10 Best Portable Electric Water Heater Reviews & 2021 Guide

Whenever you go out for a trip or live in a small apartment with two or three family members, the best portable electric water heater will offer you a wonderful bathing time.

Compact shape spares you more space for other decorations; Electricity power design reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. Anyway, buying a small portable water heater can never be a bad idea for small homes.

What is the best indoor electric portable water heater?

How about the portable water heater price?

This article is written to solve all the problems relating to it. Through detailed portable heaters reviews and buying guides, you can definitely choose the ideal type.

Now, let’s get started!

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What Is the Best Portable Electric Water Heater on the Market?

Best OverallEcoSmart ECO 11 Electric 

Editor’s Rating: 4.2

portable electric water heater


Editor’s Note:

  • Space Saver
  • Limited warranty
  • Easily replaceable elements
  • Easy installation
  • High energy efficient
  • Endless hot water
  • Perfect for indoor use

This water heater is an ideal one for indoor use; the compact shape enables you to hang it either on the wall of a bathroom or near water sink; It meets your needs on small apartment use or for some point of use applications.

Small shape as it is, it still supports two bathrooms use at the same time, but only in warm regions, of course. There is no need to waste much water and money waiting for hot water; it takes only around 10 seconds.

Try to switch the button when you need to adjust the water temperature. Through the LED control panel, you can read actual water temperature and adjust it in a 1-degree increment.

Thanks to self-modulating technology, which is the most advanced skills in the heater’s market now, ECO 11 boosts its energy efficiency to be 98%. It adjusts needed energy based on your routine water use, to ensure less energy is wasted.

Why Do You Need Portable Electric Water Heaters

With the popularity that these water heaters enjoy, it will only be fair to mention that they draw multiple benefits. Some of the top advantages that you will enjoy will include the following.

  • These devices assure you of enhanced portability. Their compact design makes it easier for you to carry them around, whether you are camping or in an RV.
  • You cannot overlook their level of energy efficiency. Mostly, these heaters will consume minimal energy requirement.
  • These heaters will require minimal space at all times. For this reason, you will be free to use them regardless of where you are or the space you have.
  • You will be sure of enhanced safety at all times. Their meticulous and robust construction will come in handy in improving safety. That is because they will comfortably work in small spaces.

Portable Electric Vs. Gas Heater

There has always been a battle between gas and electric water heaters. And it is for a good reason. Both electric and gas water heaters assure you of enhanced reliability and better service. While at it, they will give you value for money too. However, you will witness the following distinctions too.

  1. The lifespans of these two types of water heaters are worlds apart. While gas heaters will last between ten and twenty years, electric heaters will be around for at least ten years more.
  2. Electric heaters will always assure you of enhanced safety. The fact that gas could leak will always make portable gas heaters more vulnerable. Placing them near furnaces could further exacerbate the situation.
  3. Acquiring portable gas water heaters will often be less affordable compared to electric ones. However, you will spend less on natural gas compared to electricity in the long run
  4. You will spend relatively more on maintaining gas water heaters. If you are looking forward to something relatively more comfortable to maintain, portable electric heaters will be better for you.

The 10 Top Portable Electric Water Heaters of 2021

Best Types
#1. Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater
#2. Dltsli 240 V 3 Power Levels Instant Electric Heater
#3. Thermoflow UT10 2.6-Gallons Heaters
#4. ECOTOUCH Remote Control Digital Display Heaters
#5. Camp Chef HWD5 Heaters
#6. Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater
#7. Ecosmart POU 3.5/6 Tankless Water Heater
#8. Thermoflow for Wash Basins & Utility Sinks
#9. American Standard CE12-AS 12 Gallon
#10. Happybuy 11.6L Electric Tankless Water Heater

How Do Electric Portable Water Heaters Work?

Every family needs a supply of hot water, especially for showering. It is challenging for a family to claim that they do not need hot water. Having an electric water heater saves you a lot of time when you need a supply of hot water. An electric portable water heater makes the whole process very convenient for you.

An electric portable water heater works. The cold water comes through the dip tube through the heating elements, which in turn heats the water. This means that it all starts by plugging it to the electric power supply. Being a portable water heater, you can choose to move it to any point where you want the water heated.

An electric portable water heater can either be tankless or with a tank. The one with tankless means that it only supplies heat to the water that is passing through heating elements. This is not for the case for the one with a tank. For the heaters with a tank, the water in the tank gets heated first before it can be supplied to be used in the house.

In this case, the hot water outlets can, therefore, be used. The tankless heater is more relevant since the water it has heated gets used, unlike the tank option where water can be heated and not used entirely. This is why tankless is becoming more popular.

