7 Best EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews – About the Brand

EcoSmart is one of the leading brands in tankless water heater markets in 2020. Most of the products of its are electric tankless water heaters. All the best selling products of EcoSmart tankless water heaters include Eco 11, Eco 18, Eco 27, and Eco 36 series. We will later discuss each of them in detail.

7 Best EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters in 2020

About EcoSmart

EcoSmart, as its name suggest, aims to provide energy-efficient and smart technology tankless water heaters for people from all over the world. The key focus of EcoSmart is the area of the water heater. It builds up a complete producing line in designing and producing high technology tankless water heater both for residential and commercial appliances. It also builds a solid distribution line throughout the western hemisphere.

All the tankless water heaters from EcoSmart are ETL Certified to UL 499, which means it passed the strict North American safety standard and is capable of providing safe and high-quality tankless water heaters. EcoSmart is also the only brand for tankless water heaters that certified through FIDE, it is a Mexico based organization, aims to offer programs and projects of high quality and innovation, as well as generate economic, social, and environmental benefits to the country.

eco tankless water heater reviews
Eco tankless water heater

Introduction to Ecosmart Tankless Water Heaters

EcoSmart is by far one of the best tankless water heaters out there; you are assured hot water whenever and wherever you need it. It has been designed to make your life much more comfortable. The EcoSmart tankless water heater has been patented and self-modulated to deliver hot water instantly and for as long as you require it. With EcoSmart tankless water heaters, you will no longer have to heat and maintain any tank.


EcoSmart tankless water heaters have some incredible design, which aids in saving space since they can be fitted anywhere with the utmost ease. It features a sleek and a wall-mounted design along with an incredible art technology. There is no doubt that the EcoSmart tankless water heater features an incredible design that has revolutionized the water heaters industry.

Furthermore, the overall design of EcoSmart tankless water heaters considers the simplicity of the unit as well as how the entire components integrate together in orders to promote functionality, serviceability, and durability. All the models are equipped with an automatically resettable thermostat rather than a manually resettable thermostat. The integration of each component, along with quick connections, has been designed to offer simplicity when installing and using the unit.


EcoSmart tankless water heaters are equipped with self-modulation technology and design, which saves incredible amounts of electric bills of up to 50% compared to storage tank water heaters. The activation and energy consumption control refer to the minimum flow rate in which a unit gets activated and how it activates through a flow sensor or flow switch and how it controls the energy it uses.

Easy temperature control

For easy temperature control, all EcoSmart tankless water heaters are equipped with digital display apart from the POU models. This feature aids in showing the temperature of the outlet water. You can easily adjust the digital temperature control with 1 degree Fahrenheit increment, and it ranges from 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Enough power

EcoSmart tankless water heaters are equipped with different power ranges; this often differs significantly depending on the model you choose. Each model is equipped with an ample power supply that will best suit its usage.

Safe and reliable

For maximum safety, all EcoSmart tankless water heaters are ETL certified, which makes them safe for use. The certification is proof compliance to the North American safety standards; therefore, you are guaranteed a high safety and a reliable product.

EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

EcoSmart tankless water heaters are frequently praised by their high energy efficient and brilliant quality by customers. Among them, the hottest selling hot water heaters are Eco 27 tankless water heaters. Besides, there is still some other worth recommending.

So we pick the 3 best EcoSmart tankless water heaters for you and made detailed reviews for you as follow:

1. EcoSmart Eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This is an electric tankless water heater and requires 27kw at 240-volt electric power. The temperature range is among 80 to 140 degree F.

ecosmart eco 27 electric tankless water heater
Ecosmart eco 27 electric tankless water heater reviews




  • Work for whole home

The flow rate of it reaches up to 6 GPM in warm places while it reduces to 3gpm in cold weather. It supports two shower use simultaneously, therefore it is suitable for small or tiny home use. It is capable of providing endless hot water in use.

  • Self-modulating technology

With such technology, the tankless heater only heats water when you are using, thus there is no standby heat loss and saves much energy for you. EcoSmart boasts that it is able to save about 50% in water heating costs, and it proves to be right according to customers’ feedback. The most brilliant thing on the EcoSmart tankless water heater is its 99.8% energy efficiency, which is really a high environmentally friendly product and saves a large number of heating bills for you.

  • Digital control system

The water heater temperature is set by the clear operation digital control panel, water temperature and error codes show on for convenience and safe using. You can easily adjust increment 1 degree F time, and thus perfectly find the most suitable one for your home use.

  • Small shape

This unit is designed simple and suits different decorations of your home. It is so small that can be used for point of use tankless water heater. It is 90% smaller than tank water heaters and also far smaller than other brands of tankless water heaters on the market. You can install it anywhere you want or just near the using spot, so you do not need to waste much time and water for hot water flowing. It is also capable of saving 12 feet cubic after installation.

