5 Best Small Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews For 2021

For some small tiny homes, the small electric tankless water heater can really save much space for you. The flow rate is not so large, able to meet the basic demand of taking a bath or doing laundry.

Compared with a large tankless water heater, it is designed simple and easy to install, and of course, saves much energy and electric bills for you. If you have trouble in finding the best small electric tankless water heater, just read the reviews we made for you as follow:

Best Small Electric Tankless Water Heaters in 2021

Who Needs Small Electric Tankless Water Heaters?

That many people are now going for these small electric tankless heaters is not up to debate. However, it has proven to be beneficial to specific groups of persons. From those aiming at energy efficiency to those who want portability, these heaters will offer the best services.

If you are looking forward to traveling or camping, these heaters will come in handy for you. We could attribute this to their compact nature. It will be easier for you to carry them around or even mount on the wall.

Convenience matters. With small electric tankless water heaters, you will no longer need to wait for long before getting hot water. You’ll always get hot water upon demand, as the water flows through capillary-like pipes heated by powerful electric coils. Once you turn on the faucet, the electric coils start functioning, giving you the convenience you so desire.

On top of that, these water heaters will assure you of enhanced longevity. Most often, they tend to last for as long as ten years more than tank heaters. Such durability is what gives you value for your money.

As mentioned, these water heaters will be best for those who want energy efficiency. They could easily save you up to 25% of your monthly water bills. Remember, they will only need enough energy to heat water at that point. You will not need to worry about extra energy to keep the water hot for longer.

However, if you are expecting a water heater that produces considerable amounts of water at once, this will hardly be a suitable choice. While it will assure you of hot water throughout the day, it will not suffice to rely on it for much water at once.

Small Electric Heater Vs. Small Gas Heater

It would be unfair not to mention the difference between these electric heaters and small gas heaters. Most often, the difference lies in the efficiency that they are ready to offer.

Small electric tankless heaters will assure you of a 90-98 percent efficiency level. With this, you will find them more reliable and convenient in the long run. Such efficiency will also cushion you against any losses, including energy and money.

On the other hand, you will expect an efficiency level of between 80 and 85% from small electric heaters. While this level of efficiency is much lower than that of electric heaters, you will still find them relatively reliable. With this statistic, you will save up to 100 USD if you are using small electric tankless water heaters.

Running small gas tankless heaters has proven to be relatively more affordable. That is because gas, whichever it is, will always last for much longer. If you are looking forward to lower maintenance costs, this option will be best for you. You will spend between 10 and 20% more on maintenance if you choose small electric tankless heaters.

Let’s talk about safety too. Small gas tankless water heaters pride themselves on enhanced safety, outdoing their electric counterparts here.

Small Electric Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

On buying a small electric tankless water heater, you need to make sure the designed flow rate meets the demand of yours. If used for multiple bathing, large or whole house electric tankless water heater is more suitable. Here we will provide several high quality and high-performance types and made small electric tankless water heater review for you:

1. EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart Eco11, 18, 27, and 36 are the hot-selling types of small electric tankless water heaters on the market of 2020.

small electric tankless hot water heater
small electric tankless water heater reviews




  • Perfect for tiny or small home

Eco 11 series is the least powerful electric tankless water heater in its product lines. It provides two gallons of water per minute and is optimal for the weather of 67 degrees F or above. It is able to handle two sinks or one sink and one shower the same time.

  • Self-modulating technology

This unit is able to save 50% in heating loss, for it turns on only when you need water. And it is capable of adjusting how much energy is needed to be input according to the demanded hot water.

  • Compact design

The stylish compact design of this unit is able to save much space in your bathroom. You can install it wherever you want.


  1. Digital temperature control
  2. Advanced self-modulating technology
  3. Endless hot water provide
  4. Easily replacement elements
  5. Energy-saving and money-saving


Water temperature is not stable

2. Bosch Tronic 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

small electric tankless hot water heater
small electric tankless water heater




  • Mini tank for point of use

This small tankless water heater is a mini type tankless water heater, the flow rate of it 2.5 gallons per minute. Suits the need of two sinks at the same time or one shower and one sink simultaneously in hot weather or southern area.

