6 Best Gas Pool Heaters For Inground Pools Reviews for 2021

best pool heaters for inground pools reviews

These are mostly electric appliances designed to provide heating performance, not regarding the outside weather conditions. Gas pool heaters are effective pool heaters, and they use natural gas or propane as its fuel, and they directly transfer combustion energy to the water pool. Choosing the best gas pool heaters for inground pools are mostly a smart investment, suitable, and can be a source of luxury and happiness in your home.

What Is the Best Gas Pool Heater For Inground Pools on the Market?

Is Gas Pool Heating Expensive

If you opt to have a gas pool heater, you have to make a decision on whether to consider gas heaters or go for electricity. Both sources of energy are costly, and it depends on how you have planned to use your pool. But gas pool heaters tend to be relatively less expensive when compared to the electricity; therefore, I advise you to go for the gas pool heating than any other alternative. The average cost of gas pool heaters is between 1 500 to 2 000 dollars, and generally, installing gas pool heaters tend to be more expensive than electric heaters, but in the long run, they tend to be cheaper than one using electric heaters.

Picking The Best Gas Pool Heaters For Inground pools From Comparison Chart

How to Pick Best Gas Pool Heaters for In-ground Pools

There are many factors that you have to consider when shopping for a gas pool heater for in-ground pools. It is not a matter of click for request, or when physically buying any available model, you have to be considerate as to pick the right product that is convenient.

Size of your pool

You have to consider the size of your pool as many of the gas pool heaters are determined by the size of the pool for their suitability. This is important as it will help you to pick the right size of the heater that can serve your pool. Having known the size of your pool you will not go wrong in determining the right BTUs, as the more BTUs a gas heater has, the faster and more efficient will water be heated up, this is so for you to know how much energy is needed to heat the entire in-ground pool.

As well you have to know the efficiency of the gas pool heater as it plays a significant role when determining the operational cost required. If the gas pool heater is more efficient, then it will result in better performance hence lowering the costs for operating.

Time taken to heat

Time taken for the gas pool heater is also another factor that you have to observe as most of them are not durable, and the exteriors are not rust proof. Such types of gas pool heaters should not be considered as they can’t hold up to harsh weather conditions. Always one should consider quality products that are designed to last for years.

Heat exchange

Heat exchange is very important just as the names of the gas pool heaters suggest about the product, the initial heat exchangers were made of a copper product, but most new ones feature titanium heat exchangers or Cupro nickel for they are resistant to corrosion and very durable hence able to last for a long period of time.

Control panel

The control panel is the interface that allows one to make adjustments easily to attain the appropriate temperature required in your pool. Most of the modern pool heaters are featured with digital control and display as some are in apposition to maintain the set temperatures degrees of the water in the pool automatically. There is as well an alert feature that can indicate an occurrence of the problem and giving a solution to the problem.


The overall cost of the product is as well very important, and as well its overall operating cost and efficiency should be considered. From the point of installation to maintenance, running costs, and repair if necessary and the general cost of the gas pool heater exceeds much the price tug with time and should be considered when you are searching for the heater. Always pick the right product according to your budget and the size of your pool.


Manufactures warranty is also a very important factor that you have to consider in cases of a large purchase. This will save on costs in case the gas pool heater malfunctions and requires repair. Most of the heaters come along with the manufacturers’ warranty, but the warranty mostly varies along in time coverage duration and comprehensiveness from different manufactures. It is important you get to know what the warranty covers and the necessary conditions.

Review of the Best Gas Pool Heaters for Inground Pools

1. Best Gas Pool Heater for Inground Pools – Pentair 460736 Eco-friendly Master Temp-Performance Heater

gas pool heaters for inground pools

This product offers all available services to you as it is a very efficient, reliable, and convenient product; in addition, it is very fast to heat up. It is compact in design, offers a quiet operational environment, and very easy to use.

Its measurements are 29.9 by 36.1 by 22.8 inches and weigh 120 pounds, and it is a certified product for very low nitrogen oxide emission, very tough and resistant to rust.

The Pentair master temp-performance eco-friendly has a digital display that comes with it can be rotated for one to view easily and contains a manual shut off nob whenever servicing is required to be done.

2. Best For Swimming Pool – Raypak Digital Natural Heater 

inground swimming pool heater

The product is made with very high-quality integral products of Cupro nickel fin tubes that help its unit stand up to very harsh environmental conditions and applications, i.e., heavy and high flow use and low ph. conditions.

