3 Best Patio Heater Brand Reviews & The 6 Best Recommend Heaters

Many manufacturers are engaged in the production and distribution of patio heater brands. Scouring the list of the many that exist at the moment is never a walk in the park. This is a bridge you have to cross through to be able to make the right choice of a heater from the best patio heater brand.

Worry not though because we have stepped in deliberately to provide you the insight you might have to know. Other than merely identifying and discussing the top brands, we are also going to look into the best patio heaters that the markets have to offer in the meantime.

Best Patio Heater Brand Introduction


Hiland is a brand that is mainly designed for year-round use. Its line of products lacks any specialty and is hence useful for general tasks and purposes. You will hence find this brand especially suitable for the common everyday applications and general home use. Its price is also relatively affordable.

As we have stated, its products are cheaper, on the whole, to come by. This brand, in fact, is the most commonly found in homes and other installations. What’s more? It also contains loads of safety features that are all geared to your own safety and satisfaction.

Best Hiland patio heaters


The AmazonBasics is a brand that is owned by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. This brand mainly focuses on small and relatively cheaper goods and services. It handles and sells out a vast array of goods and services that range from the tech accessories to the kitchen products and indeed everything in between.

It was founded in the year 2009 and has seen since a steady rise in acceptance and adoption. This is a brand you want to rely on for your door-delivery services as it undertakes to deliver the merchandise to the doorsteps of the people who order the same.

Amazon Basics heaters


Belleze rounds up the list of the leading brands of the patio heaters at the moment. If all you want is to add some beauty and elegance to your outdoor patios, you have no better friend and companion than this brand. Its products have and indeed bear some exceptional aesthetics that make for the attainment of this end.

Beyond merely keeping your patio areas warmer and appropriately heated up for the winter months, Belleze also manages a vast array of other benefits. Chief among these are sturdy construction, attractiveness and durability, and the ability to generate varying styles and patterns of flames.

Belleze patio heater

Best Heaters Reviews From Best Patio Heaters Recommend

#1: Hiland HLDSO1-WGTHG Pyramid Patio Propane Heater 

patio heater brand



Searching for a heater to transport out and about a patio area? Well, this is the one you could pick and use for the job. It does come about with wheels that enable the easier deployment to the areas where the same might be needed.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Higher Heat Output】

It does have the ability to produce excessively high heat capacity of around 42,000 British Thermal Units. These are sufficiently high as to be able to cook the most intense recipes that demand high heat. When ignited, it produces the pyramid-shaped flames for the job.

【Unique and Dazzling Flame】

Other than the pyramid shapes, the flames also possess and exude some unique and dazzling appearances. These appearances impact every length and breadth of the rooms and the corners wherein they are installed and deployed for use. That calls for maximum impacts and wholesome ends.

【Tip-over Protection System】

To safeguard you from the risks of falling off and the associated dangers of fire outbreaks, the item does come equipped with a tip-over protection mechanism. It also imbues a sense of confidence in you to make use of the gadget even when the ambient winds may be too strong.

  • Contains a hammered Bronze exterior finish
  • Its wheels allow for easier mobility
  • Burns the exceedingly hot propane gas
  • Triggers via a reliable electronic igniter
  • Pairs with the standard 20-pound LPG bib tank
  • Some parts are a bit superfluous
  • Calls for extensive care and maintenance
  • Demands some in-depth cleanliness after use



#2: Hiland HLDS01-WCBT 48,000 BTU Propane Patio Heater 

best patio heaters review




Preparing for the extremely cold winter months? You have this heater for your own choice and use. It does have the capacity to generate a whopping 48,000 British Thermal Units of heating power. These are definitely sufficient to thaw any snow and maintain you in a perpetual state of warmth.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Hammered Silver Finish】

A hammered silver finish does stand taller among the many good things that the heater potentially brings about. The finish is truly breathtaking to the eyes. It hence enables the item to give off some beauty and elegance to you. This sees it contribute to your décor as well.

【48, 000 BTU’s Output】

Its heating power is the wonderful 48,000 British Thermal Units. It is this output that in fact suits the appliance for the purpose of keeping your winters exceptionally warm. At the same time, it maintains your patios in a perpetual state of habitability whenever the circumstances may so demand.

【Variable Temperature Controls】

To maintain and operationalize the gadget, you will make use of some variable temperature controls. These come in the form of buttons that are highly responsive. They basically give you the leeway to control and manage the levels of heat output that may be desirable to you at a time.

  • Its propane tank is easily accessible
  • Switches on a bit easier and conveniently
  • Attaches to some wheels for the sake of easy mobility
  • Incorporates a burner and a regulator
  • Packed with loads of safety features
  • Does not have its own propane tank
  • Demands other attachments to operationalize
  • Likely to impose some clutter in your rooms



#3: Hiland HLDS032-B Table Top Portable Heater 

best patio heater brands




Looking for a heater to use for many relevant tasks? This versatile one will do the trick for you. It is able to keep your patios and backyards pretty warm. It makes this largely possible by the fact that it pairs and works well with many other attachments.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Weight Plate】

A weight plate exists at the base of the heater whose role is to confer the benefit of added stability to the structure. This base pairs with the burner screen guard that similarly makes it possible for your own safety and overall convenience. Its entire structure does ward off tilting and fidgeting.