How Much Is a Small Electric Water Heater?

A small electric water heater can range between $100 to $250. This depends on the brand and power output needed as well as the water pressure that will be required to run it. With such an amount, you can get something to serve you. You got to ensure that as cheap as you want to buy the electric heater, it gets to serve your needs.

The small heater is very relevant for small families or even large families, which does not need much hot water supply. If your family hot water need is high, then you have to consider a higher amount of money when budgeting for one.

Best Portable Electric Water Heater Reviews

#1. Mini Portable Tank Water HeaterBosch Electric Tank Gas Water Heater 

Editor’s Rating: 4.3

small electric water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Short waiting time
  • Ideal for point of use
  • No cold water sandwiching
  • Minimum loss of energy
  • Sleek and simple design

In terms of kitchen faucet use, you might need a point of use heater like this one. It is a mini-tank heater, features a 2.5 and 4-gallon tank with a simple 120 Volt plug-in connection. You can have its shelf, wall, or floor-mounted based on actual needs.

To eliminate long waiting times, you need only install it near your sink. There is thick CFC-free foam insulation installed inside the heater, so stop worrying about the use time. A glass-lined tank also ensures high durability.

What impresses most is how easy its installation can be. Once you master the basic knowledge of electricity, you can install it within 30 minutes.

The unit weighs light, and of course, occupies a smaller space than you can imagine. Overall, it is a primary point of use portable electric water heater.

#2. Best Outdoor UseDltsli 240 V 3 Power Levels Instant Electric Hot Tankless Water Heater

Editor’s Rating: 4.3

40 gallon electric water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Solid construction
  • Constant hot water supply
  • More power options available
  • Supply hot water for 2 full bathrooms
  • The reasonable flow of warm water
  • Great price for products
  • Nice looking

This unit is a portable electric hot tankless water heater that comes with a showerhead. It is tiny, so much that you can use it as a point of use heater under water sink.

There are three power levels that you can choose, varies in 3.5KW, 4.5KW, and also 5.5KW. The exact water temperature shows on the LCD screen, by touching buttons, you can rise and lower down the exact water temperature with 1-degree increment.

It needs no much water pressure to start up. What features most is safety protection, it has the anti-dry function, water leakage, and earth leakage prevention.

Unlike traditional water heaters, it enables multiple installations, you can install it vertically, horizontally or in any angles you need in the bathroom or kitchen.

#3. Under Sink Tank Water HeaterThermoflow UT10 2.6-Gallons

Editor’s Rating: 4.4

electric on demand water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Less waiting time for hot water
  • Easy installation
  • Simple and sleek shape design
  • Smooth temperature control

This is a mini tank water heater, the water capacity of it reaches around 2.6 gallons, able to meet two sinks use at the same time. An ideal one for point of use, but not suitable for shower use.

Concerns considerably on safety issues, it is equipped with an active protection circuit for safe installation; auto-shutoff system to control the unit on and off when the temperature reaches a high or low setting.

The stainless steel tank and heating elements keep it super durable. You can mount it on the wall or under the sink because of its small shape.

#4. On Demand Hot Water Heater ECOTOUCH Remote Control Digital Display 

Editor’s Rating: 4.1

electric instant water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Ideal for point of use
  • Safe and durable
  • Convenient to install and use
  • Sleek design
  • Healthy water quality
  • Leakage protection

This tankless water heater is applied with a 5.5KW heating system, able to offer you constant water flow in both shower and kitchen faucet use. The maximum water temperature reaches around 116℉. Wait for no more than 15 seconds; hot water comes out.

Designed with compact and small shape, it is an ideal one for kitchen or bathroom sink use. The energy efficiency of it is 98%, higher than most of the heaters on the market; All of which thanks to its smart self-adjustment system — auto-adjust power input according to flow rate and temperature setting.

Approved by ETL and qualifies for UL, you will see its excellent performance even for years of use.

#5. Travel Portable Heating SystemCamp Chef HWD5 

Editor’s Rating: 4.2

best electric tankless water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Adjustable water temperature
  • 2D batteries for ignition
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Easy to use
  • 1.5 gallons per minute on demand hot water
  • 1-year warranty

If you are out for traveling, then you will need this tankless water heater, simply attach it to a hose, and then you can get a relaxing shower. It is capable of producing 1.5 gallons of hot water per minute, which supports a warm shower easily.

The showerhead comes with the machine has 4 settings, including off, mist, shower, and jet. By igniting soon when you need hot water, it helps save much energy and power.