  • 20 years using time

EcoSmart tankless water heaters are said to last 20 years, it adopts either copper and stainless steel as heat exchanger materials. While the normal service life of other tankless water heaters is 10-12 years, 20 years long using time is really a great attraction. And because no water is stored as tank water heaters do, there is no risk of corrosion for heaters.


  1. Energy saving
  2. Space-saving and money saver
  3. Self-modulating high technology adopted
  4. 1 degree F increment of water temperature
  5. Digital control system
  6. Well made heating elements


  1. The temperature of the water can not be set right as EcoSmart promises
  2. Disappointed service

2. EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Eco 36

This tankless water heater is also powered by electricity. And it is regarded as the most powerful model in the line of EcoSmart tankless water heaters.

ecosmart eco 36 36 kw 240v electric tankless water heater reviews
Eco 36 tankless water heater reviews




  • Endless hot water

It is able to provide 3-8 gallons of hot water per minute, heat up 3.5 gallons of water in cold weather or cold areas, and offer 6-8 gallons per minute in warm areas. It supports one bathroom and one sink easily, perfect for large scale single family. But if you intend to use three or four bathrooms simultaneously, you’d better get another brand.

  • Easy installation

This unit is super easy to install, and you can install it totally by yourself. As you know, the cost of professional installation can really be a large budget burden, this is able to help save much money for you. Because of its small shape, it is able to reduce 12 feet cubic after installation. You can perfectly install it wherever you want.

  • Digital temperature control

The temperature of the water is shown on the panel, you can increase 1 degree a time, thus is able to find the most suitable one for your home. The maximum temperature is up to 150 degrees F. But most people complain that it is unable to set as right as it promises.


  1. Relatively large flow rate for a single-family
  2. Able to choose the exact water temperature you want
  3. Self-modulating control
  4. Energy efficient
  5. The most powerful one among other EcoSmart tankless water heaters
  6. 150 degree F hot water supply


  1. You need to get a 150A dedicated system

3. EcoSmart Eco-11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This unit is not so powerful as the above two, and the temperature range is also small, but it is more portable and suitable for tiny home use.

ecosmart eco 11 electric tankless water heater review
Ecosmart 11 tankless water heater reviews




  • 2 gallons hot water supply

It only provides 2 gallons of hot water per minute, thus if you intend to get one water heater for large family use, you may get another type. The temperature it bears reaches only 67 degrees F.

  • Energy efficient

Though designed as small gallons and low flow rate tankless water heater, this is also equipped with self-modulating technology, it heats water up only when you need it. So it helps to save about 60% of the electric bill. When something wrong happened on the heating exchanger, the lifetime warranty of the manufacturer helps change and fix for you.

  • Resettable thermostat

The digital temperature control console is designed simple and convenient to use, it also enables you to reset it and forget it, again and again, thus you can choose the most suitable one for your home.

  • Portable

It weighs so light that you can even use it for traveling or for RV. The small shape of it saves much space whether you install in the bathroom or just install near the sink.


  1. 2 gallons per minute hot water supply
  2. Automated resettable thermostat
  3. Compact
  4. 60% energy saving
  5. Perfect for tiny home use


  1. The temperature of the water is not so stable, turns from hot to cold several times in using

How EcoSmart Water Heaters Compare to Other Tankless Brands?

EcoSmart tankless water heaters have been designed to be energy-efficient and smart, making it stand out from competitors. Furthermore, EcoSmart is well-known for its incredible technology in tankless water heaters for both commercial and residential applications. When compared to other brands, EcoSmart tankless water heaters are considered as the safest brand; in addition to that, it is the only tankless water heater brand that is certified through FIDE. However, the most notable feature about the EcoSmart tankless water heaters is that gas water heaters are not available most of the time.

EcoSmart Water Heater Prices

When it comes to prices, EcoSmart tankless water heater tends to feature different price ranges; this often because they feature different unique models. These models come with various features and sizes, among other essential aspects. The EcoSmart tankless water heater gas models have a price range of $695 to $1, 600. On the other hand, EcoSmart tankless water heaters electric models have a price range from $165 to $725; these different price ranges allow you to choose a model that will best suit your need significantly.

EcoSmart Installation Cost and Factors

It would be best if you kept in mind that EcoSmart water a heater needs to be installed by a licensed contractor. This is a good idea from the homeowner’s perspective; furthermore, an EcoSmart electric model will require 240 volts line along with at least 40 amps at an electrical box. Therefore, you should avoid installing it to avoid electrocution.

The cost of installing an electric water heater starts from $500. The price tends to elevate when an electrical line or a supplementary electric panel has to be added.

On the other hand, the installation cost of a gas indoor water heater is approximately $1,500 or more. This is often because it requires the installation of a vent. When you add a recirculation kit along with an additional water line, it will lead to an increase in cost for models capable of recirculating hot water.

When you request for estimation from various local installers, you will be able to receive the lowest price; the best part is to let them know that you will be shopping from around.