【Pilot Light and Adjustable Heat】

When ignited, the item does yield forth the pilot lights and the adjustable heats. These are arrived at the simple press of a button that comes along as a knob. With these two vital parameters, you may be sure to completely and holistically illuminate your own paths.

【Simple Design】

Though packed with tons of vital features, this item comes about in a truly simple design. It lacks those sophisticated components that make life hard for simpler users. That is not to mention that it indeed pairs and works for hand in hand with many settings and décor options.

  • Rests conveniently atop the tables
  • Portable enough for easier and expedited usage
  • Can even serve commercial ends and purposes
  • Manufactured if the reliable stainless steel materials
  • Operable via an 11, 000 BTU’s adjustable control
  • Too simple for complex chores
  • Lacking in many other vital parameters
  • Its energy efficiency is somewhat wanting



#4: AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater 

patio heater brands




Do you have some commercial elements in mind? This one that bears the commercial design and functionality. These are evidenced by its extra-large and somewhat complicated stature. You will hence find it a good companion to look up to if at all you have a wider area of space to heat.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Powerful 46,000 BTUs of Heat】

In all, it generates the powerful 46,000 British Thermal Units of heating power. Thus, it is a good one to make use of when attempting to tackle the excessively harsh mid-winters. With this high output, you may be sure to stay warm and appropriately taken good care of.

【Steel Construction with Powder-Coated Bronze Finish】

At its core is the steel construction that gives it the strength, support, and vitality it requires to handle your chores and operations well. Adorning the exterior of the stainless steel column is the Bronze finish powder coating. That minimizes corrosion to keep you safer and more peaceful.

  • Impacts the outdoor living spaces just fine
  • Yields an elevated sense of profitability
  • Draws its power from the exceptionally powerful propane
  • Keeps your guests feeling warm and comfortable
  • Truly stable and less fidgeting
  • Quite large and bulky
  • Comes at a great cost
  • May not fit smaller spaces



#5: BELLEZE 48,000BTU Premium Outdoor Patio Heater  

best patio heater review




Are you prepping for an excessively cool climate like the winter months? You should pick and devote this heater for your own use. It does have the ability to generate an impressive 48,000 British Thermal Units of heating power. This is definitely sufficient to keep all the cold at bay.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【15-foot Diameter Heat Range】

It does have the ability to disseminate heat at a comfortable radius of around 15 feet. Definitely, this is large and sufficient to cater to the needs of an entire room. It hence negates the need to clutter your interiors with an excessively high number of heaters, a fact that similarly reduces the costs of operations.

【Piezo Ignition System】

To set it up for use, you will engage the piezo ignition mechanism. Owing to the prompt nature of this system, you will not have to struggle that much to be able to have your way at all. Instead, it is likely to deliver your lighting and heating outcomes within the shortest time possible.

【48,000 BTUs of Heat】

As we have already explained above, the heater is able to generate the impressive 48,000 British Thermal Units of heating power. It is this heating power that has the ability to impact an entire room and patio area with sufficient amounts of heat to ward off the thawing eventuality.

  • Controls the heat output conveniently via a knob
  • Contains wheels that manage smoother mobility
  • Sturdy, durable and truly attractive
  • A safety tilt shut off valve exists for your own added peace of mind
  • Adds some aesthetics to your décor
  • Prolonged exposure may desiccate your skin
  • Likely to draw away all humidity from the air
  • Uncomfortable for use in areas with smaller children



#6: BELLEZE 42,000BTU Propane Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater 

best patio heater brands




Wishing to add some beauty and aesthetics to your exterior rooms and patios? You have this particular heater to thank. It does allow you to alter the appearance and the behaviors of the flames as per your specifications. These alterations are the ones that serve to add some aesthetics to your areas.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Unique Pyramid Design】

It does come about in a unique pyramid design. On the strength of this unique pyramid design, the structure is similarly capable of adding some beauty and breathtaking elegance to the area in your patios. On the strength of this design, the item is also able to fit the least amounts of spaces.

【50-inch Ceramic Glass Flame Tube】

Its flame dissipation mechanism comes in the form of a 50-inch ceramic glass flame tube. This one is long enough to be able to channel the heat output as far wide as can be. At the same time, it also reduces any losses of heat that may ordinarily arise in the course of use.

【Propane Power Source】

The item derives its heating power almost exclusively from the propane gas. This makes it hotter and better placed to deliver the best outcomes overall. Owing to the safe and reliable nature of the propane gas, this item is similarly safer and more convenient to make do with.

  • Sturdy and durable in equal stature
  • Comes about in heavy-duty construction
  • Attractive and durable in equal measure
  • Safer enough for use thanks to the tilt shut-off valve
  • Bears the stainless steel construction
  • Limited power sources (propane only)
  • Reckless handling may pose some permanent damages
  • Too hot for out-of-winter use




Our long and laborious look into the best patio heater brands and the associated products come to an end there. We now trust that you have the empowerment necessary to find and make use of the most appropriate heater that money can buy at the moment. What are you waiting for?

Don’t you know that waiting for too long to make the first move may, in fact, be detrimental to your health and stature? We challenge you now to move with speed and pick one from the list above. To help others to enjoy the selfsame benefits, we opine that you share the review and guide as far wide as you can!


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