In terms of portability, you will find it super convenient to use, whether to use as self-standing or to hang it with brackets. When out of use of the heater, fold the handle down, and you can store it easily. The regulator hose it comes with can also be used for a bulk propane tank.

#6. Mini Portable Tankless HeaterBosch Electric Small Electric Water Heater 

Editor’s Rating: 4.0

electric hot water boiler

Editor’s Note:

  • Energy saving
  • Perfect for small space use
  • Multiple power available
  • Outdoor RVs or boats use available
  • Short waiting time for hot water
  • Lightweight

This is another small point of use tankless water heater, able to be used for kitchen sink or under the bathroom sink for washing machines. The compact shape also enables you to mount it on the wall either vertically or horizontally.

It reduces the standby loss to a maximum of 98%, which means your electricity bill is accordingly reduced.

Waiting for hot water located from the heater to sink is a waste of water, this unit shortens the waiting time largely to around 5 seconds; thus, less cold water is wasted in the whole process. Based on your needs, there is four power you can choose, ranging from 3.4kw to 12kw.

#7. Point of Use Heater Ecosmart POU 3.5/6 Tankless Water Heater 

Editor’s Rating: 3.8

instant hot water heater electric

Editor’s Note:

  • Consistent hot water supply
  • Digital display
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Compact shape
  • Free installation
  • Ideal for point of use

This point of use portable heater has two options on power rate and flow rate, choosing 3.5 type when you need less heating capacity; while for a larger sink, you might as well need a 6 type.

Being a small compact heater, it is still a digital display available. Water temperature and error signs show on the screen, which makes check the exact temperature in use more convenient. It features flow controlled also; the water temperature adjusts according to the demanded flow rate.

#8. Indoor Portable Water HeaterThermoflow for Wash Basins & Utility Sinks

Editor’s Rating: 4.0

portable electric hot water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Compact shape
  • Ideal for point of use
  • Use as a booster heater or a primary heater
  • Space saving
  • Never run out of hot water

This one adopts Germany advanced technology, provides you with fast and consistent hot water in need. It minimizes the loss of cold water and reduces the bills paid on water and electricity.

Because of the bare wire heating system that free of maintenance, it supplies endless hot water whenever you need it. Install it under your hand sink or kitchen sink; then you can use hot water in around 5 seconds.

#9. Point of Use Tank HeaterAmerican Standard CE12-AS 12 Gallon

Editor’s Rating: 4.0

portable tankless water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Easy to install
  • Excellent design
  • Rapid hot water recovery
  • High quality
  • Thoughtful after sale service
  • Ideal for point of use

Still fond of tank water heater for point of use? This unit will on your bet. Designed with a heavy gauge steel tank, you will find it super durable and long-lasting. The inner Dura glass-lined tank also prevents it from corrosion.

You can install it in cabinets, counters, and other places for point of use; it shortens the waiting time for hot water significantly. You can use it either for residential or commercial use; each comes with a limited 6 year and 3-year warranty accordingly.

Though designed with the tank, it is compact and small. If you are at a loss of finding a suitable size for a decent price, I will highly recommend this one!

#10. Portable Heater for Shower UseHappybuy 11.6L Electric 

Editor’s Rating: 3.6

portable propane water heater

Editor’s Note:

  • Sensitive LED display
  • Large LED touch screen
  • Low consumption
  • High energy efficient
  • Well worth the price
  • Suitable size for small apartment use

Compared with other portable tankless water heaters, this one is quite powerful, with 11.6L continuously hot water supply per minute. It gives you comfortable and relaxing bathing time whenever for residential use or camper use.

The built-in micro-computer system enables you to adjust the water temperature by touching the buttons. The safety issue of it is also worth mentioning; The over-heating protection, leakage prevention valve, as well as sensor fault protection, protect the machine all around.

For shower use, you can install it in the bathroom directly. If for hand washing, you may as place it under the faucet near the sink.

Buying Guides on Portable Electric Tankless Water Heater

Being aware of the essential choosing tips is the key to finding an ideal water heater. Here are some factors you need to consider in purchasing.

1. Portability makes outdoor use easier.

In terms of portable electric hot water heater, of course, the portability is the primary concern. It should be small in size and portable in hand. Some of which are installed with handle, available for both wall mounted outdoor or self-standing.

2. Size the capacity and water flow You need.

No matter for a tankless water heater or the one with a tank, you need first to size the amount of water you need per day. It determines how large the capacity you should get.

3. Safety is the key.

No matter for the residential heaters or portable types, you will never want one with safety issues in use. The hot water boiler with an auto-shutoff system is safer, for it shuts off when water heats up to a maximum temperature range. There is also overflow protection to prevent it from burning.