Features Analysis of Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater

Both electric and gas EcoSmart tankless water heater has been designed to deliver a precise amount of heat required. This makes it one of the safest tankless water heaters out there. For instance, the ESGH-95 model features a gas valve and a burner that operates between 11,000 and 199,000 BTU. Therefore, this system will monitor both demand and fire at a BTU level that will be required to produce hot water in demand.

Some EcoSmart tankless water heater models have been equipped with a standard as well as flow control units. These flow control models come with approximately 4 flow restrictors, limiting the amount of hot water used.

A condensing gas water heater is equipped with a 95 Energy Factor along with a standard copper heat exchanger. All the models are fitted with a stainless steel heat exchanger, which aids in increasing durability; this is because stainless steel is resistant to rust and is very efficient. They feature an Energy Factor rating of 96.

The models that have optional circulation will require a kit that includes a pump. The primary function of recirculation is to help in cycling the heated water back and forth between a water heater and the point of use, including faucet and shower. Pump kit goes for more than $300, and it will force you to install a recirculation line. Once this is done, you will benefit from less water going down the drain before the water gets hot.

Technology of EcoSmart

1. Patent self-modulating technology

All the EcoSmart tankless water heaters are designed to activate at 25 GPM, and Flow Sensor Technology is also adopted with POU models, the Flow Sensor Technology is used to modulate the consumption to meet the demand of hot water.

As is known to us, most tankless water heaters on the market are operated through a flow switch, it is pushed to activate the unit when enough hot water is demanded. But when demanded hot water is too low to reach the activated limit, it may not be activated, or the hot water is not enough especially in cold weather, and that is the main problem of other tankless water heaters on the market nowadays.

With self-modulating technology, EcoSmart is able to save up to 50% of electric heating bills compared with another storage tank.

2. Digital temperature control

EcoSmart tankless hot water heaters are equipped with digital temperature control, which shows the accurate temperature on. The digital control enables you to reset, you can adjust increment of 1 degree F a time, the average temperature ranges from 80 degrees F to 140 degrees F.

3. Copper & stainless steel heat exchangers

All tankless hot water heaters from EcoSmart are made either by copper and stainless steel materials. The brass top on those elements prevents electrolysis. And thanks to high corrosion resistance performance of copper and stainless steel, they have a longer service life and last longer than other materials. One thing worth mentioning is that EcoSmart tankless water heaters are able to provide 99.8% energy efficiency, which is the highest among the whole water heaters market.

ecosmart gas tankless water heater
Ecosmart electric tankless water heater reviews

EcoSmart Electric Tankless Water Heater

As EcoSmart is especially famous for its electric tankless water heaters, it put much their energy on producing high efficiency and energy-saving electric heaters. If you want to get a powerful and cost-effective EcoSmart tankless water heater for residential use, we would like to recommend Eco-27 electric tankless water heater for you.

EcoSmart Eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

ecosmart eco 27 electric tankless water heater
Ecosmart eco 27 electric tankless water heater reviews

This is the best selling and hotly demanded tankless water heaters among the whole market in 2020. The flow rate of the unit is 6 gallons per minute, though not so large, but is perfect for middle size home use. Temperature range is among 80 to 140 degrees F. Patented modulating technology is perfectly performed on the machine, it saves up to 50% for heating bills and 99.8 high energy efficient definitely makes it the best choice for you.

EcoSmart Gas And Propane Tankless Water Heaters

As we have introduced before, Ecosmart is a leading brand on producing electric tankless water heaters, so we do not introduce gas and propane tankless water heaters of EcoSmart for you. If you have an interest, you can check more on the official website of EcoSmart.

Besides, there are many other leading brands on producing high-performance natural gas or propane tankless water heaters such as Noritz and Rinnai, etc. We have made clear reviews on each of the brands, and also there are detailed natural gas tankless water heaters reviews and also propane tankless water heaters we made for you, please feel free to take time on finding the most suitable one for you.

Last Words on EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters…

EcoSmart tankless water heaters mainly focus on energy-efficient, the manufacturer successfully reach the energy rating of its products to 99.8%, which is the highest among the tankless water heaters market. But flow rate and power are relatively low, therefore, it is not a perfect choice for large family use.

If you intend to get one for travel or of compact size, then you get the best brand. Because all the hot-selling and wide praised tankless water heaters of EcoSmart is electric power, it reduces the necessity of installing a venting kit and has less pollution compared with gas and propane tankless water heaters. When you are short of a gas line at home, then you can get an electric type.

EcoSmart provides a limited lifelong warranty for its heating exchangers, and the service life of its products is relatively long.

To Sum Up

Best TypeTankless Water Heater
Best selling typeEcoSmart Eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater
Most powerful typeEcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Eco 36
Best one for tiny home useEcoSmart Eco-11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you still have trouble in finding the most suitable one or want to know more about the price and detailed information, you can contact us or just check on Amazon, there are also large deals on Amazon from the time you time, so you can save much money on it.

Reviews of Ecosmart Tankless Water Heaters of Different Power:


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