  • Short waiting time for hot water

If you intend to shorten the waiting time for hot water, you can just install it under the water sink for kitchen faucet use only. The waiting time for hot water is just tow or three seconds, largely saved energy and water bill.

  • Multiple applications

This unit can be used as a sole water heating source for a single sink, as supplying machine for existed water heaters located from the sink, and it can also be used as a buffer installed with tankless water heaters to reduce cold water sandwiches.


  1. Point of use tankless water heater
  2. Compact and light, install under the sink
  3. Simple use, just plug into the outlet, no complicated machinery
  4. Can be wall hung or floor mounted
  5. Fast recovery on hot water, eliminating the long time waiting for hot water
  6. Easy installation


  1. Install it right near where you intend to use hot water
  2. Lack of consistency in water temperature


3. Sio Green IR260 Electric Tankless Water Heater

small electric tankless water heater reviews
small electric tankless water heater




  • No corrosion

In creating hot water, this tankless hot water heater has no direct contact with the metal, thus it perfectly protects the material and gets no corrosion on the heating machine.

  • 4 adjustable power levels

There are altogether 4 adjustable power levels you can choose, you can easily get the one that suits your home. The current can be adjusted from 10 to 30 amps resulting in 1.5kw to 6kw of water.

  • Easy operated digital control

Water temperature can be displayed on the LCD screen. There is also a water flow regulator, so you can gently turn the regulator to increase more temperature rise. ​


  1. Corrosion-free design
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Space saver in your bathroom or kitchen
  4. Patented technology
  5. 4 adjustable power levels


Temperature range is a bit low

4. Marey ECO150 Tankless Electric Water Heater

small electric tankless water heater
small electric tankless hot water heater




  • Perfect for Southern America Use

This unit is able to support 2 simultaneously points of use in the Southern part of America, or other warm areas. The designed flow rate is 3 gallons per minute, while in cold regions, it is able to deal with 1.3 GPM only, supporting sink use only.

  • Easily operated LCD panel

With the smart technology of LCD panel, water temperature shows on the screen and you can simply adjust it.

  • Energy efficient

Marey’s ECO line also helps maintain a 98% efficiency level throughout their lifetime. It uses up to 60% less energy than conventional tank water heaters.


  1. Endless hot water supply
  2. Suitable for tiny home use
  3. High-quality stainless steel water channel and heating chamber
  4. Corrosion resistance heating element equipped
  5. Energy efficient


Only one faucet or shower can be used at the same time and volume is limited

5. Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

This is also a mini-tank water heater, the appearance is quite the same as Bosch small electric tankless water heater we recommended before.

small electric tankless water heater
small electric tankless water heater reviews




  • 4 gallons of water flow

Though being a mini tankless water heater, the flow rate of which is quite large, being 4 gallons per minute. It is able to support multiple kitchen sinks use the same time. And is able to provide constant hot water for your sink.

  • Short waiting time

This is a point of use tankless water heater, you can install it under a kitchen or bathroom sink directly, so the waiting time can be quite short. You can either install the heater independently or in-line with a larger heating source.

  • Perfect one for compact space

120 volt and 1500 watts are needed for the machine to heat up. The stylish compact size also meets the demand for tiny home use. You can use it as an RV or camping tankless water heater too.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Extend RV shower and hot water
  3. Endless hot water supply
  4. No hard wiring needed
  5. 6 years heat exchanger warranty


Difficult to set the thermostat

Have you ever thought of having a small electric tankless water heater? As long as you are a fan of instant water heating, these devices must have crossed your mind. Well, the US Department of Energy postulates that these small electric tankless heaters are becoming more popular, thanks to their 24-34% more energy efficiency. Such levels of efficiency are worth not missing.

To that end, we take an incisive look into what these small electric tankless heaters bring on the table. Here are a few insights for you.

Things to Consider when Selecting Small Electric Tankless Heaters

Various things go into selecting the right tankless water heater for your family. Unless you understand how to do it right, you will end up disappointed. Choosing the right device involves lots of care, effort, and precision. However, to make things simpler, ensure that you keep the following variables in mind.

One of the variables you can never overlook is your budget. Most of your household purchases are dependent on your disposable income, and small electric tankless heaters are no exception. Take the time to identify an option that befits your budget. You could also compare how much different brands cost and pick one that will cost you relatively lesser.