4. Temperature rise, control, and range are all vital considerations.

Water temperature varies according to the location and seasons. In somewhere warm, the temperature of water stays the same as what ads say; In cold regions, I would highly recommend you to get a stronger model, for the temperature falls off 1-2 degrees or even more (based on your locations) in cold areas.

5. Spare enough space for a heater.

Before purchasing one, you need to estimate how much space you intend to occupy. Is there enough room for a large size type? If not, you might as well choose a portable one. They are designed small and compact, perfect for small apartment use.

6. Endless hot water supply is a must.

You do not want to be in an embarrassing situation when water runs out in the shower, especially when you are traveling outdoors. A heater with endless hot water supply offers relaxing bathing time.

7. Leakage is a trouble thing.

Make sure your heaters are in excellent quality, with no leak, no breaks, and of course, no bursts. And reading expert reviews can help you choose what the best is!

Can I Use An Electric Portable Hot Water Heater For a Shower?

An electric portable water heater can be used for the shower. It is even more convenient than the unpotable one since you can have it at any point where you want it, be it an indoor or outdoor shower. If you want better results, which will ensure that you don’t spend much water, you can opt for a tankless electric portable water heater. Do not fear anything to do with operation costs. An electric water heater is cheaper than any other power generated water heater.

Extra Tips In Choosing Electric Portable Hot Water Heater

You don’t just go to the market and buy anything that you come across. You have to be wise in the decision you are making lest you have something that cannot meet your needs. Here are some of the tips for choosing the best electric portable water heater.

Choose a tankless electric portable water heater

You have a chance to choose either a tankless or a tank-style water heater. The tankless is more expensive when buying, but its operational cost is very manageable than the tank-style option. They also last for over twenty years when the tank-style one can only stand a maximum of thirteen years. It is advisable to go for an expensive heater than is manageable than to go for a cheap one but which will give you hell on earth when it comes to the cost of operation.

Ensure that it is ideally portability

It makes no sense to call something ‘portable’ when, in the real sense, you cannot carry it along. Therefore, consider the weight of the heater you opt for. If you get something that you cannot carry along, then you will have spent much money on nothing. Ensure it can be carried from one point to another.

The water pressure needed

You also got to buy a portable heater which you can supply with the right water pressure. If you feel you don’t need much water pressure, then you can go for one that does not need much pressure, say 1.6 gallons per minute on the maximum. If you need high pressure, then you can as well go for one that requires much pressure. Do not exceed 3.0 gallons per minute that would be water wastage.

Is a Portable Electric Water Heater Shower System Able to Use For An Outdoor Shower?

Electric water heater shower system can be used for an outdoor shower, and this is a dream come true for everybody who loves having the coziness of a shower as they are out and about. The shower systems have a high stream rate so you can get the measure of water you require, in any event, when cleaning up, its water pressure does not need to be too high and most outdoors zones will have the option to meet this necessity.

People love the fact that the water portable water heater system can be moved around and the fact that they can be moved to wherever it works best. Nonetheless, most of them are not designed to be installed at home.

Using this, people don’t need to stress over having power or other power accessible at home to get this item moving. It merely needs batteries, which are incorporated. Additionally, they are rechargeable, and it gets ready when you need it, for instance, on the off chance that awful climate takes out the power and you need high temp water.

The heater can even be utilized as an individual shower. This is an extraordinary thought on the off chance that you are out outdoors and don’t have different choices for a shower, yet you do have some water accessible. You will get a lot of comfort from a pleasantly warm bath regardless of where you are.

What Size of Portable Electric Water Heater Shower System Do I Need?

The size of the portable electric water heater shower system is determined by tallying the quantity of simultaneously utilized showerheads and if a water convertible shower head is available, as your high temp water framework size guide.

You can spare a generous measure of cash by purchasing the right size high temp water heater that is bigger than you truly need. You might need to save money on the underlying expense in addition to the progressing running expense.

As an estimate of what size high temp water system one needs, you would need a 16L/min heated water storage for two convertible water showerheads, 24L/min used for three convertible water showerheads while 32L/min works for four convertible water showerheads.

This electric hot water heater shower system depends on having a 3 Star water convertible shower head with consistent stream (momentary) gas high temp water warmers and utilizing the entirety of the showers at the same time.

When using a tankless gas high temp water heater system, the number of individuals doesn’t generally make a difference, simply the concurrent utilization of the showers influences what size the hot water framework is needed. The utilization of other high temp water taps, for example, for a clothes washer, will diminish the number of showers that can be utilized simultaneously.