It is controlled by a digital LCD display where temperature can be selected and set the quantity of heat to be produced. The cupro-nickel resin header prevents it against rust stains that can harm the pool surface; hence it is a safe product under your pool. This product can be plumbed directly from the provided 2 inches PVC threaded union and contains a smart microprocessor control diagnostic readouts and continuous motors operating status.

The Daypack gas pool heater can maintain heat efficiency above 83% and uses the uni term governor for keeping water temperature above 105 F., which is above the highest state and federal standards. The product is 41 by 34 by 30 inches in dimensions and weighing 248 pounds Raypak product.

3. Most Efficient Pool Heater – Raypak Large Power Digital Electric Ignition Heater

inground pool heat pump

This is a professional quality product for those who are searching for a digital control gas pool heater with liquid crystal displays that enable one to select temperatures for heating plus heat settings. The Capron resin headers are free from rust and stains from the pool surface and are plumb from the direct provided 2 inches PVC threaded union.

The product as well contains a smart microprocessor controls for diagnostic readout where necessary plus continuous monitoring of the operations of the machine. It is efficient and a small footprint that you can go for with 44.5 by 30.5 by 28.2 inches in size, weighing 243 pounds. It contains stainless steel burners with non-combustible bases and textured powder coating finish making it a quality product for anyone to go and make a purchase.

4. Best Low Nox – Jandy  JXi 400K BTU Natural Gas Swimming Pool Heater For In-ground Pools

electric heat pump pool heaters for inground pools

This is a nice product that works perfectly with gas connection hooked up in a professional design. It is a compact and quitter unit than most gas pool heaters available in the market.

The product was designed to offer a lifetime of heating enjoyments. With its pre-mixed air plus air burning tech. Resistant to rust exteriors with a temperature control makes the product to be ranked among the best. It is a perennial choice for pool owners and is highly recommendable in any gas pool heaters review.

It is a super-efficient and compact product, light in weight in design hence making it be easily installed in your pool. The product measures 40 by 24 by 28.5 inches and weighs 151 pounds.

5. Raypak Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Pool Heater

inground swimming pool heater

It contains a digital control liquid crystal display (LCD) that is helpful for temperature selection and setting the quantity of heat required for heating the pool. It is made up of capro resin headers, which are materials that are resistant to rust and any other stains from the pool surface.

The product is a natural gas pool heater that works very fast whenever you need to warm. This machine contains a very durable exterior with a rotating LED display, which can easily be used for setting heating rates and monitoring the machine operations. The Raypak digital electronic ignition natural gas pool heater is a convenient product and works like a champ and is made with quality materials to withstand years in operation.

The premix air region and gas system features hot surface ignition with digital push-button control that allows one to monitor the pools’ heating and able to make quick necessary adjustments. The product is resistant to rust and able to serve for a long period of time.

6. Pentair 461059 Master Natural Gas Swimming Pool Heater

propane pool heaters for inground pools

It doesn’t matter whether you are having a new swimming pool as a gas heating solution is here in place, as heating is perhaps a fantastic choice that will definitely make the pool worthy.

This is a natural gas pool heating equipment that offers reliable, efficient, and very easy to use. Pentair master natural heater is designed to contend with the best natural gas heaters option in the market and is able to heat within a short period of time. It is designed for efficiency and for reliability as many love it for its performance and is equipped with rotating digital display and its simplicity when using plus stack flue sensor and water switch pressure.

What Size of Gas Heater Do You Need for Your Inground Pool?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a healthy budget or a very big pool, modest budget or average in size pool. A high-quality gas pool heater will definitely fit your pool, lifestyle, and budget as you can pick the most appropriate gas heater that can effectively serve your entire pool effectively rather than letting your pool to remain colder.

The bigger gas pool heater is always better as it can heat the entire pool very fast, for example, a 400k BTU heater is likely to heat your pool approximately twice as fast as when you have the 200k BTU heater. When you have a choice of a type of gas heater that you want to buy, it is important that first that you should calculate the surface area of the pool.

If your pool is so spacious, then the heat will have more space to escape; as a result, more water will be heated. Raypak has a heater calculator that can configure the area of your pool with the desired temperature and able to recommend which quality or size of the gas pool heater is appropriate to serve in your swimming pool. It is also helpful for you to compare the energy cost and the right units that are suitable.

Final Pick

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