, propane type is the best choice.

How Much Is a Tankless Electric Water Heater?

For most occasions, electric heaters are the cheapest and the least powerful types on the market. The price of which ranges basically from 100 to 400 (Apart from some high-end brands types such as Stieble and Rheem); the usages of which also spread from the point of use to whole-house use, from residential heaters to portable travel heating system.

Electric types feature most in their easy installation. Mastering basic knowledge of electricity, then you can install it all by yourself within a few hours.

The using costs of electric heaters are one of the major issues you should consider. The electric bills can be a lot higher than gas or propane types. Thus, in long terms, they may be the same as others.

Tankless Natural Gas Hot Water Heater Cost

Natural gas instant heaters are the most expensive types, which range around 500; The price of the high-end types reach as high as $1000 even.

The installation of gas heaters is quite difficult; hiring an expert for installing is necessary. The installation costs around $70.

If luckily, you get a star energy heater, then you actually save a large sum of money on energy bills.

In a word, when comparing the overall prices of tankless water heaters in the long term, the natural gas heaters are the cheapest one!


Price Range Products
Best Under 200 Tankless LPG Gas Water Heater (Low-Pressure Startup) 1.6 GPM Ventfree Propane
Best Under 500 Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX – 13 Residential Tankless Water Heater
Best Between 500-800 Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater
Best Above 800 Rinnai R94LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 9.4 GPM



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