While at it, how much will it cost you to maintain it? Indeed, you will want a device that is relatively less expensive to maintain. Ensure that you are conversant with such maintenance costs and practices before you go ahead with the purchase.

How durable is your choice? Nothing matters in your pursuit of value than getting a durable option. Durability could vary with the brand you choose or the materials used in the device’s construction. Aim at water heaters with robust construction, and preferably, from a reputable brand.

You will also need to be sure of the sizing of your water heater. Remember, the amount of water produced is dependent on how big the device is. If you are looking forward to a higher flow rate, you will need a bigger option.

Did you know that the temperature rise will also matter a lot? If you are in a warmer region, it would be best to consider tankless water heaters with higher temperatures rises. While at it, you should be sure of the flow rate. The higher it is, the better it will be for you.

Can I Use a Small Electric Tankless Water Heater for the Shower?

The simple answer to this would be yes. But it will also depend on which model you choose. Tankless water heaters will always assure you of a relatively low flow rate. However, despite the rate they have, they will always assure you of enough for bathing. What matters the most is the heater you choose.

Getting reliable small electric tankless water heater will always be the best decision. As long as you get the right one, you will be good to go. With the insights above, it is not late to get yourself one.

Features of Small Electric Tankless Water Heater


1. Easy to carry

As it is designed small and compact, you can easily take it anywhere you want, whether for traveling, camping, or intend to get it installed on RV. The installation of it is also quite simple, it takes about only 1 hour to hook it up if you have basic skills or knowledge on it.

2. Space Saver

Many people may have lots of stuff at home, or have a small bathroom, then there is no large space for a tank water heater or normal size tankless water heater. Under such circumstances, you will need a small electric tankless water heater, it saves a large space of your home.

3. Cheap

Small electric tankless water heater price is relatively low, and sometimes twice cheaper than large tankless water heaters. If you are short of budget and have less demand for hot water, the small type is the best choice for you.

4. Energy efficient

As the flow rate and power are quite low, a small electric tankless water heater uses less energy than other types, so it is more energy-efficient and saves much on heating bills.


1. Low flow rate

3 gallons per minute are able to support one bathroom and one kitchen faucet simultaneously easily. And the average flow rate of small electric tankless water heaters is normally around 2.5 gallons per minute. It suits small or tiny home use only.

2. Perfect for point of use

Because of its stylish compact shape and low flow rate, the small electric tankless hot water heater is normally used for point of use. It can be installed under the kitchen sink directly. If you have a large family and intend to support multiple bathrooms or faucets, you may get a whole-house electric tankless water heater.

3. Less powerful

Actually, electric tankless water heaters are normally less powerful than gas or propane tankless water heaters, so small electric type is, of course, the least powerful type.

Top 3 Best Small Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Application of Small Electric Tankless Water Heater

You can use it for small or tiny home bathing, kitchen sink use, camping, RV (recreational vehicle), animals such as dogs and horses bath, etc.

small electric tankless hot water heater
small electric tankless water heater reviews


1. How many waters sink the small electric tankless water heater supports?

It depends, for large flow rate types, they are able to support once the bathroom and one kitchen faucet easily. And if for extremely slow flow rate water heaters, they support two kitchen faucets only.

And it also depends on the regions you are in and hot water demanded. There are many ways of sizing on Amazon, you can find the most suitable one by following the sizing instructions.

2. Can the small electric tankless water heater be used for the bathroom?

The flow rate and power are normally quite weak, we do not suggest you use it as a whole house tankless water heater, but for a small or tiny home, it is able to support the bathroom easily.

However, the most suitable place for those small electric tankless water heaters is for RV or for the camper. Some of them can be used and installed only under the kitchen or bathroom sink for hand washing only. If you have a problem with detailed usage, you may ask the manufacturer.


Best TypeTankless Water Heater
Small and compact one for tiny home useEcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater
Perfect for under-sink useBosch Tronic 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater
High energy efficient typeMarey ECO150 Tankless Electric Water Heater

The small electric tankless water heater is the perfect one for tiny and small room use. The price of them are relatively low and you can easily install it by yourself. There are still many types of excellent small electric tankless water heater on Amazon, if you have any other problems or intend to get more information on them, please feel free to check out on Amazon.


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