Benefits of Portable Electric Water Heater

1. Compact and lightweight

Small size with simple operation design makes it an ideal one for camper use. The one with handle doubles the installation method; you can either use it self-standing or hang it somewhere suitable.

2. Easy to install and use

There aren’t many functions provided aside from providing continuous hot water for portable heaters; A simple on and off button meet all your outdoor needs. Plus, they are quite easy to install.

3. Energy efficiency

For most portable heaters, especially electric heaters, their energy efficiencies reach up to 98%, which means few energies is wasted in the process. Besides, it produces less carbon dioxide compared with the gas type.

4. Save bills on water

The higher the energy efficiency it is, the more it saved on electricity and water bills.

5. Space Saver

It is never wrong to get a portable type for a small apartment. Compact in shape, it has massive hot water to supply for showering.

6. Comes with easy attachment system

Portable electric water heaters frequently come with a hose; Some also come with a battery, in replace of electricity outdoor, and there is no need for electrical hook-ups.

How Do I Use a Portable Electric Heater in a Camper?

Portable electric water heaters use electricity to operate, which only suits those that want to conserve propane or have electricity included. It would be fair to mention that you will need an inverter for this heater to function. That is because it will hardly operate while boondocking. This inverter will help protect the heating elements from frying.

Ensure that you follow these steps at this point.

  • Confirm the water heater bypass valve and open it. This way, water will flow into the main tank.
  • Connect the RV to a nearby source of water.
  • Turn on your hot water tap, which allows water to flow through the heater freely, heating instantly.
  • Feel free to explore the instructions offered by the manufacturer, as it will give you more insights.

What to Do when a Portable Electric Water Heater is No Longer Working

Indeed, no one wishes to experience problems when using water heaters. However, some issues are inevitable. In such instances, you will need to focus on troubleshooting. Here are three common problems and how to address them.

• System overload

Overloading your portable electric heater will result in a compromised supply of hot water. Ensure that you reset your system in this case.

• Buildup of minerals

Minerals building up will cause significant problems to you. Ensure that you flush any hard water from time to time.

• Blocked exhaust

Check the vent pipes, and verify whether they are connected correctly.

How Effective Are Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters have proven to be worth embracing. Investing in these heaters will assure you of some of the best returns. Usually, they convert between 60 and 70% of the sun’s energy into heat. With this level of efficiency, you will be confident of reaping enhanced value for your money in the long run.

Do I Need a Pump for a Portable Electric Water Heater to Work?

Did you know that a pump will always be vital in the functioning of your portable water heater? It comes in handy in ensuring that water reaches the heater on time, and effectively so. With a reliable pump, you will be sure of enhanced energy efficiency in the long run.

Other Considerations on Choosing an Electric Tankless Water Heater

Are you looking forward to getting reliable water heaters? If a constant stream of hot water is all you so desire, a tankless water heater will be ideal for your RV. However, things become challenging once you start the selection process. Various aspects will come in handy when selecting your ideal water heater. Take the time to observe the following variables.

• How Much Energy does it use?

Ensure that you understand the power and energy use. Most often, such will be the time to consider the amperage and voltage that the electric heater comes with. The amperage should be enough to support your needs.

• How does it operate?

You will also need to pay attention to the application. Ideally, you will choose either a single point application or a thermostatic one. Thermostatic water heaters allow you to enjoy enhanced control and lesser temperature losses.

• Confirm the level of safety

Indeed, safety will be one of the most vital aspects, as it will differentiate between fatality and life. In this light, aim at compact heaters. Their construction needs to be not only robust but also topnotch.

• Budget

Do not shy away from comparing the prices. Enhanced affordability cushions you against financial constraints.

• Check the Flow rate

Do you know the flow rate of your chosen portable electric heater? With a higher flow rate, you will be sure of much better results in the long run.

Tips on Maintaining Portable Electric Heaters

Maintaining electric heaters depends on how much you use it. Whichever it is, it will always be valuable to engage professionals. They understand how to handle these electric heaters, thanks to their experience and knowledge. Ensure that you consider doing these maintenance services from time to time. This move ensures that you address minor problems on time.


Best Tank Type1. Bosch Electric

2. American Standard CE12-AS 12 Gallon

Best Outdoor TypeCamp Chef HWD5
Best Indoor Type1. EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric 

2. ECOTOUCH Remote Control Digital Display 

Best Type for Shower1. Dltsli 240 V 3 Power

2. Happybuy 11.6L Electric 

Best Point of Use1. Thermoflow UT10 2.6-Gallons

2. Bosch Electric 

3. Ecosmart POU 3.5/6 

4. Thermoflow for Wash Basins & Utility Sinks


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